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AurochJake Sep 18, 2017 @ 10:20am
Bug Reporting Instructions and Patch Notes
If you encounter any issues with the game, it would be great if you could let us know. Always include as much information as you can about the issue(s), with screenshots and output logs helping massively when it comes to tracking down the source of the problem! Close the game first (this ensures that the log definitely includes all the details from the game), then follow the instructions below to attach the log.

To find your output_log.txt, right-click on the game in the Steam client and hit Properties. Then navigate to the Local Files tab and hit Browse Local Files, and your output log can be found in the folder Ogre_Data.

If playing on Mac, your log can be found in ~/Library/Logs/Unity/Player.log :)

Include this file in an email to jake@aurochdigital.com with as much information as you can for how to recreate the issue and we'll get it looked at as soon as possible!

It's important you attach the log, or make a copy of it, before relaunching the game, as this will wipe the previous log!

Thanks, and happy hunting!
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AurochJake Oct 5, 2017 @ 12:02pm 
Version Update

New Features
  • Replay Last Player turn functionality added
  • Add end phase hotkey: Return

Bug Fixes
  • Overrun menu previously said "Advanced". It now displays correctly.
  • Unit stacking cost fixes
  • Units were sometimes sliding and skidding away from the center of the tile due to a physics error. This is now fixed, and units display in the correct place within a hex.
  • Turn transition now plays for every overrun phase change.
  • In the Ogre tutorial, there was a bug when ramming enemy Ogre's treads to 0. The tutorial now advances correctly
  • Added localisations to countdowns in mission 2 & 6
  • Missing string for GEV being rammed. This previously displayed as capitalised missing string text, but now displays correctly.
  • The 'How to play digital edition' change log wasn't appearing in the front end HUD. It should now be fully visible.
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AurochJake Oct 6, 2017 @ 10:00am 
Version 1.1.2 Update (number is in bottom-left of main game screen)

New Features
  • Added beta testers to credits! Thank you all for your support!
  • Added: New Tutorial for Infantry!
  • Added a link to the Ogre Sixth Edition Rules .pdf to the "Tutorial" screen.
  • Added a link to Ogre Sixth Edition Rules .pdf to "How to Play" screens.
  • Added to the multiplayer status bar and many other buttons, some feedback when hovering & clicking on them.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a file corruption issue in the Scenario Creator, leaving players unable to play or load their custom scenarios.
  • The custom scenario browser now informs you if there are no scenarios to display for your chosen filter settings.
  • The "Unranked" filter in the Active Games list has been renamed to "Custom Games" to better reflect its use.
  • Fixed a bug where ramming an ogre to disable it didn't trigger victory conditions
  • You can now see whether you won or lost a Custom Game in the "Active Games" screen
  • Reduced time for tooltips to appear from 1 to 0.66 seconds
  • Fixed some issues where the game hanged during the AI's turn (more info -> it tried to attack infantry that had already been destroyed.)
  • Fixed rule break in the ramming ruleset where Ogre's or Superheavies could not move in to a hex with infantry if it did not have AP weapons.
  • Improvements made to matchmaking (it should be more efficient at widening the net to find a match to your ELO!)
Note - If you don't see Steam update you, log out and back in - it forces Steam to update the game! Thanks :)
AurochJake Oct 9, 2017 @ 10:40am 
Version is available now -
  • Feedback form has been updated - it should now be clearer that it uses the default configured email app; and provides an alternative contact email.
  • Superheavies and grouped infantry now show their remaining attack strength when viewed in the attack context menu.
  • Unit information now shows current as well maximum movement
  • Fixed the known issue where the game would hang when attempting to destroy a road. Roads can now be attacked and destroyed.
  • Scenario 6: Reactor Raid will properly end when an Ogre escapes after all three reactors have been raided.
  • Fixed Ogre Escape conditions for the Super CP Scenario
  • UI: Fixed an issue where the weapon select menu for Superheavies and Infantry would sometimes not disappear when using right-click to close the menu.
  • UI: The "Waiting On Opponent" message now appears and disappears correctly when its your opponent's turn during Overrun.
AurochJake Oct 10, 2017 @ 9:59am 
Version Update

