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Critical save corruption issue
Hello everyone,

two games of mine got corrupted this past week due to this bug. Say, you're in the middle of the game and you decide to load an earlier save to manage your week a bit better. If you interact with the UI in any way during that load, every single save you have becomes corrupted thusly:

A) Most notably, should you ever attempt to go on adventures again, the game will crash with the 'Black Void' message.

B) These saves also take a while longer to load.

I tried deleting the GCC cache and I looked for a cache file to delete (but there seems to be none in the Steam version). The issue is very much with the saves and its easily replicable.

I can't imagine there's any way to fix my save file. But maybe there's something we can do to avoid future headaches?
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Thank you for posting this I just discovered the same bug. I can confirm that I did the exact same thing and corrupted 2 of my save files as well.
Delterius May 25 @ 12:24pm 
I messed around with a few other options and it seems that only Adventures cause the crash.

Also, I'd like to confirm I'm only running Summer's Blush.
Having the same issue at this time as well.
I'm also having this problem, I'm not sure it has to do with moviung the UI elements during loading. I tried messing around with that on a test character and nothing happened. Both times this has happened to my real characters has been after I used Academagia Practice Room #4, is that a coincidence or have other people found that as well?
Happened again to me, not related to practice room #4 this time. It happened just after I raised my finesse to 10 with assist the master, could it have something to do with attributes hitting 10?
Delterius Aug 31 @ 12:04pm 
This appears to be the greatest puzzle in all of Academagia. At one point I could trigger the error every single time just by interacting with the UI while saving. But now I can say that it isn't always the case. Whatever the error is, it seems tied to temporary files for the game. Something that sticks around until you reboot your system.

In any case I just became somewhat paranoid about interacting with the UI and did manage to finish a Godina run.
I had the UI locked since day one and it didn't merely corrupt my save. After it corrupted a save, I deleted the cache, deleted that save game, emptied the recycle bin, restarted my computer, and then loaded a BACKUp save of that same character I had made, one that I had checked to make sure could still adventure when I made it. And that save, too, somehow became corrupted.
I have had this UI crash corrupt my save files several times. I have been able to fix my saves by starting a new game running through character creation and then creating a new save file, after that I can reload the previous save and the game seems to work fine.
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