Another Brick in The Mall

Another Brick in The Mall

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The Quadsphere  [developer] Dec 14, 2019 @ 9:24am
Update 0.31.3 - available on the unstable branch
As usual with the unstable branch, I need volunteers to test the new build to make sure it works fine and doesn't break anything. Your feedback and bug reports are much appreciated.

Patch Notes

  • Changed: Rewrote the customer algorithm to have a more accurate estimation of distances and travel time. This change puts a much greater emphasis on the efficiency of your mall's layout.
  • Added: Marketing campaigns can now target a specific product or business.
  • Added: You can now filter between local and workshop saves on the load game menu.
  • Changed: Products on the assign products tool are now sorted alphabetically.
  • Fixed: 'Manage staff' not highlighting the correct employee.
  • Changed: Updated translations with the latest Localizor data.

  • Added: Minimum salary raises. Congress will periodically attempt to pass a law to raise the minimum salary: you can either let the law pass or lobby lawmakers to vote against the raise. If you choose to lobby against the law, the next vote will happen sooner and the cost of lobbying will increase significantly.
  • Added: Sandbox settings for minimum salary raises.
  • Added: The last 2 tracks of music by David Gonzalez.
  • Fixed: A text formatting problem with the $ character.
  • Changed: Updated translations with the latest Localizor data.

  • Changed: Minimum salary raises are now in the context of a workers' union instead of congress.
  • Added: A notification when your workers unionize (currently when you reach $10,000 daily profit for the first time).
  • Added: Notifications 30, 20, 10, 5 and 1 day(s) before a vote.
  • Added: You can now see the job applicants' desired salary on the hire menu.

  • Changed: Lowered the union triggering profit threshold to $5,000.
  • Changed: The first vote now happens 20 days after unionization instead of 10.
  • Fixed: The research menu scrollbar sometimes not working properly.
  • Changed: Updated translations with the latest Localizor data.
  • Added: Early (incomplete) Ukrainian and Portuguese (Brazilian) translations.

You can opt-in for the unstable build this way:
  • In your steam library, right-click on the game and select properties
  • Select the 'BETAS' tab and select 'unstable - Test branch'
  • You don't have to enter an access code, click close.
Make sure Steam downloads an update and the version says 0.31.3 on the main menu. Thank you!
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Boogey Dec 16, 2019 @ 4:52am 
In this case, is it most efficient for the mall to have no walls / forced paths and let everyone free roam thru the mall with as little obstacles and shopping routes as possible?
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The Quadsphere  [developer] Dec 16, 2019 @ 6:54am 
Not really, as walls are mostly out of the equation.
Having a no walls, department store kind of mall has its benefits but not more than before the new algorithm.
I don't want to spoil the perfect layout, but if you have a big mall to test on you should be able to analyze the winners and losers after the update and figure it out.
abarrow420 Dec 18, 2019 @ 4:22am 
I have a suggestion regarding marketing.

I think it would be very cool to have make a "Backlash possibility" to marketing campaigns. For instance, if you rush the campaign it can have a negative effect on sales. People might even show up to protest or boycut your business for x days.
aurelheppenheimer Dec 26, 2019 @ 12:41pm 
I have played again for a long time and I no longer see any objects or no employees only the shadows I do not know if this is because my PC is a toaster but I was able to play normally in the past I have requested everything but it does not work. ..I ask for help
The Quadsphere  [developer] Jan 6 @ 7:10am 
Originally posted by aurelheppenheimer:
I have played again for a long time and I no longer see any objects or no employees only the shadows I do not know if this is because my PC is a toaster but I was able to play normally in the past I have requested everything but it does not work. ..I ask for help
Please check
The Quadsphere  [developer] Jan 6 @ 10:13am 
Updated to 0.31.1.

This is an attempt to tackle the lack of long-term/end-game difficulty.
Here's a breakdown of the mechanic, which should help you provide feedback on balancing:

When starting a new game, the first vote will happen on day 24, with a lobbying cost of $125,000.

If you choose to lobby:
  • the next vote will happen 6 days sooner (starting with a 36 days period) with a minimum 12 days period.
  • the next cost of lobbying will double (up to $1M in standard mode).
If you let the law pass:
  • the vote period is reset to 36 days.
  • the next cost of lobbying will be halved (with a minimum of $125,000).

This means that continuously lobbying will ultimately take $1M/12 days off your profits ($83,333 daily).
I'm tempted to set the standard setting to a maximum $2M cost but worried it might be too brutal for new players (it forces you to aggressively aim for profit early on, which is interesting if you know the game well but could be daunting otherwise).
It might be time to provide multiple standard difficulties, which in turn would allow more challenging achievements tailored to each difficulty setting (reach X profit before day Y)...
Boogey Jan 6 @ 2:34pm 
Uhh, this lobbying mechanism while really interesting (haven't tried yet) sounds unrealistic as it's going all the way to congress, where a mall owner wouldn't really have a say. Maybe you could change congress into "the union"? It would not only be more realistic but would add a really fun setting to the the game that you could, if you see it fitting, expand with some events and storylines.

I'd also love if there was mechanism for outside competition. It would be -the-best- way to have an end-game. It would be quite easy to design and present to the player with the current interface.

(thank you for interesting sounding update, I'll def give it a try once I'm next time looking to start a new save in some game)
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I'm loving the new lobby issue. I think adding more things like this would be great. Something silly in a way, but simple and effective- needing to pay city hall fees for things like needing more parking spaces (Permits).
Just a thought here, but it would be nice to be able to set someones starting wage from the hiring screen, or see what they are requesting for a wage.
I may need an HR department to go back and lower everyones wages for me- my stores cant support $18 an hour! :P
The Quadsphere  [developer] Jan 9 @ 8:59am 
Thanks for the feedback.

Updated to 0.31.2.
The Quadsphere  [developer] Jan 16 @ 8:57am 
Updated to 0.31.3.

Will release tomorrow if nothing major comes up.
Ooooooh, fun! More updates are fun.
The Quadsphere  [developer] Jan 17 @ 10:00am 

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