ddave Nov 3, 2018 @ 8:37am
Update v0.9 Wishlist
Hey everyone, I just did a fresh playthrough of Episode 1 and made a list of things I think could improve the game, I tried my best to keep out drastic gameplay changes and direct comparisons to specific games (since it draws inpiration from several, unless I am wrong, please feel free to correct me if I am.) I might make a suggestion post for gameplay related changes later. Have fun reading, and thank you for making an awesome game :)

  • Can now be navigated using the keyboard.

Bindings menu
  • You can now use the mouse wheel scroll up or down without having to point the cursor at the scroll bar.
  • You will be asked before replacing a key already in use.

Player sounds
  • (added) New pain sounds when taking environmental damage.
  • (added) New pain sounds based on health percentage.
  • (added) Landing sound when falling from greater heights.
  • (added) Drowning sounds.
  • (added) Submerging sound.

General sounds
  • (added) Acidic sound when taking slime damage.
  • (added) Burning sound when taking fire and lava damage.
  • (added) Pain sounds for all enemies.
  • (added) Mice will now make scratching sounds when attacking the player.
  • (added) More varied sounds for unlocked and button activated doors.
  • (added) Reverb effect for cave areas.

Graphics settings
  • (added) Particle style: smooth, round, square.
  • (added) Ambient occlusion: on, off.
  • (added) Weapon models: right handed, left handed, centred, default, off.
  • (added) Gib lifetime: 10 seconds, 20 seconds, 1 minute, infinite.
  • Weapon recoil is no longer affected by the camera animation setting.

  • (added) Loading screen prompt: on, off.

  • Keys are now brighter.
  • Different types of keys now have their own icons.
  • (added) Layout presets: modern, classic, quask 64, quaskworld.

  • (added) Static, dynamic.

  • Load and save are now two separate menus.
  • Pressing F2 during gameplay will now bring up the save menu.
  • Pressing F3 during gameplay will now bring up the load menu.
  • Attempting to save will now bring up a blinking cursor instead of another dialogue box.
  • (added) Delete option.

General Changes
  • Dead bodies will no longer bounce away when damaged.
  • Intro video for episode one now plays after the dos start-up screen.
  • You can now skip any video by pressing any key.
  • Swinging doors will now always open away from the player.
  • (added) Underwater warp effect.
  • Drowning is now possible.
  • Zooming will now slow movement.
  • Items that are picked up will now be closer and lower to centre of the screen.
  • Player will now immediately switch to the next weapon when running out of ammo instead of re-chambering/loading.
  • Enemies hidden behind ambush walls can no longer be alerted by player sounds.
  • Light sources can now illuminate the player model, objects and enemies.

  • Dead bodies will no longer momentarily spring alive when loading a save.
  • Ambient sounds will no longer continue playing when bringing up the main menu.
  • Can no longer pass through swinging doors.
  • DOS start-up screen will no longer override your fps setting and potentially overheat your GPU.
  • Tool-tips for newly acquired weapons will now display the current keybinds for their functions.
  • Player will now auto-switch weapons when out of mortar ammo.
  • Fresh and newly updated saves will no longer display the old save warning.

See my other wishlists here! https://ddavegames.neocities.org/wishlists/index.html
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Manniacc Nov 3, 2018 @ 9:11pm 
I think that a lot of these sound pretty fun, especially different door unlocking sounds, maybe different sounds depending on the type of key used, like some beeping for key cards. But I do think that physics on dead bodies are fun and should be kept and DuskDude's inhuman ability to not drown too (Extremely minor Ep3 spoil would make an upcoming Ep3 semi underwater level extremely un-fun). But yeah in general I'd say those would be really neat for the 1.0 release.
JohnnyTheWolf Nov 9, 2018 @ 1:29pm 
What I want to see is a massive overhaul of Episode 1's level design; not only do the levels feel generally too cramped for a game that allows you to move really fast, but power-up placement is pretty poor: for example, oftentimes, you will find the fire rate powerup AFTER a big fight or in an area where there is just no that many enemies to fight in the first place.

I am also not a fan of levels (e.g. Sawdust, The Mines) that end on a climactic fight that can be easily skipped by just rushing to the exit; what is even the point of having Andrew Hulshult compose kickass tunes if the game barely gives them any time to play? It is as if, say, the Lobby Fight in The Matrix would last only 30 seconds, with Neo and Trinity just running past the SWAT team and making a beeline to the elevator. It would be funny, sure, but also anticlimactic as hell.
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Doctor Love Nov 10, 2018 @ 3:02am 
I think episode 2 is much better designed (looks and atmosphere, areas not so cramped asf.) than episode 1. Will there be an overhaul? :)

In Amid Evil the differences are even bigger - just compare The Forges with episode 1 and 2 - night and day. :bloodsplatter:
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