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Lavidimus  [developer] Dec 15, 2017 @ 7:01pm
Roadmap & Updates
Major Patches
These are major patches that will be coming shortly after Early Access launch. Typically a major patch takes one to two weeks to implement.
  • The Troglands : Begin the pages of Chapter Two where the story really gets going. Enjoy the beautiful scenery of vast desert islands while you make alliances with various Trog factions. It should be released one to two months after EA launch.
  • Story Improvements : Story improvements across the board including player interactions playing a larger role in story progression.
  • Turn-Based Combat : Self explanatory, Arakion is setup to work fine with turn-based mechanics but it needs extensive testing.
  • Race Quests : Explore the history of each race by going on these solo quests. Each hero will go on a solo adventure and unlock the secrets of their race including a unique skill and traits.
  • Skill Overhaul : This patch will greatly improve skill use and usability.
  • Town Upgrade : While the town is great right now, it needs a bit of love! This Update will add a lot of town features like research.

These are features that could be patched in on any given week.
  • Item Selling - Sell items for Essence or Rations.
  • Formations - Change party formation in a 3x3 grid
  • Alignment System - Heroes will have an alignment based of Light | Dark | Fate. This is already implemented just needs further testing.
  • Storage Chest - Storage chest for extra loot you don't want to sell, but also don't want to carry.
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Version Early Access 01F | June 26th 2018
  • Changed movement animation to feel smoother with new speed.
  • Removed escape pausing, was causing too many issues and needs custom implemented.
  • Journal has been removed.
  • You can now exit character creation.
  • You now have to confirm before releasing a recruit.
  • Clicking on the quest popup will now bring up the quest log.
  • Updated a few tooltips to be more accurate.
  • Items can now be right clicked on for easy equipping.
Bugs Fixes
  • CRITICAL - Game would fail to load properly if a potion was set on an Action bar slot.
  • Unity will now pause when alt-tabbed out again.
  • Changing recruit will now properly update stats.
  • Left-Hand action buttons were showing the wrong tooltip.
  • Character window will update now when switching stances.
  • You were able to modify the right and left-hand action buttons of Hero 1, this is unintended.
  • Action button potion icon was incorrect, this has been fixed.
  • Left-hand icon is now more accurate.
  • Female Yin has the wrong animations
  • Skill panel will now close when other UI windows open
  • Construct panel will now properly show the interact key.
  • Hunger descriptions were inaccurate
  • Camera will no longer shake when a game is loaded.
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April 2018 Updates

Version Early Access RC04 | April 24th 2018

  • Massive overhaul of the crafting system. Most gear now must be crafted and cannot be found in the world
  • 86 new recipes
  • 30 more photographables
  • Overhauled the UI
  • 5 Unique craftable sets.
  • Craft Armor starting trait now grants access to a unique set
  • Craft Weapon starting trait now grants access to unique weapons.
  • New early randomized dungeon. This is used to gather resources for crafting.
  • New arena added to the randomized dungeon.
  • Can now gather [Fate | Light | Dark] blocks in randomized dungeons
  • Can now gather Alchemy Herbs in randomized dungeons.
  • General graphics and stability improvements to randomized dungeons.
  • New pet 'Woodlands Turtle'
  • Added back 'Ancient Scrolls' you can find these in dungeons and learn new traits from them. Generally, these require high Skillpower
  • Helmets now have hat graphics, these can be turned off from the character window.
  • Forgemaster's Prison general changes to be more interesting.
  • Added birth season as a new customization during character creation.
  • New Storybook 'The Three Brothers' has been added to the world.
  • Minor additions to the Death Zone
  • Crafting and item overhaul, equipables are no longer found in the world but crafted. This is a very large change.
  • Stamina now constantly regens, but at a slower pace.
  • Reworked some mobs to be more fun to fight against.
  • Minor UI modifications
Bug Fixes
  • Numerous small bug fixes.
  • Leaving the Helping Hands dungeon was erroring out.
  • Farmer initial dialogue branch was referencing an old tree that would cause minor issues.
  • Charges now correctly show up on the characters
  • Fixed music code, the previous build was only playing one song per zone.

