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glottis  [developer] Sep 17, 2016 @ 2:24am
Here are the changelogs for the updates as they are released! To see your current version, press F2 on the title screen and check the number at the bottom right. Beta builds are accessible through the Beta branch (Game settings->Beta tab->Beta branch from the dropdown menu). After they're confirmed to work, Beta updates will be carried over to the main branch!


-fixes issues with the feats in Big Blue's match in Ropewalker mode that didn't update correctly at the end of the match, making the tied achievement unobtainable!


-fixes additional issues with Nolwenn's subplot, this time for good!

v 1.0.26s

-fixes an issue with Nolwenn's subplot that made it *almost* impossible to complete.
-fixed an issue with the "About the Numbers" achievement that made it actually impossible to obtain!

v 1.0.25s

-fixes an issue with Honey's physical stats being altered when losing some fights.

v 1.0.24s

-fixes an issue when heading to the Library on May 1st, where regardless of the current tournament progress, Leslie (if met) would have a talk with Red!
-adds some dialog to Honey's Room when heading downtown on Sundays, previously she'd sometimes reference skipping school!

v 1.0.23s

-fixes an issue with the music volume after the difficulty select screen that made it too low at the start of the playthrough! If you've already started a playthrough and find the music volume too low, you can increase it from the options menu.

v 1.0.22Bs

-fixes a number of soft lock situations after [redacted]'s fight in Challenger mode!

v 1.0.21Bs

-fixes an issue with the screen flickering black during One vs. Many encounters!
-fixes the title music playing over the credits music when selecting the "About" options after having loaded a game then quit to menu!

v 1.0.21s

-fixes an issue with Carrion Wind's ring encounter before her match, if you met her previously in Coach's Gym as Honey, but didn't toggle another special flag. In that scenario, the sound effects would fade out and not return!

v 1.0.2s

-sound and music volume on startup will now be lower by default! For all information about settings saving, please check the following thread: http://steamcommunity.com/app/523680/discussions/0/350543738453548400/

-fixed an issue with Queen Bee's match after completing the game once, making her near-unbeatable if the game is started normally!

v 1.0.1s

-fixed an issue with suit recovery battles during February: in Daydreamer mode, in the park at night, and in Challenger mode, on the school tracks during the day. These two battle instances should now initialize correctly and actually have enemies to fight!
-OCTOBER 1st: additional hotfix (no new version number) to address the directx on startup prompt issue!
-fix for an issue on March 27th if players previously skipped the test on February 6th!

v 1.0.0s

-Steam public release version!


-fixed an incorrect instance of text during the ending stats where it simply displayed the number, and not the related stat... not very helpful!
-fixed a number of issues related to the Trials:
-fixed a situation where the Trials of Power and Pride could fail to launch under certain circumstances
-fixed some positioning problems with enemy respawns that could lead them to spawning outside of the fighting area!
-fixed a graphical issue about the high score text displaying in an unreadable position when the player was in certain spots
-fixed another graphical error where the highlight was incorrectly placed in the Trials Select menu, when selecting the Trial of Power and the cursor moved down from the bottom left option


-added an additional check for the "screenflash" option when turned off!
-during Coach's training, from the second training onwards, the screen could start white - this should be fixed now!

**Currently looking into an issue where the "screenflash" option is re-enabled in the menu after unknown conditions, after having been previously disabled. Trying to reproduce the steps to figure out what's causing it, and where it happens! Any information will be most welcome!


-fixed yet another "in the ring" typo in the difficulty select screen! How many more of these are left?!
-added a workaround for memory issues with the webgl Pulse effect used during Dream Matches making the screen white on certain computer configurations:
->by turning "off" the "screenflashes" option in the menu, this effect will be disabled in addition to regular screenflashes, allowing you to progress normally through those matches. You can then toggle it back on for regular matches if normal screenflashes don't cause issues!
-Coach was too blinded by tradition during training to register when Honey jumped with "up", rather than the beat'em up style "jump" button. He now remembers it's possible, you fighting style jump hooligan you!
-fixed an issue with audio levels when transitioning from the matches intro to the actual matches. The audience must've been shouting themselves silent!
-fixed a (series of mistake(s) in the recolor instructions for action options that incorrectly recolored the "check noticeboard" option after talking to Coach with the default orange tint. Kind of defeated the purpose of the script in the first place!