Patch notes

  • Ogres have been increased in size by 50% during Overrun relative to other units.
  • Ogres ramming armour units in Overrun no longer take tread damage, as per rule 8.05.2
  • Fixed bug where Ogre treads were not taking damage during Overrun if the Ogre was the initiator.
  • Disabled armour units can no longer Ram in Overrun
  • Options set in the front end will now carry through to in-game.
  • Mk IIIs Attacking: the victory condition now triggers correctly as soon as the Attacker escapes with a single Ogre.
  • Fixed bug where the Overrun Summary Menu was still visible if the player ended their current phase while it was still open.
  • Fixed bug that caused the Overrun Summary Menu to show either the wrong units or no units for the tile being overrun
  • Terrain Effects Table: Fixed some UI appearing over the top of the table.
  • Terrain Effects Table: Second "Damaged Forest or Town" now correctly reads as "Rubble"
  • Terrain Effects Table: Fixed text saying that Heavy Tracked Vehicles received triple rather than double defence bonus.
  • Movement Info: Fixed "Default" localisation when GEV cannot move during the GEV Moment phase, after having entered a swamp that turn. This now says "Unit is unable to move", which will be improved in a future update.
  • Movement Info: Fixed "Default" localisation when the selecting a train during the movement phase. Now tells the player it can only be moved during the train movement phase.
  • Attack Context Menu: Units with multiple weapons will now correctly display only their remaining attack strength with valid weapons against the currently selected target.
  • Buildings will take half SP damage from attacks when they're in Town tiles
  • Streams are being correctly referred to as Streams, instead of Rivers, in the GEVs & Terrain tutorial
  • Fixed various minor spelling errors across the game.
Thanks for your reports!
AurochJake Oct 12, 2017 @ 9:28am 
Version Update

  • FEATURE: Added a game speed toggle to allow players to set the overall speed of the game.
  • FEATURE:Added a countdown to notify when reinforcements become available in levels that have reinforcements.
  • FEATURE: The attack summary now has a tooltip indicating how attack odds are calculated; based on the current target.
  • Fixed bug where some menus stayed open when entering a new game if the player exited the level while they were open.
  • Fixed bug where the deployment menu kept appearing at the start of the player's turn during campaign missions 9 and 10, even if they had reinforced, or didn't have any reinforcements to deploy
  • Fixed bug where an Ogre's Treads were still target-able after they were already destroyed. The targeting highlight would still show but this is now fixed and working as intended.
  • The attack summary will now take into account whether an Ogre is in a Town when attacking its treads, and show appropriate attack odds.
  • The attack summary now shows a distinct message when attacking treads with a single unit, or multiple units.
  • The attack summary will now show "Automatic Hit" for single Infantry Squads at odds at or above 3:1
    The attack summary will now show "No Effect" for any Infantry target when the attack odds are 1:3.or below.
  • Minor Text fixes
  • Fixed Ogre and Heavy Tank ramming damage rule inconsistency
AurochJake Oct 13, 2017 @ 9:52am 
Update version
  • FEATURE: Invite System - If you send an invitation to a MP game and the person you're inviting is in a single player game, they will now be notified
  • FEATURE: The Scenario Editor now has helpful hotkeys, which will help with making scenarios quicker and displaying how the system works a little clearer!
  • Disabled units now recovering at correct time
  • Fixed a bug where G.E.V.s were receiving an additional recovery phase just before the G.E.V. movement phase
  • Heavies in Overrun against Ogres now do 2 damage to Treads instead of 1.
  • Added a fix where units in Overrun weren't turning to target the correct opponent
  • Campaign mission 7 reinforcements were showing 0/0 for points values. Now displaying correct values
  • Campaign 8 hang should now be fixed
  • Fixed issue where Infantry were showing 0 attack during overrun
  • All units now showing their correct attack strength
  • Minor text fixes
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AurochJake Oct 20, 2017 @ 8:09am 
Update Version