Version Early Access RC03 | April 17th 2018

  • New Dungeon - 'Forgemaster's Prison'
  • New Dungeon - 'Helping Hands'
  • Visual improvements to the first dungeon near the farmhouse.
  • Three new harvest locations [Fate | Dark | Light]
  • Upgraded both current camp walls to offer protection from Weather effects
  • Added significant content to the zone near Hammer puzzle.
  • Added content to the home near Forgotten Ruins
  • Adjusted Farmer recruitment quest so the pigs are easier to find and closer
  • 7 New Crafting Recipes
  • 2 New Photographables
  • Added a small (unfinished) cinematic that introduces the player to the Antagonist
  • Visual improvements for the map UI.
  • Added new a talent for thrown ranged weapons.
  • Mini Forge! Craft low-grade equipment directly at camp!
  • Weather Status! Heroes now gain effects of whatever weather they are currently.
  • Weather Ailments! Heroes will now get ailments if they stay in bad weather too long.
  • Overhauled 'Escape' button, will now cancel most recent opened panel.
  • Added a Rose Key Location & Rose Key. Rose key locations offer great rewards.

    Forgotten Ruins
    • Visual upgrade adding substantial details and lighting
    • Secret areas now have proper loot
    • Fixed a lever not opening the correct door
    • Added a frozen area.
    • Various minor bug fixes
    • A lot of content still needs adjusted/implemented for this zone.
    • New Dungeon 'Helping Hands'
    • General graphics improvement
  • Melee Tooltips have been improved and now show attack types and damage from them.
  • Tutorial Popups have been added for things like the camera.
  • Heavy attacks now do slightly more damage and weak attacks now do slightly less.
  • Minor improvements to the crafting panel.
Bug Fixes
  • Most reported bugs have been fixed.
  • Characters were continually aging after a new year passed, until restart.
  • Hunger effects were stacking until the game was restarted.
  • Fixed a bug where placing town objects would sometimes not work.
  • Town mode was not working while resolution scaling was on.
  • Music code has been overhauled so there is now zero possibility of overlap
  • Saving was 'sometimes' erroring out when starting a new game.
  • Fixed a minor bug causing you to teleport to nowhere when exiting one of the farm dungeons.
  • Satyr had an issue where you could get into the old dialogue branches.
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May 2018 Updates

Version Early Access 01C | May 28th 2018
  • Added a findable armor set. One piece per dungeon.
  • Can now click-through the tooltip.
  • Updated the hero UI to be more accessible.
  • 1-2-3-4 Hotkeys now operate on the 4 action buttons next to main. Shift right click still operates on the first one.
Bug Fixes
  • "Lamp Oil Filled" Message will no longer show after rest.
  • It looks like bad weather would have never properly applied its ailment for staying in the weather too long. This has been fixed. It is applied after 180 turns.
  • Trait upgrade purchase warnings were out of order and will now first show the warning of has purchased
  • Tooltip delay slider will now properly work, it is 0 to 3 seconds

Version Early Access 01B | May 21st 2018

Please note this version updates Arakion to Unity 2018 - unexpected issues may arise! Keep calm and carry on, they will be fixed quickly.
Updated Builds: Windows & Linux (Will update Mac next week, there is a weird issue)

