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Power line scenario, spotter buttons
To move the Loco...

1) under Power/Brake gauge - all 3 buttons to ON (up)
2) open back panel, reset Main Breaker lever (to OFF then back to ON), turn on fuel pumps
3) go to the back, open engine room, PRIME the engine (LEFT, count to 7) then Start (RIGHT, count to 10)
4) go back to the cab and switch from Start/Stop up to RUN on the back wall
5) get back in the seat and drive :steamhappy:

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I remember I had an issue with some cars having a seizure when I would drive in to connect to them.

Workaround... Walk to that car, and manually PULL THE LEVER to unhook it, and re-hook it back together in a second (after the hiss from air stops). That is all.
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