New Features

  • The "Pin Tile" menu is now available during deployment. This can be used to inspect stacks during deployment.
  • Unit information now shows up while hovering over tiles with a single unit during deployment.
  • During the attack phase; you can now click on tiles with a single target to immediately select your target. (Unless that target is an Ogre.)
  • Flyouts have been added to attack summary for attackers and targets.
  • During the attack phase, when selecting a target, contextual information about a terrain overlay will show. (If a single unit and a terrain overlay are both placed in a tile, unit info will be shown instead)

Bug fixes
  • Removed 'Unaffected by Spillover' from combat log to help make series of attacks clearer.
  • Turn timer scaling with game speed in Multiplayer
  • Units disabled by fire/ram were recovering too early
  • Fixed missing defense value in unit status effect "Defense Modifier"
  • Fixed missing Terrain Overlay name in tooltip of target select menu
  • The "Move To Unit" button for attackers and targets in the Attack Summary now shows an icon while highlighted. (Highlight the unit portrait.)
  • The "Remove Attacker" in the Attack Summary now shows its function when highlighted. (Hover over the attack strength indicator.)
  • Rails can now be destroyed on a disable roll instead of a damage roll. Rails in Towns and Forests still require a damage roll as per the rules.
  • Attack summary now shows the correct roll requirements to destroy a Rail in a Town or Forest.
  • Contextual unit information should no longer flicker while moving between units in a context menu. (Known issue: flyouts sometimes flicker while moving onto them.)
  • Fixed a bug where units were taking an additional turn to recover after being disabled.
  • Fixed a bug where G.E.V.s were receiving an additional recovery phase just before the G.E.V. movement phase.
  • Replay button now disabled in Overrun
  • Combat log changes
  • Tutorial Fixes
  • Ramming/Overrun in same hex now working
  • Units now indicate 0 movement range instead of a minus figure.
  • Spillover fire from Ogre AP does not affect armoured units.
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AurochJake Nov 22, 2017 @ 10:21am 


- Ogre now available for Mac users!
- Movement added for stacks of units.
- GEV maps and scenarios added to single player, with multiplayer coming very soon!
- Scenario Creator now has Undo/Redo and various tooltip improvements to aid newer users and better explain functions. Should also be able to publish scenarios of any size now.
- Confirm End Phase and Auto-End Phase now added as options in the Game Settings menu.
- 90 degree angle camera increments now added as an option in the Game Settings menu.

- AI tweaks and updates.
- GEV recovery should now be working as intended.
- Added in countdown on Campaign level 4 back into the game
- Right-shift now works for multi-selecting units (beta user request)
- Changed Nightfall faction colour in combat log to aid visibility.
- Save/Load should now be working correctly. Removed option to save during enemy turn.
- Units can now leave a Bridge/Road hex which has been cut at the end.
- Restart Mission Crash no longer occurring.
- Camo units no longer show unit type on hover.
- Skip reinforcement deployment phase when there are no units left to deploy.
- Overrun bug fixes and improvements.
- Escape Zones now should be working in every game mode
- Overrunning a treadless Mk 1 with Light Tank should no longer cause any issues.
- General text and minor fixes.
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AurochJake Dec 13, 2017 @ 9:03am 

  • Added 'Scroll to Zoom' as a toggle in Options
  • Warning popup added when ignoring reinforcements on the last turn they're available.
Bug fixes
  • Mobile Howitzer can now move when deployed in rubble/city
  • Fixed exploit where a unit could enter more Overruns than their movement points allowed
  • Error finding victory condition fix
AurochJake May 10, 2018 @ 7:50am 
Update 1.5.14
  • Multiplayer network fix - this should fix a number of issues related to quitting and re-entering MP games, and dealing with spikes and/or drops in connectivity.
  • Ogre should be able to spend 1M and ram the infantry it's already on. Previously, the game would not let you ram a hex if there was more than 1 enemy unit on it.
  • Fixed some terrain rules related with water and bridges - units moving under a bridge now STAY under the bridge (cannot move under a bridge and then on to land in the same move).
  • Pathfinding / movement path issue where clicking a destination hex, cancelling, and then deciding to move to this hex, would result in a single-click moving the unit, rather than double-clicking as it should be, is now fixed.
  • As per a request, we've moved the Version Number from the bottom left of the Home screen (behind the Logging In overlay) to the bottom right of the same screen, so it should always be immediately visible.
Auroch Digital  [developer] Jul 16, 2018 @ 4:26am 
Jus' keeping this list updated with recent activity...