  • The party will now turn while walking when using the camera to look around. Previously this would only happen if you stopped walking for a moment.
  • Q&E Rotation speed has been decreased slightly
  • WASD Movement speed has been increased slightly
  • Easy Mode players now start with +5 Hitpoints
  • Normal Mode players now start with +3 Hitpoints
  • Mobs will now always hit heroes if they play a melee attack animation. (To deal with dancing)
  • Stances added - Heroes can now change between three stances
    • Neutral: No Changes
    • Shielding: +15% Aggro
    • Hidden: -15% Aggro
  • Mob Damage has been decreased across the board
  • Mob HP has been decreased across the board
  • Added camera look sensitivity to gameplay settings.
  • Cursor will now stay within the game window on Windows & Linux (this isn't available for Macs)
  • All races now have a +1 regen trait that can be purchased early (first bridge)
Bug Fixes
  • CRITICAL: The games turn ticker would stop working when a mob was hit by a trap
  • CRITICAL: Unity was updated to 2018 to address Linux crashes. Please let me know if you are still crashing on Linux and I can try a few more things.
  • Due to the 2018 update and substance overhaul, lag spikes experienced from substances taking forever to load should be gone (such as when the party dropped from a high place and all 3 were hurt at once.
  • Audio will now save properly
  • Second monument near the first camp wasn't activating properly.
  • Players should no longer fall through the world randomly when entering randomized dungeon.
  • Traits that gave regen would sometimes show ammo regen instead.
  • Sometimes the portals wouldn't show up if you spam looked at them with the camera.
  • Monument near camp should now properly activate
  • Grunts Armor now has proper stats.
  • Fixed a bug where some traits showed wrong description.
Version Early Access 01 | May 15th 2018

  • You can now leave the Forgotten Ruins freely. Players were arriving there early and unable to continue the game as mobs were too difficult.
  • A message will now popup if an action is mode restricted.
  • Players can no longer leave the death zone on hardcore. (previously could because testing)
  • Steam Achievements have been enabled
  • All difficulty modes now give a starting trait.
  • Journey of the Venturer (Easy mode starting trait) gives +2 health regen and +1 energy regen. This makes Arakion restoration similar to other blobbers.
  • Monk Mend has been changed so that it now heals the party.
  • Most tooltips now show instantly.
  • Made Forgemaster entrance more apparent.
  • New The Guide message near Sanctuary door to help players along
  • Camera will now reset to center if you begin moving without rightclick/spacebar down
  • Questline will now state when you've reached the current final quest in Early Access

Bug Fixes
  • Alchemist wasn't able to revive the dead as intended.
  • Alchemist incorrect text fixed
  • Some sub-menu buttons had the wrong / missing tooltips.
  • Save crystal has wrong audio
  • Players were unable to upgrade skills.
  • Ironman was preventing FAR more than intended.
  • General bug fixes related to the new quest system
  • Most reported bugs have been fixed
  • The Builder was displaying some incorrect text in The Sanctuary
  • Critical Bug fix that would break a new game if you continue > main menu > new game. This was the last known critical bug.
  • The puzzle doorway in Forgotten Ruins was not opening correctly on re-entry.

Version Early Access RC06 | May 8th 2018

  • Quests have been added to the game, there are three types [Chapter, Journey, Recruit]
  • Each quest can have a number of sub quests
  • Quests themselves don't provide rewards but serve as story and guide
  • Chapter One is now considered complete in-game due to the new quest system.
  • Quests can be accessed at any time via the quest log in the menu.

