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Botten Hanna  [developer] Oct 24, 2019 @ 8:05am
Big bug reporting thread Pirate Update 0.7
Hi! This is the big bug reporting thread for the Pirate update.

Please explain the bug clearly, when it occurs and tell us if you're on Mac or PC.

Disclaimer: Duplicate bugs and off-topic will be deleted as well as bugs that have been added to the list.

Reported bugs so far: (Strikethrough means they have been fixed and will be solved in the next patch)

- Not being able to possess Blackbeard
- blunderbuss bugs
- after the clam throws clams a load of dead clams spawns afterward
- Bomb canon going crazy
- Water graphics glitch dark
- Typos “Blunderbus” (without one “s”) and “PirateQueen”
- The blunderbuss unit doesn't have knockback when shot by a ballista
- Not being able to place units on certain parts on medieval 1.

- Water graphics glitch pink!
- The pirate music plays on every map quietly along with the maps own music
- Old delay screen bug is back
- If the Harpooner hits a Blunderbuss's armor or a Haybaler's hay, he will release the rope instead of reeling it in.
- The first person (Dragon) does not have a "space" button (attack)
- The Clothes of Blackbeard cant be "removed" if you deactivate clothes on units. (this is technically not a bug because the unit is built differently)
- Visual bug after going through fire.
- Ballista operator audio bug.
- Victory screen bug
- Combat moves after death

Thank you for reporting bugs, don't be alarmed if your comment gets deleted. It means the issue has our attention and is in our own bug tracking software.
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KinkyDora Oct 31, 2019 @ 3:08am 
Hi there. I've just recently found another way of triggering the Old Delay Screen Bug (The delay time is still set at 5 seconds). This might be the only way of triggering it (Maybe, maybe). This video should help clear up things.

Unpossessing a unit when one side wins triggers the Victory Screen, even if he dies and loses. In the first two sets of battles, I did not wait out the 5 second delay.

First set of battles: Once I possessed the Captain and killed the Farmer, I pressed F to unpossess the Captain. This caused the Victory Screen to pop up, but then the Victory Sound played again a little later. After the second Victory Sound played again, I went back to the overlay, but the bug did not occur. In the second round, I win again while possessing the Captain. However, this time I exited almost immediately to the overlay once I unpossessed the Captain and the first Victory Screen popped up. Now the bug occurs this time. Something important to note is that the timing of the second Victory Sound seems to correspond with the actual 5 second delay and might even be the 5 second delay.

Second set of battles: This time, I possessed a Skeleton and let myself get killed by a Cannon. I can still apparently unpossess the unit even when they've lost. The bug still occurs the same way as before, as with the second Victory Sound thing. Once again, the timing of the second Victory Sound seems to correspond with the actual 5 second delay.

Third set of battles: I possessed the Ninja and killed the Priest (Rather unceremoniously). However, I am still possessing him while I wait out the 5 second delay. When the Victory Screen pops up after the delay is over, the bug does not occur.

*On a side-note, you can still move the unit around if you're still possessing him after you've won the battle.

P.S. Happy Halloween!
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