Redout: Enhanced Edition

Redout: Enhanced Edition

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Tutorial - Playing Redout in VR with mobile VR headset.
If you don’t own an expensive virtual reality headset like Oculus Rift or HTC Vive, there is a way to use inexpensive mobile VR headset (like Google Cardboard) to play Redout in VR.

We will use an external software called VRidge[] - it’s an HTC Vive emulator that uses video streaming technology to turn your phone into PC VR headset screen. It works well with Redout as well as other PC virtual reality games.

It works like this
As of now - the software supports Android 5.x phones with iOS version coming later. The free version of the software will let you play for 10 minutes after which it will require a restart. Full version costs 15 USD / EUR and it is a one-time payment.

Setting up VRidge
To get started, follow the video or continue with the guide below.

Download and install RiftCat client from the official website: VRidge[]

After launching the application you will see a connection screen. You will be able to select the mobile version of VRidge that suits your needs (as of now, there is normal Android version and GearVR available). Install one of the apps.

When both apps are ready, we will have to connect them together. There are two types of connection.
  1. WiFi - Just connect both PC and your phone to the same local WiFi network. This option is wireless but it might have higher delay and artifacts. It is recommended to use 5GHz WiFi network.
  2. USB - You can connect your phone to the PC via USB cable. This option is the most stable solution. To make it work - make sure to enable the USB tethering[] on your phone.
After choosing your connection RiftCat should detect your phone and ask for confirmation. We are almost done!

Use the “Play” button available at the top of the RiftCat window and choose “Play SteamVR” games. After pressing the button - Steam will ask for SteamVR installation, if you do not have it.

When SteamVR will be installed. Simply start it again with the “Play” button. SteamVR will launch and it will ask you to do “Room Setup”. Confirm it and follow the instructions on screen.

In the first window, choose “Standing Only” option.

The first screen should state that the “headset is ready”. Confirm it by pressing the “Next” button.

On the next screen, put your phone into forward direction and press “Calibrate Center” button.

Now we will have to type in our body height in centimeters or inches to set proper head elevation in VR.

After pressing “Next”, we will be ready. Your head movements will be working and VRidge will be streaming a SteamVR lobby to your phone. You are now ready to play PC VR games!

Note: SteamVR lobby doesn’t work with gamepads. This is a known issue of SteamVR. Launch all your VR games from within normal Steam library while SteamVR is connected.

Launching Redout in VR
Follow the video guide above or continue with the following:

Connect VRidge with SteamVR by pressing the “Play” button in RiftCat client.

Launch Redout from Steam list. The button should be changed to “Play in VR” instead of normal “Play”.

Enjoy Redout in VR!

Note: Some phones have lower quality gyroscope that might cause the “drifting” effect. Your forward position will be drifting away from the original head position. To counter this issue - simply tap your phone screen using your finger or capacitive button in your VR headset. You can also set a custom shortcut key combination in RiftCat client settings.

That’s it. You should now be able to play Redout in full VR. It’s really an immense experience. Hope you’ll enjoy it! Remember that you can play more PC VR games with VRidge.

If you have any troubles with VRidge - contact RiftCat active support at Let’s avoid spamming 34BigThings team with VRidge specific issues if they occur.
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Thank you for this. Wish I could participate, but I'm on iOS. :(
RiftCat Apr 17 @ 2:36am 
Originally posted by JordanJS:
Thank you for this. Wish I could participate, but I'm on iOS. :(

We should have iOS version this year. It's high on priority list now.
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