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Shrike  [developer] Dec 16, 2020 @ 12:02pm
Weapon Modding Guide
Modding Discord Channel on here:

-------------HOW TO INSTALL---------------------------------------------------------
1. Download mods from the discord channel
2. Go to your appdata folder: C:UsersYOURUSERNAMEAppDataLocalSynthetik
3. Unzip and place into folder called "Modweapon0" (make sure to not have stacked folders)

Thats it! Now go ingame, search them in the database, upvote (you need the "supply hack" research, then test in the firing range or hope for drop ingame!

If you want to add more, you need to create more folders, like "Modweapon1", up to 9 max. Don't skip numbers tho, that will crash!

-------------HOW TO MOD------------------------------------------------------------

30 second modding tutorial - its that easy!
1. Open your savedata location, C:UsersYOURUSERNAMEAppDataLocalSynthetik
(if you can't see it, you need to unlock hidden folders in your windows explorer settings)
2. Open the folder "Modweapon0"
3. Open the weaponbalancing.sav with the windows text Editor
4. Change the balancing, follow the instructions for adding sound and image, save file
Thats it!

--------------TEST IT--------------------------------------------------------------------

5. Go ingame and search for "Mod weapon" in weapon database, upvote with token
6. Enter firing range through menu near the logo, buy weapon from shop to test
7. You can keep changing things and rebuy the weapon for quick iteration
8. To use your 10 slots, put other weapons into new folders “Modweapon1”,2,3,4 etc

(Make sure to not skip folder numbers, that might crash - like 0 2 3 5 is not good, also don't add folders while being ingame - you can change what is inside folders however or replace them)

More instructions can be found inside the weaponbalancing text file.
For an image you can simply put a new .PNG in the folder, same for sounds. It will never get easier than this! It's actually much faster than how we created our own weapons..


Weapon Sound Creation Tips:
Download Audacity for free. Find or make your own sounds like from, edit as you like (or don’t), and then export them as .ogg from Audacity and put them in the folder with the correct naming as written in the weapon balancing file.

Weapon Image Creation Tips:
You can download GIMP or Photoshop CS2 for free if you don’t have access for Photoshop, look up a tutorial for cropping, and that is all you need to create weapon images. You can also mix together images from existing Synthetik weapons. Export as 425x125 PNG, and put it in the folder. That's all you need!

Balancing & Cheating:
While making overpowered weapons is briefly fun, give it a try to make something that is cool but balanced within the game and has room to scale up with the upgrades. Picking up a modded weapon right now will skip the new armageddon room and achievements, and give a small increase in terror level, you will see a “Cheat debuff”. More blatantly overpowered weapons will give a stronger “Cheat” debuff with more downsides, so there is more incentive to make something plausible. If the community mostly shares ‘balanced’ weapons, we will consider removing these debuffs but in general this is a complicated and nearly unsolvable issue.

We will keep an eye on what people do with it and adjust accordingly, but don't worry too much about it, have fun!

Here is a video explaining all weapon variables:
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DUKE NUKEM Dec 17, 2020 @ 7:36pm 
how can i get weapons from other people? is steam workshop enabled? we maybe should have a sub on here just for weapon sharing
This is amazing!!!
The Steam Workshop would also be an excellent place to house these creations!

Maybe one day we can get enemy modding as well. One milestone at a time.
I really like the weapon modding but one thing I can't figure out. How do I make a charging weapon, as in one that needs to charge to fire? I saw the numbers in the config and played around with them but I couldn't get anything to act like some of the other charging weapons that already exist in the game.
Shrike  [developer] Dec 18, 2020 @ 10:41am 
check out the modding channel on the discord

for charging weapons you need to set the "usecharging" to 1 = true

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Originally posted by Shrike:
check out the modding channel on the discord

for charging weapons you need to set the "usecharging" to 1 = true


You mean this? "chargingMechanic_enabled='1.000000'" I enabled that but it wasn't giving me a build-up to an attack, holding down the fire button just led to a continual stream of shots.

EDIT: Also, tried joining the Discord. Got this:
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koimeiji Dec 18, 2020 @ 12:57pm 
Very excited to see what crazy weapons some people will come up with (the brains of some people are insane)

That being said, any chance we'll see a Workshop for weapon mods in the future instead of relying on joining a discord? It'd be nice quality of life, especially for people who don't have or use discord for whatever reason.
derf Dec 18, 2020 @ 4:22pm 
Originally posted by Shrike:
check out the modding channel on the discord

for charging weapons you need to set the "usecharging" to 1 = true

This link didn't work for me
Shrike  [developer] Dec 18, 2020 @ 4:28pm 
Blue Wolfe Dec 20, 2020 @ 11:14pm 
No workshop support?
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