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Hello Neighbor

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Mods for your Neighbor!
Create, share and play new levels, Neighbors and objects. Experience new stories of Raven Brooks town created by other players!
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Recent Announcements
Modkit Update Live
ModKit patch notes:

  • fixed problems with lightning build
  • update of the Neighbor spawning (now you should put BP_NeighborStart object to the map and indicate which class of a Neighbor will be spawn)
  • now you can set respawn places by using BP_NeighborSpawnPoint
  • also Neighbor will identify zone of his house automatically if you are using BP_AreaNeighborHouse (and player zone - BP_AreaPlayerHouse)
  • main electric switch of neighbor BP_GeneralSwitch is identified automatically (All electrical appliances in the neighbor's house must be connected to it)
IMPORTANT: users must PACKAGE their mods before Uploading it to Steam

Patch 1.1.9: Steam Workshop Modding LIVE
1.1.9 changelog

  • Fixed the issues with "missing plugins"
  • Added the "back to main screen" option
  • Added ability to upload Steam Workshop mods

Getting the Modkit

  • Download the unreal launcher here: https://www.unrealengine.com/en-US/blog
  • Unreal Engine 4 documentation can be found here: Docs.unrealengine.com
  • After the launcher is downloaded and installed, click on the 'Modding' tab on the top of the launcher and install the Hello Neighbor Mod Kit.
  • Once the Hello Neighbor Mod Kit is installed click the "Launch" button.

Getting Started

In the editor, press the CREATE MOD button

You'll get a prompt to name your mod. Name it something awesome!

You'll need to put your name and a mod description too

Then get started on the Empty Map

And you're off to create your mod!

After this your Content Browser will display a folder with the mod contents. It'll be in the list. First you'll find the folder titled "Maps" in there, and an empty map. You can now populate the mod contents.

After you're done with the contents, you can upload the mod to Steam Workshop. For this you will need to launch Steam on your PC (logged in under your accounts that owns Hello Neighbor), and use the Upload to Steam button. Simply choose your mod from the dropdown and wait for it to upload.

You can also use the Packaging tool to share your mod as a separate file

Once it's packaged it'll give you a success message


To play mods, the easiest way is to use the SUBSCRIBE feature in the Steam Workshop.

  • Go to the Steam Workshop - http://steamcommunity.com/app/521890/workshop/
  • Pick a mod and SUBSCRIBE to it
  • Relaunch Hello Neighbor
  • Go to MODDING
  • Choose your Neighbor modification, and the LEVEL modificiation
  • Press Continue in the menu
  • Enjoy Modding :)

We will be iterating on the modkit and the Workshop. Currently thumbnails need to be updated manually by owners of mods. Please let us know your feedback here in the comments, and on the forum!