-initial Steam Build


These changelogs are likely before your time, but it's always nice to keep a trace of history and see how far we've come! ...just mind them spoilers.


-fixed more typos... always more typos!
-added/fixed instances of conditional text that were either missing, wrongly directed, or rewritten to make more sense in the context of other events.
-added some slight dialog variation to account for a possible ending scenario where Leslie's subplot is almost complete... but not quite.
-fixed a graphical issue where Mr. DeLonne and Mr. Nader would glide on the ground when exiting the park!
-fixed a rare scenario where meeting the Headmaster in the locker room after having Honey's suit stolen would lead to a softlock if her reputation was too low. That wasn't the intended punishment for being a poor student!
-fixed some issues where using the skip button could lead to some events playing out of turn, even possibly twice!
-fixed a graphical error where Karine would transform into Curtis when met in early April, when talking about the upcoming hangout!
-fixed a few graphical errors where Mom would turn into Dad when met after certain tests!
-changed the tests energy decrease so it occurs after the academical stat check, not before - was intended to add some layer of impredictability to the results, but ended up being counterintuitive.
-fixed an error that made Honey display the wrong wake up message when beating her dream during mid-june, if she already made it to the top of the tournament.
-changed some dialog at the end of Leslie's subplot to make it clearer it's not over yet.
-changed the color of Leslie's text in a special instance!
-fixed the ring ropes not displaying the proper state at several points during Coach's match, involving Honey's Special Attack, and Coach's Debuff Attack.
-reworked the enemy respawn system for the one vs. many segment. It could cause issues when the game was paused during an enemy respawn, and could potentially lead to animation/fade out stacks. Should happen no more! (was it the source of the black flickering screen issue? still under investigation!)
-fixed another soft lock scenario involving training with Curtis after practicing at the school gym.
-fixed a graphical error where Honey's name wouldn't appear during a conversation with Curtis if she's champion of the tournament.
-fixed a mistake that prevented loading the autosave from the main menu load menu!
-fixed a missing pointer to change the color of the downtown choice menu if Honey is the champion in June, and tries to visit Coach after having already beat him!


-fixed yet some more typos!
-fixed Queen Bee(?)'s name spilling out of the namebox.
-fixed another logic issue related to following Nolwenn to the Temple to train, leading to displaying some speech twice!
-fixed a graphical issue with Nader following Honey all the way home when met during the grad exam. Creep!
-fixed a graphical issue with Alice floating in Honey's locker when met in special conditions in the locker room.
-fixed a logic issue where reaching June 30th while being the champion would prevent the game from advancing. Talk about an unsatisfying ending!
-fixed logic issues that would prevent the ending from loading the correct backgrounds, cutins and animations... and eventually, play at all!
-fixed logic branches during the epilogue that would have characters refer to events outside of their intended scope.

NOT FIXED: -rare graphical issue where the choices in Honey's Room at night overlap. Need more info about the preceding sequence of events that lead to that situation.


-fixed a logic issue where Honey's parents would forget the difference between weekdays and sundays from April onwards, and start berating Honey downtown for no apparent reason!
-fixed a graphical issue where agreeing to go to the sporting temple with Nolwenn would leave the message box on the screen during the transition.
-fixed a graphical issue during Leslie's subplot where Honey spoke using Leslie's voice. The cheek!
-fixed a rare logic issue where training a physical stat at the Temple or at Coach's could cause a soft lock if the fatigue state changed during training!
-fixed a typo where Leslie was being overly lyrical with her usage of the word "aspire". She still says "constancy" a lot, though. That's just how she is.
-fixed a graphical issue where hitting Coach during training with the rope recoil special attack would display the Big Blue hit cut-in. I understand how Honey could confuse the two, but they're really not the same person.
-fixed a logic issue where the end credits would loop during special conditions. It has to end at some point!
-fixed a graphical issue where Leslie repeats some dialog while leaving the locker room.
-fixed a logic issue where meeting Mr. Nader on campus on June 1st would confuse him into a soft lock.
-fixed a graphical issue where meeting Alice and Curtis downtown in June would have Alice overlap Curtis while standing behind him!
-added a missing script: going to fight Coach during June would skip the fight entirely!
-fixed the logic fix about Nader referring to DeLonne's sick day... every day. That's a whole other kind of absenteeism.
-fixed a timing issue where Honey would fail to play the rest of her victory animation after she wins against Big Blue. Frozen in shock!
-added new flavor dialog for Honey leaving her room in June after winning the tournament, to better reflect her state of mind!


