Hello Neighbor

Hello Neighbor

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Mods for your Neighbor!
Create, share and play new levels, Neighbors and objects. Experience new stories of Raven Brooks town created by other players!
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Huge Patch 1.3 live. Modkit update required.
  • Upgraded to Unreal Engine version 4.20.3
  • Did extra optimization
  • The Neighbor gets a vacuum cleaner! He’s now able to catch you in previously unreachable places
  • Fixed an issue with cutscenes not working properly after using binoculars
  • Fixed the Neighbor’s dream in the chair
  • Added SFX of the Neighbor being hit when you throw objects at him
  • Improved the inventory system
  • Fixed door animations
  • Fixed artifacts appearing when you look through the keyhole
  • Fixed animation issues when grabbing large objects
  • Fixed a bug when the player dies when on the train
  • Fixed a teleportation bug on the train
  • Fixed the School cutscene
  • Changed the visual effect for the strong throw
  • The game now pauses itself when minimized
  • Changed the acceleration of the mouse
  • Fixed a few places where the Neighbor might get stuck
  • Now the Neighbor can knock a door out even if you’re looking through its keyhole
  • Now the Neighbor can catch you in the bathroom and on beds
  • Added materials for hot tea pots
  • Fixed an issue with player positioning when under the bed
  • Fixed several object collision issues

  • Upgraded to version 4.20.3
  • You need to repackage your mods for it to work properly

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Patch 1.2 is live, modkit update live
Patch 1.2 Live

We spent a couple of days in beta testing the 1.2 patch. It's now live in the main branch. Enjoy!

  • The game’s been updated to Unreal Engine 4.19.1
  • The save system has been fully reworked

    Manual saves are now an option.
    Auto-saving has been improved

  • Fixed an error in the Neighbor’s animation when catching the player
  • Fixed an issue when the Neighbor wouldn’t properly chase you on train tracks
  • Lots of work put into game performance optimization

    The AI navigation mesh has been optimized, so when you’re moving objects around the house, the CPU impact is significantly lower.
    Assets have been reworked and optimized, which also leads to less CPU usage

Modkit update

  • Moved to version 4.19.1
  • Reworked and improved the user interface for uploading to Steam
  • FINALLY you can upload an icon to your Workshop mods
  • Fixed a few bugs when packaging the mods

Some of your previous textures may not work properly due to texture optimizations. We highly recommend you recompile all mods under the new modkit and test them.

Happy house looting!

PS Did you know Xbox One got updated too?

In anticipation of the Mobile/PS4/Switch Launch on July 27th, we've updated the Xbox One build. Huurray!