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Madguy  [developer] Apr 19 @ 1:17pm
Fortnight Discussion: Big Quests (vol. 2)
I've just added the first iteration of Big Quests to Alpha 49. Big Quests are class-specific quests that last the entire length of the game. Here’s how they work:

  • Quests need to involve doing something on each floor, described on the Missions screen.
  • The player receives an XP bonus for completing the quest on the current floor.
  • If the player completes a task on all 3 floors of a district, they get even more XP. I may change this so that the player gets some other sort of reward, such as a special skill or item.
  • If the player completes their tasks on all 15 floors of the game, then the Big Quest is considered complete. This will yield an achievement in future builds, and possibly some other type of reward that I haven’t come up with yet. As of right now, the fact that you completed the quest isn’t noted in any major way except on the Missions screen, or even saved to your data.
  • In the future, quests may require you to do one final task in the final area of the game, or affect it in some way. As of right now, certain things like the Cop becoming a Supercop or the Investment Banker getting cured of addiction take place in Uptown, whereas in the future they might take place in the final level.

Some rules for Big Quests
  • Quests need to be completeable in multiplayer mode. But if a player joins an online game after the first level, the district and main quest will probably not be completeable for that player.
  • If the player’s task is impossible due to how the level is generated, the player might get a “pass” for that level.
  • Most objectives aren’t explicitly marked on the map, but some are. Depends on whether I feel it’s appropriate for the quest.
  • Quests should usually relate to the character’s unique features or intended playstyle in some way, though it could also relate to just their back story
  • It shouldn’t be too easy to completely fail a quest. I don’t want people randomly failing the game-long quest because an NPC decided to destroy the one object you were supposed to interact with or something like that
  • I am open to changing aspects of the level generation in service of a particular quest
  • I am open to adding new quest-specific ways of interacting with the environment (hacker installing malware)
  • I’m not going to be creating new level varieties for this
  • Story elements could potentially be added, but only at the end of the game. I don’t want storyline to get in the way of the core gameplay loop.
  • I will likely be putting in the option to add these quests to custom characters

Current Big Quests that have been created
  • Gangster (Crepe): Neutralize every single Blahd
  • Zombie: Ensure thay 40% of living people on each floor are Zombified
  • Cop: Earn 2 Marks for arresting Guilty people, 1 for kills. Lose Marks for taking down innocents. Success means having above a certain number of Marks in each floor/district/game. If you 100% this, you can become a Supercop.
  • Doctor: Kill fewer than a certain number of people per floor/district/game.
  • Investment Banker: Use your cash reserves to fund addiction research on every floor via ATM Machine, Doctor or Bank Clerk. At the end of the game, you can get your addiction cured.
  • Shapeshifter: Possess a certain class and use them to neutralize another class on each floor (the idea is to spread distrust amongst groups)
  • Hacker: Install malware on a computer, which will result in Cop Bots teleporting in to investigate and detect people with laptops.
  • Werewolf: Kill 5 people during a single 15-second Werewolf transformation (it’s essential to track down groups that you can massacre quickly)

So. Suggestions for the other characters’ Big Quests? Rewards? Changes to the current quests? Ways quests could tie into the final encounter? Whatever you wanna talk about?

Side note, this is the second Fortnight Discussion on this topic. The first one is here.
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What about custom characters?
Madguy  [developer] Apr 19 @ 1:40pm 
See the last bullet point of "Some rules for big quests".
I think doctor's and cop's quests should be a little different, because they seem a little too auto-assuring if that makes any sense. You already tend to only go after guilties as a cop because you lose exp if you kill or arrest innocents (and it's easy to just spare innocent NPCs anyways), and you already naturally keep a low death toll as a doctor thanks to your insta-take out skill and low combat abilities. With the current big quest ideas, I think cops and doctors would be able to complete their quests without even trying.

I think the missions should be related to the character's special abilities, but they shouldn't be so easy that "you don't need to go out of your way in order to complete them". That's what I think when I think about big quests. They should be optional, yet you should have to work for them specifically.

Cops' quest could be something like arresting an optional well guarded NPC, like a mob boss every level or something? And if the mob boss dies, the quest should be forfeit. (yeah I disagree with you about that, big quests should be a challenge, it should be easy to mess them up)

Doctor's ability could be to use their medical professional skill in every single map, perhaps? Forcing them to hire someone if they die, or try to keep them alive so they can heal them at the next level?
Suggestion for vampire class: they need to suck a certain number of NPCs every level. Or suck a certain number of NPCs every level and also kill a werewolf boss at the 3rd map of each area?

At one point in the game (park, downtown or uptown maybe), if they are succeeded in their quest, vampire player should be "upgraded" to the "Ancient Vampire" class, meaning they receive a permanent huge boost to all of their stats. (you don't need to create a brand new type of class for it, it's okay if you just apply the stats for example)

Suggestion for slum dweller: the character's quest should be to max two of their stats to 4 before reaching uptown-3 or something.

Soldier: hmmmmm... Performing a certain number of kills for each weapon: pistol, shotgun and machine gun? But should be hard to pull off (maybe you should have to clear out entire levels in order to get the number for all 3 weapons)

Thief: Maybe stealing from every Safe in the level? (by safe, I mean that one special kind of container that requires you to have the password for) And maybe pickpocketing a mob boss at the 3rd level of each area?

