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JPlante  [developer] Sep 26 @ 12:42pm
MPVR Beta - Testing Bug Fixes & New Features
The MasterpieceVR Beta is now accessible to all brave souls who don't mind playing around with new features that are being tested and giving feedback to the developers, or who want to check if the latest bug fixes are addressing their issues.

You can also join our official Beta testers mailing list and receive emails to notify you when we are looking for users to test specific features or bugs:

Accessing Beta:
You can access the Beta by right clicking on MasterpieceVR in your Library > Properties > Betas and then choosing "Beta" on the drop down list.

Latest Beta:

Current Beta Features & Improvements:

Snap to Grid - test out this new feature, useful for making anything where precise lines are necessary. This feature is still in prototype and will be changing over the next months so let us know your thoughts.

Updated Studio Space - Check out the impressive new lighting and ambiance of our Studio Room

Improved Ribbon Performance - you can copy and paste more ribbons giving you freedom to add details that are not possible with Sculpting, such as hair, grass, leaves, etc...

Beta Feedback:

Please use the Beta Feedback Form to communicate with Developers about your experiences with the Beta, your thoughts on the features, whether the bugs have been fixed, or if you are finding new bugs. This form will allow us to more quickly address bugs and issues with new features.

Feedback Form:

Thank you!
MasterpieceVR Team

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aboogieman Sep 29 @ 11:48am 
Sure, I'm in! I used to be a developer, so I know what it's like. Which is why I'm commenting here and not using the contact form. ;-)

If I have something to report, then I'll use the form.... And now I see the contact info for feature suggestions. Great, thank you!
josel.cioppa  [developer] Oct 25 @ 10:30am 
Hey everyone,

We have two major updates in the beta branch:

1. Grid Snapping: you can now snap to points, lines, and planes in the sculpting environment.
This feature is new, and is going to continue to be updated in the next few weeks. The UI for
this is in the bottom right of the palette, next to the resolution button.

2. Rendering issues: for those of you who meet min specs but still can't see the sculpture, we
think we've found a solution! If you're still having this issue, and find that it's solved in the beta
branch, just let us know!

Once we do some more testing we'll be moving these features into the main branch, so if you have any suggestions/comments on the grid snapping, feel free to let us know here!

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