Sky Sanctuary
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Frequently Asked Questions
When the final game will be released?
As stated in the Early Access description, we think we still need at least 6 months to achieve the final release of the game. Much content remains to be done: new weapons, new game modes, new islands, develop the storyline, etc.

Are you planning to support any other VR devices?
At the moment, Sky Sanctuary only supports the HTC Vive headset. But we are thinking about Oculus and Oculus Touch support in the future. As our game relies on room scale, we need to perform some testing before being sure to do it properly. If the game succeeds, we hope we can make our team grow in order to release it later on PSVR.

How many are you in your team and how long did you work on the game?
We are a small team of 3 full time people and we have a friend who helped us on sound design. We have worked full time on this game since September 2016.

Don’t you think it is too early to release your game in Early Access?
We have worked hard on making a nice environment where players enjoy to explore, relax and do some sport. Many time was spent on making clean interactions and physics on weapons. The feedbacks on the atmosphere we have created are very positive, people love spending time contemplating the beautiful panoramas.
We think that our game is already fun today with its game modes and its interactions that feel very natural. We expect from players to return to it a couple of hours.
We are aware that some of you could be disappointed with the actual content length. However, now that our gameplay engine is ready, we can easily add some new weapons / game modes. We want to add much more content to the game but we need the community support to do so (financial and social).

What are you inspirations for the game
We're big fans of Overwatch and its Hanamura map. We've been very inspired by the cartoon rendering for FX and buildings. The Witness was also very inspiring for us for its warm colors and its vegetation.
In our mind Delios is also some kind of GLaDOS (from Portal) spiritual son. The Lab is of course a good model for Sky Sanctuary with its mini games concepts and its cool hub.
And finally, we would love to put some Zelda spirit in our game for future multi weapons game modes and maybe the famous boomerang!

Are you planning to add a storyline in Sky Sanctuary?
Yes we do, we really want to add some narrative background to the universe we have created. Why are you on this archipelago? What happened to this world? What is your role in all of that?
That’s the first VR game we are working on and we are very excited to explore new gameplay possibilities. Sky Sanctuary was not designed to be a story driven game. But we really want to put some meaning in the universe though and Delios-sensei is ready for duty :)

Do you have special accessibility features?
At the moment, Sky Sanctuary supports in its game modes Left Handed and Right Handed mode. The bow can be grabbed from both hands and its nock point is adapted in consequences.
The Tameshigiri patterns are reversed for left handed people.
We are planning to also add a calibration scene so that objectives like tatami rolls can be adapted to your height. If you have any other accessibility feature in mind, please make a feature request.

How are you planning to improve the game?
We have many ideas in mind at the moment (a new island with a boss fight, new game modes with existing weapons, hidden secrets, map invasions...).
The roadmap is full of content and the starting point is to iterate over the existing environment, existing game modes, optimizations, bugfixes, and side features such as new weapons or monuments to celebrate top ranked players. All of this will be released in minor patches along the weeks.
In parallel, the major patches, with “real” new content, will be delivered every months or every couple of months.
But as we said, we want our community to be involved in the game development. With your feedbacks, your ideas, your favorite weapons, etc. we’ll add content to fit your wishes as much as we can.

I want to participate to the development of Sky Sanctuary, where can I post my thoughts?
We have created two forums on the Steam Community page where you can directly talk to us. If you have any bugs or issues in the game, post a thread in Bugs / Issues, we will look into it.
If you have any feedback or if you have a cool feature that you think should be in the game, feel free to post on Feature requests. You can also send us a mail at contact[at]

Why should I support you and buy your game now?
Like you, we are passionate gamers who love the work well done. And like you, we know that some developers abuse of the Early Access concept.
We won’t lie to you, as a small team, we need your financial support to be able to implement all the ideas that we have in mind.
We genuinely want to make the best game we can so you guys have a nice place to escape and have some fun being a samurai.

Have you raised money from a crowdfunding campaign?
No we didn’t because we wanted to focus on the game development. We only have one artist, and we know that a Kickstarter campaign represents a full time job, producing cool assets. It also required nice texts, manage a community… And many thing we don’t have time for at the moment. Also, we are not sure that crowdfunding campaigns perform well for a VR game as we speak. That’s why we preferred to focus on making a first version of the game.
With this early access, we will be able to measure the interest of our community. We keep the door open for a future Kickstarter campaign if we think it can help us improving the quality of the final release.

Will you add multiplayer features in Sky Sanctuary?
We have never had multiplayer modes in mind during the development of Sky Sanctuary because we think our core concept doesn’t fit multiplayer. However, like Leaderboards, we want to add social/community features so that players have the ability to compete with others. Directly challenge a friend in a particular game mode, implement competitive seasons with persistent Top 10 players displays, etc…
We would be interested to explore asynchronous VR gameplays for instance, but it probably won’t be on Sky Sanctuary.

Where can I have an update on what you guys are doing?
You can follow us on Twitter @glitchrstudio and on our Facebook page:

That’s it for the FAQ, we hope we answered the most part of your questions. Feel free to contact us through the community forums or by mail (contact[at]
Have fun with the game guys, let’s see how you perform in leaderboards :3.
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