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Peter Jun 24 @ 7:25am
Infinite loading screen.
Last night, logged off fine. Now, I can't log in to my server where I've made progress.

On the 'WARNING:' screen, can hear my friends running around, the birds, wind etc, but won't ever put me in the game. Tried last night, tried today. Verified game cache, restarted comp, nothing works. Can connect to other servers fine.

Please tell me someone knows how to fix this? All of my progress is gone. I don't want to create a new character.

*Edit* Creating a new character DOESN'T fix this problem.

**Edit** Brolly says the bug can be recreated, by logging off near a player made base. If this is true, this would apply to mine and two of my friends cases. We all logged off in our base, now none of us can log in. Our friends, who were out hunting, logged in fine.

***Edit*** I seem to have found it's to do with chests and clothing. If chests/cars bug where you can't pull anything out, it'll cause infinite loading. Also, managing to load a pair of jeans for example, which have 1.5kg max, with a higher amount - this will cause the infinite loading.
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Microdeath Sep 7, 2018 @ 1:14pm 
database operation failed!
только купил игру, пытаюсь зайти на сервер и при создании персонажа вылетает ошибка database operation failed! ничего с этим сделать не могу, ктонибудь разобрался?
Bucky Jun 23 @ 8:11am 
stuck on loading screen forever only happened today ive restarted my pc, checked files with the verify thing and even the hot fix did nothing for this
Are you on the same version like the server? There has been a hotfix earlier and not every server may be updated yet.
Tyl3r99 Jun 23 @ 9:06am 
Also try verifying game files
same here everything updated and verified
Bucky Jun 23 @ 9:36am 
yep everything updated and verified
javisigi Jun 23 @ 11:44am 
Did you find a solution for this? Im experiencing the same even crashes when playing on single player
Same problem here for me and my buddy. Verified Game files but still no bueno...
After verifying your game files you can try to temporarily rename your game profile. In Windows, navigate to %localappdata%\SCUM and rename the "Saved" folder to something else.
Defender Jun 23 @ 3:30pm 
had the same problem, we were in a car while the server crashed, and were unable to login afterwards. one of us even reinstalled the game, we all deleted the local savegames. But we were all stuck at the loading screen, We heard the Sounds ingame, even other people passing by, but were still on the loading screen. Until an Admin came along, took the car we were in and drove it away about 200 meters, then we all joined from the loading screen into the game at the same time.
Exxes Jun 23 @ 8:57pm 
Stuck on Server loading Screen
Well since the day after update i have to make a new character each time i want to play... if i try to load a previous character i can hear my squad mates running shooting , opening doors, but im stuck looking at the new female loading screen ... shes ok to look at but i would like to play now...and i have to ALT-F4 to get out.
i have verified my files, compeletly uninstalled and reinstalled and verified the files... but nothing so far has worked.
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Can you try renaming your "Saved" folder under %localappdata%\SCUM and see if it helps?
Brolly Jun 24 @ 2:10am 
Can't create my own character!
After the patch yesterday is have get the problem, after a server crash i got the endless loading/connecting bug to a server, can here birds and stuff auround me but not more. I figuret out that wenn i go to another server ore the same i play the only way is an random character when i do anything in the skill menu i got every time connection timed out. With a random char is a pain in the ♥♥♥ to play. Verified files deletet scum saved folder tried everything please help. Don't know what i also can do... Server crash an character destroy everytime you bild a big ♥♥♥ base?
Hey! Can you check if this help you?
“Do you maybe have DLSS as antialiasing method turned on in options and you don't have 2080 card?”.
Brolly Jun 24 @ 2:16am 
I can check later that day but what have that to do with character creating? Random char work fine but only random.
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