-fixed multiple typos, most notably "fow now" in loading related text, and all instances of "in the ring", along with some cases of Leslie making absolutely no sense
-adjusted elements of Honey's AI during the Trial of Power that prevented her facing towards Big Blue and made her keep hitting the air (the instances of it left are by design)
-fixed (?) delay that allowed to Honey to bend time and space, and play the "hide suit before sneaking out" choice during the evening after having already left the room
-fixed (?) multiverse bug that allowed for choices to be multi-confirmed when buttons were pressed in very rapid succession, allowing for multiple parallel events to play out. Only a single timeline is allowed here.
-fixed a sponsorship reply that played out repeatedly until fully complete, leading to severe annoyance
-fixed an event where getting your suit stolen downtown would soft lock the game with endlessly repeating text - arguably only slightly more annoying than getting the suit stolen in the first place
-fixed a very rare event where meeting Mr. Nader downtown on March 25th *after* going to class would bring you *back* to class, leading to a horrid groundhog day loop
-fixed an issue with the stylebar in the post-match victory transition using the wrong tint. It was probably trying to party
-adjusted the appearance rate of the parents when coming home in normal/great conditions, so you meet them less (you monster)
-adjusted the length of Queen Bee's speech bubble during the intro match, so it stays on screen longer after hitting her
-adjusted the rate of reply from sponsors to be *slightly* faster.
-fixed issue that prevented leaving Honey's Room after April 6th if she had skipped the March tests, and missed attending the results. Though if you did all *that*, not leaving your room was probably the least of your concerns.
-added different color shading for action options that don't move time forward, along with additional shading for unavailable options in Honey's Room.
-fixed an issue with Mr. DeLonne gliding along the background when meeting him late at night. Spooky!
-fixed an issue with characters still being drawn on top of the locker close-up image. No, Leslie isn't hiding *in* the locker.
-fixed an issue that caused the menu to go ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ if called during One vs. Many stages!
-tweaked stick sensibility+deadzone for title menu navigation.
-reduced the level of many sounds, and the frequency of Queen Bee's audio drama.
-changed the background of the difficulty select intro to display the Honey Panels earlier.
-fixed an issue during Coach's training using a gamepad, where trying to duck with the stick while he waits to be attacked would cause him to become *very* twitchy.
-adjusted Big Blue's strength during the dreams against her, along with the health drain during the first encounter so it's much faster to be jolted awake!
-fixed an issue where Mom transforms into Dad after Leslie calls during mid-May.
-decreased speed of style decay during match fights in all modes, and slightly increased the amount of reputation gained through tests, along with adjusted reputation gains/losses in several other random events.
-added the save timestamp to the slot name when reading Honey's diary.
-fixed an issue with Queen Bee's subplot that prevented from progressing if Honey dared suggest she was being level-headed.
-adjusted the gamepad left stick deadzones so it's easier to simply walk during fights, rather than jump around like a madwoman.
-fixed an issue with Honey facing the wrong way when dashing using the gamepad's triggers during Match Fights.
-added the stamina system: in normal/hard mode, stamina appears now during Match Fights/One vs. Many Fights, and moves consume stamina. Stamina total is based on DEF, Stamina regen is based on SPD.

-check the new left stick deadzone during match fights/one vs. many fights during horizontal movement/vertical commands.
-put the stamina system through its paces!
-check if loading a game from Honey's diary correctly stop the music once the save is loaded?
-still looking into, possibly unresolved? Flickering black screen issue during One vs. Many matches. Unknown cause? Possibly fixed? If new occurrences, info to gather: -which background was used/-where Honey appeared in the stage/-if the menu can be called/-if a match occurred before/-what enemies were present/-which background elements were present


-release candidate 1
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