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lemonXy Oct 29, 2016 @ 12:15pm
The "Why Ozapell Basic" guestion
I tried earlier asking the "Why" guestion on twitter but I presumably didn't format question properly and didn't get as specific answer as I wanted so maybe I'm going to ask it here with bit more specific examles.
So why should someone get Ozapell Basic? I'm not quite clear on few thing.
  • Why would a Basic of all languages be a good educational language, there is more than few reasons why Basic is no longer the default educational language and others are taken its place so I don't see how Ozapell Basic could be useful there. What does Ozapell basic have that Python, Lua, Scracth and so on dont have? What is it's advantage over using previously mentioned languages for teaching. Python and Lua are used outside of education so there is more value in learning a language that is used more because it could even be used in actual work.
  • As a retro Basic language why would one consider Ozapell Basic, there is no retro feelings for a new language even if it is a Basic. Everyone has their favourite Basic (mines MSX basic), so there is no existing attachment to a new Basic variant. If someone wants to run a basic on a modern computer without the likes of DOSBox, why would one choose Ozapell Basic? What Ozapell Basic has that QB64 or FreeBasic doesn't? Especially QB64 feels like it tries to do similiar things as Ozapell Basic and has been in developement much longer, it has modern graphics support, compiles to binary and can run many old QBasic programs (which Ozapell Basic cant do if I understand correctly).
Anyway hoping the best for Ozapell Basic, I just dont see reason for getting it.
PS. Currently writing retro game for fictional game console in Lua, maybe I'm just biased...
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Ozapell  [developer] Oct 29, 2016 @ 9:30pm 
Ozapell Basic uses the BASIC keywords, but it is not based very much on BASIC itself.

When we designed Ozapell Basic as a new programming language, we borrowed what we believed were the essentials from other languages such as the C family, Pascal and others. Ozapell Basic is as much BASIC as it is C or Pascal.

After learning the programming funamentals contained within Ozapell Basic, a new programmer will find learning modern languages such as javaScript much easier.

We are currently in Early Access, but we have always planned to provide distribution methods to Ozapell Basic not found in other languages. Possibly as early as January we will be ready to implement Steam Workshop allowing users to share their creations with other users. We are also planning an executable distribution system which would enable our users to submit the games they create with Ozapell Basic to Steam Greenlight or other marketplaces.

Ozapell Basic is not a retro Basic language whatsoever. It is a modern programming language contained within a retro (1980s early color home computer) interface. This interface was chosen to encourage new programmers of any age to experiment with their code while in a safe sandbox environment.

Hope this helps!
Ozapell  [developer] Nov 2, 2016 @ 9:34am 
Additionally, Ozapell Basic was designed to minimize the number of symbols used. According to our research, new programmers cannot understand the many symbols required in other languages such as the semicolon (;), comma (,), colon (:), parantheses (()), braces ([]), brackets ({}), etc.

The minimum symbols used by Ozapell are three: the equal sign (=) for declaring and initializing variables, the minus sign (-) for negative values and the period (.) for floating point values.

Some people understand language based programming better than symbol or mathematical programming. Ozapell Basic attempts to be accessible to both types of people.
lemonXy Nov 2, 2016 @ 10:04am 
Minimizing symbol usage could be really nice for beginners, even if most people probaly would get it rather quickly unless it's C++/Perl level of maddnes. It seems that arrays have become bit weird by avoiding symbols but still undestandable.
Also about the workshop, now that is really interesting idea hoping to see how it turns out, if there is enough content creators it could be its own ecosystem of games being made, at that point closest comparison is something like Pico8 but with bit less strict limitations, or maybe similiar to LÖVE but more strict enviroment and better ability to find games.
Really interesting all around with the workshop possibility, I'm keeping an eye on that when/if it comes.
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