  • New Pet : Woodlands Piglet
  • New NPC "The Guide": This little stone helper has been added for story elements.
  • Added recruit Forgemaster
  • Added an extra zone in Forgemaster's Prison
  • Town Building River Tile : Players can now place rivers in the town.
  • Added lighting Constructs to the camp. Currently, there are two with 1 hidden.
  • Minor Zone Troglands Entrance added. This is a minor area in preparation for the Troglands.
  • Two features added to Recruit housing.
  • 3 new unique craftables.
  • New 4 piece craft set.
  • Minor optional dungeon added near the farm
  • 3 more Recruit Housing construct pieces.
  • 6 New photographables
  • Splash screen added. Can be skipped after 1 second by pressing any key.
  • General balancing of traits, some combinations were too powerful.
  • Removed some Armor Cores, players had more than intended.
  • Updated Main Menu graphics.
  • Continued graphic improvements to The Sanctuary.
  • Skills like Monks Mend can now be used via hotkeys. There was a bug before preventing this.
  • Moved death realm Exit closer to Entrance
  • Triggers that require heavy objects will now give a warning.
Bug Fixes
  • Critical Bug - Players were unable to leave the town building UI, this has been fixed.
  • Critical Bug - Heroes initial skill upgrades would be applied wrong, causing some skills to function incorrectly until the first load.
  • Most minor reported bugs have been fixed.
  • Fixed a bug where the game would change windowed mode when opening settings.
  • Fixed general display bugs in the Recruit Panel.
  • Fixed a creation bug where the back button wouldn't select the correct option.
  • Fixed bugs related to 'Leap' enemy skill. (Mostly visual)
  • Reptiles were giving 2 remnants instead of 1 as intended.
  • Mobs weren't properly equipping ranged weapons.
  • Skills like Monks Heal will now properly highlight when in use.

Version Early Access RC05 | May 1st 2018

Recruit Housing
  • You can now Construct houses for the recruits in town.
  • Each recruit has a specific house that they would like.
  • When a recruit moves into town, they unlock new features such as farming.
  • House modifications can be made by stepping onto the house foundation.

  • Recruit code has been cleaned up / upgraded. New features and content to each recruit.
  • Recruit Panel | You can now change active recruits at camp and view their status here.
  • New Recruit 'The Builder' - Can be found in the starting area.
  • New Recruit 'The Trainer' - Can be found in the starting area.

  • Added step-by-step tutorial instructions to the start area. This was required by Valve.
  • Added some additional icons for crafting (more will be added soon)
  • Added minor new content to the wake-up area to help with the new tutorial stuff.
  • Crafting / Equipment tooltips have been normalized and cleaned up.
  • Visual upgrade to Sanctuary
  • Updated the Character Creation UI to be a bit cleaner
  • Heroes will no longer rotate while scrubbing in the creation UI.
  • Added names to all customization 'pieces'
  • De-linked substances and morphs in character customization, this allows for further customization (Currently Human and Sappling only)
  • Some mobs gained the new ability 'Leap' where they will jump from a few tiles away to attack the player. This is part of an ongoing improvement to combat.

Bug Fixes
  • General bug-fixes
  • Reported bugs have been fixed.
  • Fixed a bug where you couldn't collect herbs from randomized dungeons.
  • Fixed a bug where little helpers wouldn't be gained.
  • Fixed a bug that was disallowing the creation of the Constructorion.
  • Fixed a bug where the first area would be occluded if you teleported back from the camera island
  • Players were able to go to the escape menu during character creation, this was unintended. If you tried saving from the escape menu during CC it would bug-out saves until you restarted.
  • Health tooltip was showing float instead of int.
  • Exploration songs will now properly fade in/out.

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June 2018 Updates

Version Early Access 01D | June 12th 2018

Not all skills have been updated yet! Some skills could be acquired in previous versions that will be updated in future versions.

  • Skill Overhaul - Initial skill code and content overhaul. This is the initial version with a LOT more coming down the pipe. The focus here is to make skills more varied, functional and fun. Additional changes will be implemented with every update going forward. A brief overview of each skill including a medium upgrade node can be found below.
  • Skill code was substantially overhauled, this may cause issues in the first version. Just report bugs and I will fix them as they are reported.
  • Skill upgrades now have 3 costs. Minor nodes cost 1 Skillshard, Medium nodes cost 2 Skillshards, Major nodes cost 1 Skillcryst. Players should be able to obtain 1 upgrade per hour at minimum.
  • All skills now have minor upgrades such as cooldown reduction, duration increase etc... ( Many more will be added in the future )
  • Generally speaking skillpower was not being properly applied to skills, this has been fixed. As such some combinations may be overpowered (looking at you keg)
  • UI Update - Hero UI now has a clear left and right hand, equipment can be equipped by dropping it on the left or right hand as well.
  • Heroes now have 2 skill choices at start. Additional skills will be gained through gameplay. (Will begin in Early Access 02)
  • All weapons now only have 1 Attack type (Light, Medium, Heavy). Currently all weapons use Medium attack, in the next build each weapon will have a correct attack type.