Assassin: killing heavily guarded targets every level. Or racing with a RIVAL assassin NPC to kill a heavily guarded target every level. By the end who has more kills wins.

Jock: getting a certain destruction score at every level.

Gorilla: on the levels that feature locked gorillas, you must free them. If the level doesn't contain locked up gorillas, you must kill every scientist on the level?

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thief could need to steal a certain amount of duckets per floor

but more importantly i hope you have considered making a class that can do a dodge roll.
Madguy  [developer] Apr 19 @ 2:22pm 
Originally posted by Erenussocrates:
Cops' quest could be something like arresting an optional well guarded NPC, like a mob boss every level or something? And if the mob boss dies, the quest should be forfeit. (yeah I disagree with you about that, big quests should be a challenge, it should be easy to mess them up)

This would be wayyyyy too easy to mess up. The problem is, sometimes events happen that are out of the player's control. Suppose an NPC ends up killing that mafia boss. How 'bout a falling bomb?
Well, it must be THAT hard. These must be challenge levels that are way too hard to accomplish. We are talking about becoming a super cop here.
I've edited my previous post for more class recommendations.
Madguy  [developer] Apr 19 @ 2:26pm 
Originally posted by Erenussocrates:
Well, it must be THAT hard. These must be challenge levels that are way too hard to accomplish. We are talking about becoming a super cop here.
There's hard, and there's unfair. If the player keeps losing quests due to events that are out of their control, I think this falls under the realm of unfair.
Well you can exclude the cops' quest for 3rd map of each area then? That way, the chance of the boss dying would be minimized. Any other level, if mob dies by accident, then it's pretty much player's fault. Mob boss or the guys guarding him shouldn't have any relations with the surrounding NPCs.
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youre very persistent
Big quests shoub be easier to understand what do do and track it somehow
Madguy  [developer] Apr 19 @ 3:13pm 
Originally posted by Dollytubby:
Big quests shoub be easier to understand what do do and track it somehow
Can you elaborate?
Mudmag Apr 19 @ 3:23pm 
I'm loving the big quests right now, it really adds some direction to the game. Previously, I could sorta auto-pilot the game. Here's some ideas for each character's mission and reward for beating them:

Slum Dweller - "Rags to Richs":

I think it should be similar to the Cop Big Mission, but instead a Slum Dweller becoming an Upper-Cruster. I think that Slum Dwellers should be prohibited from getting the Upper-Crusty trait unless they meet some parameters, such as:
- Gaining a certain amount of money per level (Shouldn't be too hard)
- Having a "good reputation" (Not killing people you need to rescue, doing all possible optional missions
- Having a certain amount of levels (5 maybe?)
Once you get this you should be able to purchase Upper-Crusty no problem, and will turn into an Upper-Cruster. However, since you can get Upper-Crusty as early as 4-1, I think you shouldbe able to lose it if you aren't able to continue the parameters. Maybe a little tedious and hard, but it's an uphill battle to escape poverty!

Reward: "Stat-Gaining for Dummies" (Item)
This is an idea I have for an item. It would be a passive item, and would give you a +1 increase to 1 attribute based on what you do. It would be destroyed when you go to the next level.
- You would get a Melee increase for killing/attacking a lot of people with your fists or melee weapons
- You would get a Firearms increase for killing/attacking with guns
- You would get an Endurance upgrade for taking a ton of damage
- You would get a speed upgrade if everything else was particularly low. (I feel like you would always get a speed upgrade if running a lot would get you the upgrade)

Ok that took a while, next character.

Vampire - "Blood Letting":

With this mission, you could donate blood to hospitals. This would take away a fair amount of health, and would make you have to bite your way back to full health. A simple idea, but the Vampire is a pretty simple character.

Reward: I have no idea

Investment Banker Reward - "A few more Syringes added!"
Since you are planning on adding more status effects to the game, I would love some extra effects to be added to the Syringe Pool. To keep it balanced, one should be good and one should be bad.

Wrestler - "Earning the Belt" (I'm not sure about the name...)
On every level, there will be someone willing to challenge you to a fight to the death. There should be at least 3 candidates for people to fight, just in case some of them die due to a disaster or something. Now, it would be nice if every win would result in the next level's fight to become harder, but that might not be possible. It should at least increase in difficulty every other floor. Skipping a fight may result in the next floor's fight being easier. To make fights less of a hassle, Cops shouldn't intervene (Unless they are deliberately attacked, though I think NPCs will stay away).

Reward - "Focused Throw" (Trait)
This trait is a buff to throwable weapons, such as Rocks, Shurikans, and Objects thrown with Toss. With this trait, items thrown consecutively will deal an increasing amount of damage. It stacks up to 2 consecutive hits and the damage increase will be lost upon missing or not throwing for a while. For example, you throw a rock and it hits, dealing 5 damage. You throw another rock, and it also hits, but now deals 6 damage. You throw another, it hits and does 7 damage. You throw another rock, but it stays at 7 damage now. You miss, so you are back at 5. This could be a great trait for wrestler, assassin, or any custom character with shurikens, rocks, or the Toss ability. It also makes rocks more viable as a weapon, which is great for characters with stubby fingers.

I've already created quite the wall of text, so I'll stop for now. Keep up the great work Matt!
The Comedian should have a goal to tell jokes to a certain percent of people on a level (even if they don't like the joke)
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