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Alien Mar 20 @ 8:37am
Boss too hard
Hello, so I have been trying to kill this one godamn boss, the one that sends you little gripping little bots so that you can shove them into the boss, but he is too hard.
The 3 moving shields makes the boss too hard to kill him, because to get the last 2 hits, you need to have one of the bots in the perfect condition, one of the shield out of the way, the boss also looking away.

Maybe lower the rotation speed of the boss, its damage or the rotation speed of the moving shield so that this boss is more manageable.

Honestly, he is the hardest boss in the entire game and you need a specific strategy (equipment) to beat him (from my experience)
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abraksil  [developer] Mar 20 @ 8:47am 
Yeee he's the hardest one - that was the idea but I'm not 100% sure he really needs to be nerfed - need to think about it a bit more. meanwhile try using chrono inhibitor and maximize your movment speed and mobility before the fight.

Also here's a youtube guid to beating him:
Alien Mar 20 @ 9:17am 
Doesn't matter that there's a video of a youtuber beating it. The last part of the fight rely too much on luck. Having a base strategy is good, but in the end, the stars as to align to get the kill.
abraksil  [developer] Mar 20 @ 12:56pm 
It might seems so but it really isn't luck based - it's all in the positioning.

btw checked your profile and saw you've finished the game. You were able to beat him after all :) Good Job - Congratulations!
Alien Mar 20 @ 1:22pm 
Thank you, but against him, its all luck sadly.
The annoying part is, I start all my playthrought against him because I know if I go for the other 2, I risk losing everything against Dr. Morikay.
Im a veteran RPG, Roguelike and dungeon-crawler player. I cannot stress this enough when I say that when a boss is too strong, its too strong. Hell I was one of the player that complained about one of the boss in the game Enter the Gungeon being too hard. The Developper had to change him because everyone that wasn't a elitist "Get gud" player agreed that this one boss was too hard for the level. I only managed to beat him once before he was modified because I used everything against him and somehow managed to survive.
abraksil  [developer] Mar 20 @ 1:27pm 
Ok - I will try to find the way of making this boss fight less random. I will post the ideas in this thread so we can discuses it - ok?
Alien Mar 20 @ 7:57pm 
Thats alright with me.
It would be nice to have some insight from other players, (other than me)
I can confidently say that, as a new player with like 3 hours of playtime or something, ALL the bosses are too hard. But at this stage, I think that's more of a "git gud" problem. I'm working on it. If and when I get better I might have more feedback.
abraksil  [developer] Mar 21 @ 5:13pm 
Did some thinking today on this. I will start with 2 simple adjustments for this boss and see what happens. Here's what I'm gone do:
- I'll slightly scaling down the shields so dealing the final wound isn't such a pain
- I'll taking into account players synergy when calculating the damage dealt to the boss. Don't like the feeling you get that synergy is useless against this guy (I was initial hoping the defense buf would be enough)

I plan to include this changes in the next update. it will be up probably at the end of this week.
Alien Mar 23 @ 5:43pm 
Taking into account our synergy for damage against the boss is a good call.

It kinda beat the purpose of the game if your synergy doesn't matter during the most important fights.
abraksil  [developer] Mar 24 @ 1:19pm 
Ok update with re-balance of Dr Morikay is up. Here's what I ended up changing:
- Scaled down the shields by 12%
- Synergy is now taken into account when calculating damage to the boss. Because player has starting synergy advantage over the enemies to balance it out I've increased the amount of Hp from 50 to 80.
- Lowered attack value from 50 to 42.5 but increased the rotation speed from 45 to 55. Characters with armor were in the serious disadvantage in this boss fight. They were never able to run away fast enough while roguish types were able to almost infinity kite the doctor. I'm hoping this will even thins out.

I was a bit careful with the changes but i hope this will reduce the filling of randomness. Let me know how you feel about the boss-fight now. If there's still a problem I will continue to adjust.
Zitz Jul 4 @ 10:35am 
6 hours in demo version without any luck to defeat that f***ing boss! I dont wanna buy your game anymore, thank you.
Alien Jul 4 @ 11:45am 
I dont think the demo has the same updates as the main game.
I think it is still without the nerf he received a couple of months ago
abraksil  [developer] Jul 6 @ 7:39am 
Might be the case - will check it out and update it along this week's game update - thx for the heads up!
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