  • Keg - Spawn a keg in front of the party.
    (Base contains minimal changes from the previous version)
    • Big Keg - Keg now deals double damage.
    • Flask Saturation - Spawns flasks around the party dealiing 2 damage each
  • Regenartive Field - Create an energy field around the party that regenerates stamina.
    • Greater Stamina Field - Restores additional stamina per tick.
    • Health Field - Field now restores a small amount of health

  • Chanty - Spawn a keg in front of the party.
    • Big Keg - Keg now deals double damage.
    • Flask Saturation - Spawns flasks around the party dealiing 2 damage each
  • Miasma - Create nodules that steadily stream out mists - increasing hero stats.
    • Strengthening Mists - Mists now boost the heroes even more.
    • Regenerative Mists - Restores hero health over time.

  • Etherblade - Now works with slashing weaposn only.
    • Netherblade - Each strike now deals 5 Dark damage.
    • Ethercrescent - Etherblade now affects all mobs in the group.
  • Inkgrab - Creates a pool of ink in front of the party that grabs the first victim to step on it.
    • Nightmare Ink - Pool now deals massive damage over duration.
    • Ink Flood - The ink pool now spawns all around the party.

  • Palm Arts - Now contains charges that heal 1 health and restore 3 stamina per strike.
    (Previously this skill healed every X strikes and restored stamina on cast)
    • Way of Water - Restore 1 additional health per strike.
    • Way of Flames - Deal 4 added Elemental damage per strike
  • Mending Rune - Create a rune beneath the party that heals 3 health over 9 turns
    • Bursting Rune - Immediately restore 10% health on cast.
    • Regrowth Rune - Restores 3% health per 3 turns for duration of Rune.

  • Fate Bomb - Creates a Fate explosion in front of the party.
    • Bomb Echo - A small fate bomb explodes shortly after the initial.
    • Bomb Minis - Create mini fate bombs all around the party.
  • Fate's Judgement - Create a Fate circle that judges all who enter
    • Fate's Vengeance - Deal additional damage when stricking a judged mob.
    • Fate's Mercy - Restore health when stricking a judged mob.

  • Imperator skills now receive a damage bonus from total Aggro.
  • Hook - Pull a mob close to you and increase self Aggro for a time.
    • Barbed Hook - Deal Moderate damage over time.
    • Ball and Chain - Incapacitates mobs for a duration.
  • Leap - Deal a minor amount of damage and then increase aggro for a while
    • Path to the Empire - Deal moderate damage over time.
    • Path to the Kingdom - Cripple and Disarm the foes for 5 turns.

  • Fixed a bug that was causing effects with duration to proc when launched twice.
  • Spawn skills (like Keg) were not being affected by skillpower and now will be.

Version Early Access 01E | June 19th 2018
Smal update as I continue work on Early Access 02
  • Hunger no longer reduces Stamina.
  • Hunger now only affects players at 50%+
  • Hunger penalty has been reduced by half.
  • The game will now pause when in the 'Escape Menu'. Please note I have no idea if this will cause any issues as I cheesed it by setting the timescale to 0.
  • Player Forward/Backward speed has been increased by 20%. Some puzzle/trap areas will be easier until I can go in and tweak them.
  • Action buttons are now unassigned on Right Click instead of having an unassigned button.
  • Modifed base pointer to be pointier
  • Weapons now have proper attacks.
  • You now have to rescue the Forgemaster before heading to the farm.
Bugs Fixes
  • Fixed a bug where additional action button options were being displayed
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