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Iggy  [開発者] 2019年7月19日 1時46分
Developers Daily Diary & EA Roadmap
Hey guys, this will be the place where we are gonna crash from time to time and briefly tell you about the development plans for that day.

Roadmap will also be combined and maintained.

Features planned for version 1.0

- Meta - narrative Gameplay [Primary / Secondary Missions, Side Quests, End Game Content]
- Advanced Visual Character Customization
- Advanced Combat System [Martial Arts + Improved Weapons Control and Movement]
- All Soft Skills and Skill Levels Fully Implemented
- Advanced Crafting System
- Rebellion Experience System
- Advanced NPC and Animal AI
- Additional NPC and Wildlife Sets
- Advanced Team Mechanics
- Additional Network Events
- Advanced Fame Point System
- Additional Weapons and Gear
- Larger Urban Areas
- Ongoing Optimization
- Metabolism Upgrade
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Bunny  [開発者] 2019年8月13日 23時50分 
8/14/19 - Hello folks !

I'm just gonna quote myself from another thread to save some time, please tolerate it :)

" We've had a meeting yesterday and decided that our priorities are as follows : optimization, survival, base building, bug fixing ... This means that more hardcore features are moving to the top of the priority list and our efforts are concentrated on finishing them above else ( metabolism rework, diseases , proper nutrition values for food, medical skill, traps ... ), along that you can expect some usual stuff to drop by ( new crafting items, weapons , POI's , etc. ) "
最近の変更はBunnyが行いました; 2019年8月13日 23時50分
8/15/19 - Test day!

Once in month whole team having test day. Developers playing SCUM for better understanding of current game stage. Squads versus squads, solos versus squads, solos only.
In same time guys trying to recreate reported bugs/issues.
How can you understand players problems, feedback or suggestions without playing your own game?!
Fun fact - many developers actually not playing their own games. Gamepires is exception :)
最近の変更は^FuN^ DreeMaxが行いました; 2019年8月15日 22時00分
8/16/19 - Little announcement about
There is lightning storm, so servers are shut down for some time. Right now this affects Asia, Australia, Brazil, Canada and US servers.
最近の変更は^FuN^ DreeMaxが行いました; 2019年8月15日 23時35分
Looks like servers are back! Happy gaming!
8/17/19 - Good evening SCUMmunity! Since developers have rakija overdose and randomly spawning on teamnate somewhere in Croatia right now, Ill say what you can expect in near future.
Something. Something big ;) Anniversary is close! Prepare yourselves!
8/18/19 - Team keep investing good 10% of total cash to local research company - “Are Mondays have speed of light?” Unfortunately “Yes :(“ seems to be the answer in 95% of cases.
We collected some more data about bugs and different issues from your feedbacks. Thank you once again!
最近の変更は^FuN^ DreeMaxが行いました; 2019年8月18日 10時55分
Iggy  [開発者] 2019年8月18日 23時37分 
8/19/19 - Some members of the team will be at Gamescom, as part of the Croatian booth in the b2b area, Hall 3.2, Booth A11. Feel free to drop by to get some inside info!
Iggy  [開発者] 2019年8月20日 0時23分 
8/20/19 - Work started on some additional fluff/roleplay stuff for the upcoming anniversary!
Iggy  [開発者] 2019年8月20日 23時58分 
8/21/19 - Working on additional animations and QoL stuff for weapons. At some point, we will have a complete overhaul of aiming/running and handling. For example, you might be able to jog while in DTS mode, or have short sprint bursts. Nothing is set in stone at the moment and things are subject to change. More info soon!
Iggy  [開発者] 2019年8月22日 0時41分 
8/22/19 - I really don't want to spoil too much related to the upcoming content, but I still have to write something that won't be a generic "we are working on bugs". Flares. Flare guns. See you tomorrow!
Our lovely Iggy have Birthday today! You can share some love with him by spamming congratulations messages in Discord. He loves both - spam and Discord :D
Iggy  [開発者] 2019年8月23日 0時01分 
8/23/19 - Anniversary patch is becoming bigger than expected at first. Most of the team will have to work during the weekend if we are to bring everything on time. 6 more days!
8/24/19 - As expected, part of team worked almost all Saturday. Maybe they will work tomorrow too.
8/25/19 - Part of team finally back from Germany! Another hardcore Monday is close. Have a good rest SCUMmunity!
Iggy  [開発者] 2019年8月26日 0時04分 
8/26/19 - It's time for final tweaks and tests. Things are shaping up nicely! And again, can't tell you too much.. Maybe spoil one small fluff feature.. Hmm, nah, tomorrow. :)
最近の変更はIggyが行いました; 2019年8月26日 0時05分
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