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Madguy  [developer] Aug 9 @ 2:47pm
Fortnight Discussion: Getting Yourself Elected Mayor
In the final level of the game, there will be a number of ways to take down the Mayor. One of these involves actually entering a legitimate election and running against the current Mayor to take his place.

Ideally, I’d like for the player’s chances of winning the election to be based on how they’ve played the game up to that point. My question to you is: What things should I factor into calculation that determines the player’s election odds?
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The chances should be based off of how many people there are as a certain character in the levels and if you do deeds for that certain kind of character. Example: If im in the slums and there is a majority of thieves for some reason, then I do a few missions for the thieves and then they support me for the election.
Vivitan Aug 9 @ 3:02pm 
Since the city is really really corrupt... It probably shouldn't matter. The only thing that should matter is shuffling the papers.
If you commited multiple crimes, and got caught, public perception may be bad. If a large part of the citizen are active wrongdoers tho, that'll probably not be as bad...
I think how well you did your Big Quests should play a part. Ignoring your Big Quests entirly means lower chances.
Purcentage of finished mission (failing a mission make you less popular)
Innocent spared (killing everyone can't lead to this "peaceful end")
Maybe interaction with other people
Tombot Aug 9 @ 3:16pm 
Murdering innocents, or getting caught for crimes is probably the most reasonable ways to have opinion lowered about you. It also stands to reason that if people in levels like or dislike you it should sway some opinions. For example: If you tell a good joke as a comedian or use a hypnotism gadget in a level, this will make the opinion of you improve later on.
mudmag Aug 9 @ 3:18pm 
I think this way in itself should be done in two ways.

For one, you should try to appeal to the larger lower class (Workers, Slaves, Slum Dwellers, Cannibals, Drug Dealers, Thieves, etc). This would be done by:
- Killing less innocent Low Class NPCs. (Or perhaps letting people who do crimes get away)
- Doing Optional Missions for Drug Dealers
- Hiring Lower Class People
If you stick to this you should hopefully be able to secure an election win.

I think a more interesting way to win an election would be to support the smaller but wealthier high class. To make them happy you should:
- Kill less innocent High Class (Doctors, Shopkeepers, Upper Crusters, Slavemasters, etc.)
- Doing Optional Quests for Shopkeepers (I suppose optional quests for Bartenders would work too but I see them as sort of a middleground.)
- Neutralizing people who do crimes against a High Class Citizen (A Thief steals from a Doctor, so you neutralize the Thief to make them happy. A Gangster kills a Guard in a prison, so you neutralize the Gangster for them. Things like this)

Now, there is less you can do for the high class, so what you could do is RIG THE ELECTION! Maybe with Hackers found Downtown and later, you can sink a ton of money into them in order to rig the election towards your favor. Maybe you could hack the Satellite to display ads of propaganda? I think it would be pretty cool!

Now doing the 3 main requirements for the High class shouldn't be enough, so you have to do some sort of meddling or propaganda to gain the lead.

That's basically it, but it might be neato if the Zombie can win the election if you infect a majority of the population of the city.

Okay bye
Last edited by mudmag; Aug 10 @ 6:06pm
Bribing Bouncers should increase odds, because they like you.
Killing either Blahds or Crepes should increase odds, because the other gang would appreciate your efforts and vote for you.
Killing bad guys like vampires or cannibals should increase odds, because nearby denizens would appreciate you prolonging their life.
Having followers alive (people you've hired, or slaves, for example) at the time of the election should increase odds. Of course they'd vote for you.
Freeing slaves should increase odds, because they like you.
Appreciating the office workers, if this becomes a thing again, should increase odds.
Making people dance via the Boombox should increase odds.

Hurting but not killing people or stealing people's stuff or breaking the law in front of cops should decrease odds, because they don't like you now.
Killing people in sight of others and letting them get away should decrease odds, because they don't like you now.
not hurting innocents as often and gereally not breaking the law
Originally posted by Mudmag:

That's basically it, but it might be neato if the Zombie can win the election if you infect a majority of the population of the city.

Okay bye

You Aug 9 @ 3:42pm 
After you encounter the mayor once, and most likely lose the election, there should be a graph in the map screen that shows the opinions of the voters. It should also show ways to greatly increase the odds for you in the way that big quests are handled. I don't know if this is the best thing to add, but it would be appreciated.
Originally posted by Madguy:
What things should I factor into calculation that determines the player’s election odds?
Earning votes based on how many gorillas were freed from scientists labs for a "people against cnimal cruelty" association of sorts.
Depends on character, if the character is one of the more passive ones then tthe elections should be based on good deeds but if it is more aggressive character like cannibals and werewolfs, then it should be based on kills only, like threatening people to vote for you.
Okay how about this You play a mini game where you basically need to say stuff out of multiple choices and try your best to win the election
I have some ideas about the election :

-Kill to much innocent or cops so you can't go through the normal way to be in the crowd of the mayor ( you'll be reject or killed by the guards ) and you will need to be stealth like go in vents or disguise in guard or other people.

-New quests like : kill assistants of the mayor with certains conditions ( if you succeed, the mayor will have less protection and if you fail, it's the opposite ).

-You can form a resistance by help civilians to not die or be more pacific with some others reasons
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