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AMBX_limgf  [developer] Jan 9 @ 7:59pm
Announcement on DMCA Notice
Please check the post replies below for the latest update.
Original Post at 10th January 2019

Dear Community. We (Ammobox Studios) are forced to issue a DMCA Notice to our own game Eximius: Seize the Frontline. As a result, the Steam store page has been temporarily disabled.

So what happened?
Long story short, we had to file a DMCA against our very own game on Steam to wrest it off the Publisher (TheGameWallStudios).
The DMCA has just kicked in resulting in the game being taken off the Steam Store Page.
Legal action is in process of being taken because the publisher has went off grid and has not made any payment of the sale of the game to developers. TheGameWallStudios has breached publishing agreement and their rights to distribute has been terminated.

So what does this mean?
Owners of the games can still play the game and receive new updates with no problem. The dev team and the servers are still around and running. It's just that new players won’t be able to purchase it for the time being. As of writing, if you bought the game recently through other online digital distribution stores, the key will still activate on Steam with no problem. We will continue to update this situation as it develops.

IMPORTANT NOTE : They still own the Steam application rights, Store Page and have full access as far as Steam is concerned. This post might be deleted, modified and the Community Hub be entirely blocked. Our updates might completely be locked out as we don’t know what will happen.
We are still very much active in our Discord ( www.discord.gg/ammoboxstudios) and Facebook page( https://www.facebook.com/EximiusGame/) as long as the Steam Community Hub is still alive we’ll be around it as well. Feel free to chat with us there.
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AMBX_limgf  [developer] Jan 9 @ 8:00pm 
We will update his pinned page as the situation develop. Thank You
AMBX_limgf  [developer] Jan 21 @ 9:37pm 
Hello All,

We managed to gain back access to our Store Page on Steam.
You should be able to purchase with no problem on Steam now.

We're still in the middle of pursuing legal actions against our previous publisher which may take some time.

Thank you for your continuous support and kind words.
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