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Low Spec Experience?
Seems like the dev of Low Spec Experience released a patch for Nier Automata recently. Anyone tried using it? How is the performance?
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I can't comment on performance, but given the way the software behaves it's probably a placebo unless you physically open FAR's menu and change settings yourself.
Yeah, no, I can't recommend that patch with a straight face. You're better of just following Maximize Framerates on Low-End Builds of my guide as it includes most of what's included in that patch as well as some stuff that isn't (such as actually lowering the in-game settings................................). And it's actually much easier and faster to do as well!

The only stuff my guide is "missing" is setting DisableAO and DisableBloom to true in FAR.ini as well as tweaking the texture cache of dxgi.ini a bit. You can add both of those manually to your files by copy/pasting from the links I've provided in this post.

I didn't really expect much to begin with, but it's surprising how the guy calls it "Easy One-Click Optimization" and fails to mention how 1) the configuration GUI doesn't even work 2) the tool doesn't actually change any of the actual graphics settings of the game itself at all.

I was also surprised at how damn challenging installing that tool and patch is... A guide would go something like this:
1) Download a 200 MB (!!!!!) package from a slow server.
2) Install 7zip and .NET Framework manually from the redist folder.
3) Install the tool itself (takes 1-2 minutes due to high compression).
4) Open it, click through a bunch of prompts and ads.
5) Select NieR:Automata.
6) Read how the tool supports automatically extracting the patch to the game folder.
7) Click on Automatic installation, get a prompt that NieR:Automata doesn't support automatic extraction of the patch.
8) Click Manual Installation. Get another prompt telling you that a 7zip file will open and you need to manually select the game folder.
9) Browse to the game folder and click Extract.
10) Shut down the tool and run the GUI configurator from the game folder manually.
11) Click on a preset (Stock Low or Ultra Low) and then select the resolution you want to play with.
12) A CMD window flashes by which doesn't actually do anything.
13) Launch the game, notice that it's being forced into a borderless fullscreen window (which can make your performance suffer) and that the graphics settings of the game is left alone (so if you had them on High they'll remain on high).

I mean.... jeez, you'd be finished with my own guide before you even proceed to step 2 of this patch.
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