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Points needed at end of each stage while attempting Godlike rank?
So from what I understand, it is best to attempt achieving a Godlike rank while playing Shinobu's route, correct? Playing the hard difficulty is also advised as there is a difficulty point bonus.

Does anyone know what the point breakdown is per level? Like how many points should you have by the end of 1-1, 1-2, 2-1, etc? Basically, I don't want to play through the entire playthrough if I have already missed my opportunity by the first few levels. So if I don't have enough points, then I know to retry the stage before moving on. Get what I'm saying?

Any help would be appreciated!
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Miuna Nov 1, 2017 @ 1:49pm 
It's been a while since i played but iirc, Godlike rank wasn't too hard to achieve, yes play hard (though i never played any mode but this) for the points bonus and really as long as you maintain decent combo's throughout, you shouldn't have much trouble getting godlike rank, the games biggest points bonuses are from your playing skill, so of course, don't get hurt and just maintain a good combo, remember, Dokidoki is a great way to escape a situation if you fear you might get hit and equally it's a brilliant way to keep the combo counting, try to aim for the bonus point items as well, whilst they aren't always easy to hit, sometimes if you can charge shot a girl you will find it offers time to get bonus points (i recommend spending store points in power however as it will help you avoid being surrounded).

I found it easy to get Godlike on all character routes but probably the sisters (both) route would be best, i found the park (end area for a lot of characters) was a great place to hit up some good points as there are quite some enemies present.

Sadly i can't help you with point quota's as it has been some times since i played and to be completly honest, i can't for the life of me remember.

Still, stick to combos and you shouldn't have too much issue (avoid being hit)
darkhawk02 Nov 3, 2017 @ 5:56am 
As stated by Miuna, the most important thing is to make certain you're keeping the combos up, as well as not getting damaged(which will reset your combo). There's no need to rush, either. You can easly lose a star or two on the time score as long as the combo is still unbroken. Something I generally do is keep at least on heart for doki-doki available at all times and use it during any situation where it looks like I might get hit. Successfully doki-dokis will keep the chain going as well. Consider using one if there's an area where there a good number of girls, but a limited time to combo them.

As for stages and points, I can't confirm/deny Shinobu's route being the best, but it's more than possible on any route. However, one major factor is route changes within levels- Cave one is a *huge* points bonanza, but only if you make certain to take the paths which lead to the most girls. IIRC, the first choice isn't as important, but the second route choice the difference between going right(where they have the "Whack-a-mole" setup, and going left, which bypasses, like ten girls? The third split, you'll want to go left. At one point the character will look up and there are six of the little guys that give you points. One charged shot and that's 3000 points right there.

Finally, here's a rundown of my Score Attack scores for all stages to give you an idea of what stages to choose, and which to avoid at all costs. Most important factor of potential poinst is Best Combo, which is how many girls you can combo in each stage. Which stage you choose can be ~10k - 20k point difference, dependng on what other stages are available(for example, the Forbidden Room, which is part of Shinobu's route is at 70,750 for my max points, where most stages are generally 90k - 100k.

Stage list-

Sakura Road - 79,460 Best Combo - 42

Entrance - 74,500 Best Combo - 39

2F Stairway - 57,420 Best Combo - 28

1st Yr Class - 109,400 Best Combo - 55

2F Hallway - 105,550 Best Combo - 55

Cafeteria - 108,010 Best Combo - 57

Gym Entrance - 87,900 Best Combo - 45

Behind Gym - 95,900 Best Combo - 49

Stairway - 87,420 Best Combo - 43

Gym - 101,110 Best Combo - 52

Library - 114,320 Best Combo - 58

Shoe Lockers - 103,000 Best Combo - 54

2nd Yr Class - 109,850 Best Combo - 54

Dressing Room - 89,570 Best Combo - 43

Courtyard - 84,620 Best Combo - 41

Forbidden Room - 70,750 Best Combo - 34

Entrance 2 - 96,520 Best Combo - 48

Track - 100,920 Best Combo - 48

Infirmary - 108,820 Best Combo - 51

3rd Yr Class - 95,420 Best Combo - 46

Cave - 130,300 Best Combo - 60

Stairway 2 - 95,220 Best Combo - 46

Pool - 95,870 Best Combo - 48

Dressing Room 2 - 56,600 Best Combo - 24

Pool 2 - 93,760 Best Combo - 47

Courtyard 2 - 100,070 Best Combo - 48

3F Hallway - 96,760 Best Combo - 47

New Building - 91,760 Best Combo - 47

Front Entrance - 89,250 Best Combo - 44

Tennis Court - 107,770 Best Combo - 53

Cave 2 - 98,420 Best Combo - 48

Gym 2 - 105,100 Best Combo - 50

Sakura Rd (PM) - 93,350 Best Combo - 44

Hallway (PM) - 93,370 Best Combo - 48

Park (PM) - 113,070 - Best Combo - 53

Roof (PM) - 129,520 Best Combo - 58
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