22 May

  • Pushed a hotfix live with multiplayer fixes.

10 June v1.5.15.0

  • Fixed bug in multiplayer where camouflage stacks did not correctly refresh for both players.
  • Improved moving or deleting a single squad of infantry during deployment no longer shows the context menu if they are a squad of 2 or 3.
  • Fixed bug where Deployment selection states were not always updating correctly.
  • Fixed bug in deployment where units occasionally became un-selectable after moving.

13 June v1.5.20.0

  • Network code has been improved and steps have been taken to validate commands between the player and the server, we discovered some rare occurrences (0.0005%) of network calls becoming corrupted and causing multiplayer games to break.
  • UI Improvement; Moving or deleting a single squad of infantry during deployment no longer shows the context menu if they are a squad of 2 or 3.
  • Superheavy Tanks and Ogres now correctly ignore rubble and can no longer become stuck.
  • Fixed bug in multiplayer where camouflage stacks did not correctly refresh for both players.
  • Fixed bug with disabled units not recovering correctly in PBEM games.
  • Fixed bug with train message box causing issues during Async gameplay.
  • Fixed bug where deployment selection states were not always updating correctly.
  • Fixed bug in deployment where units occasionally became un-selectable after moving.
  • Fixed bug where it was possible to spend a unit's cost multiple times during deployment.

15th June v1.6.0.0

  • Improvements to server so better handles connection requests.
  • Fixed bugs related to MP games not finishing correctly.
  • Fixed bugs with the active games list and steam notifications causing them to sometimes be incorrect.

27th June v1.6.2.0

  • Feature addition! - Scenario Export tool. This was suggested by user Onwaaard and means users can now export images of their scenarios at their chosen resolution, meaning users can theoretically print out their custom scenarios and make their own Ogre game boards!
  • Fixed bug with non infantry and G.E.V. units being unable to use railroad bridges.
  • Fixed bug where occasionally units on a hex containing a road/rail/bridge that were not on it, were still receiving the movement cost as if they were.
  • Fixed bug where AI could attack twice with AP guns during the first turn of an overrun.
  • Fixed a few bugs with scenario editor crashing on open and randomly freezing.

29th June v1.6.2.1

  • Improved output color on the image exporter, towns and rubble should now be brighter, edge content such as ridges should appear darker in line with the terrain.
  • Fixed miscellaneous minor bugs with scenario creator.
  • Fixed a bug where ramming infantry caused a hang under certain circumstances.
  • Fixed bug with overrun causing a hang under certain circumstances.

5th July v1.6.3.3

  • Feature Request implemented - INF squads and SHVYs can now group their attacks on Ogre treads.
  • Request implemented - Darkened Rubble hexes in the Scenario Exporter.
  • Fixed an issue where INF and Marines were being rammed in Overruns.
  • Fixed an issue where users were unable to load Campaign or Skirmish games after using the Scenario Creator.
  • Stacking Limit bug fixed - previously, if you clicked Cancel on the Stacking Limit warning, you could then Advance by ending your turn again, with all the units still in the overloaded stack.
  • Added recent multiplayer testers to Credits under Special Thanks.
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AurochJake Jul 23, 2018 @ 10:36am 
Ogre Update
  • Mk.1 now showing damage on model (Main Battery damaged state was not displaying)
  • Legal text added to exported scenario screens at 40x40. You may need to export it twice, this will be fixed in the next update.
  • Campaign launch error fixed
  • Ogres now taking correct Tread Damage when ramming in Overrun
  • Overrun was previously too short for disarmed Ogres. This should now be correct.
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AurochTom Oct 15, 2018 @ 10:27pm 
Hey all, extra note re Mac players getting us the log: Unfortunately it is a shared log, so needs an extra step. you'll need to run the game and then open up a terminal and type/cut and paste this command in:

cp ~/Library/Logs/Unity/Player.log ~/Desktop/OgrePlayer.log

And press return.

This should result in a file called "OgrePlayer.log" on their desktop that you can send to us.

Thanks :)
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