[Inofficial] UNIX (Linux, Mac/OSX) support thread - WINE -
Hello all you non-windows guys out there.

Just use the official STEAM PLAY ( to start the game from your Linux Steam client. It should work out of the box with zero configuration.
The following is just for the archives.
Oh and don't forget to urge the developers for a native build.


Unfortunately, SLS has decided to put support for everything else than Windows on freeze for now. However, WINE works quite well.

To get the game running do the following:

  • Get WINE from your favorite source (I recommend Wine-Staging for better performance)
  • Create a wine prefix with
    WINEPREFIX=/path/to/your/folder/ WINEARCH=win32 winecfg
  • Close the window.
  • Now either install Steam or start an existing windows steam installation via
    WINEPREFIX=/path/to/your/folder/ wine /path/to/Steam.exe
  • Download Battlerite through Steam
  • Right click - set Properties - Launch commands -> Insert
  • Launch the game and have fun

    There is a chance that voices and/or sound in general don't work. It's pretty much random for me.
    *Don't forget to lower the graphics settings!!*
    Since a translation layer can lower performance and the game looks absolutely perfect at lowest settings, use them.

    If you got any problems, ask here!


    UPDATE 1

    Now that many people how to work with WINE, I'll post a 99% step by step tutorial to make the game run. First off, you should never trust a stranger on the internet and execute code snippest without thinking about it first. Also, read the WINE wiki if you have questions about WINE. This thread is about Battlerite.
    For the following guide, I will just use folder names you can copy and paste. There are easier methods with GUI involved but it's harder to explain that way, so I will stick to the CLI way. Oh and I won't cover the steps for an existing installation of neither Steam nor Battlerite. Now that this is clear, do the following:

  • 1. You have to get wine. This differs from distro to distro so I can't really help you with this step (thus a 99% step by step guide). For most OS this site should help you:
  • 2. Open the terminal (aka console or CLI).
  • 3. Set up a wine bottle (also called prefix). For this you enter the following:
    mkdir -p ~/.wineCustom/SteamBattlerite
    WINEPREFIX=~/.wineCustom/SteamBattlerite WINEARCH=win32 winecfg
  • 3a. Accept all additional requests like Gecko installation.
  • 3b. The winecfg window should be open now, looking like this . Switch to the "Staging" tab and check "Enable CSMT for better graphic performance".
  • 3c. Press okay to close the window.
  • 4. Download the Windows Steam client from the official website and save it the Downloads folder in your Home folder (~/Downloads).
  • 5. To install Steam you enter into the terminal:
    WINEPREFIX=~/.wineCustom/SteamBattlerite wine ~/Downloads/SteamSetup.exe
    and follow the instructions. Leave the default install folder. Uncheck "Launch Steam now".
  • 6. To launch Steam in the future we now make a shortcut. For this you open your preferred text editor and paste the following lines:
    #!/bin/bash WINEPREFIX=~/.wineCustom/SteamBattlerite wine ~/.wineCustom/SteamBattlerite/drive_c/Program\ Files/Steam/Steam.exe -no-cef-sandbox
  • 6a. Save the file where ever you want (in this example we will save it in your home folder ~/ . Now we have to make it executable. For this you enter into the terminal
    chmod +x ~/

  • 7. Launch your shortcut by double clicking it. This will take a while as Steam needs to update.
  • 8. Log into your account and install Battlerite. Choose the default folders.
  • 9. Right click Battlerite. Click "Set Launch Options...". Enter
    Click okay. You are done. Enjoy Battlerite.
  • 10. ???
  • 11. Profit!


    UPDATE 2

    You can now skip step 9. and just launch the game and press "Play DirectX 9"


    UPDATE 3

    The user Spelljv posted a short tutorial for all MAC users that don't want to dive into the command line stuff. I can't help you with this stuff but maybe it works for ya.

    Download and open up Wineskin Winery from his website: ( ). The window that opens should have a list of engines for download. Download and install WS9WineCX15.0.1(Bottom at the option list). Once you have done this, click "Create New Blank Wrapper". Name the file "Steam" (Wineskin will include the .app extension for you). Give it some time to build the app. You should find a "Wineskin" folder in the folder that you put Wineskin Winery in.

    Inside the Wineskin folder, you'll find "". Right click it and select "Show Contents". A finder window will pop up with a "Contents" folder. Double click that, then double click the item labeled "".

    Inside will be a window with a button that says "Install Software". Click that button, then select "Choose Setup Executable". In the Finder window that pops up, select "StreamSetup.exe", the file that you downloaded from me. The Steam installation wizard will pop up, and lead you through the install process. This may take a while, so sit tight. Even when it looks like it's not doing anything (for example, 0% progress after a full minute), it's doing something.

    Once the Steam installation completes, a dialog box may come up that says "No executable was found.", and a dropdown list of executables in the wrapper. Select "Steam.exe". Now you can exit Wineskin.

    Once it's done, you can now download and install Windows Steam games and play them all you want! I'd recommend using the Mac Steam client to buy games, and the Wineskin Steam client to download and play the Windows games.

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Raindrops Sep 15, 2016 @ 12:19pm 
Just got invited to beta. Haven't used Windows in years, but I do have a winebottle with Steam set up (although I barely use it), so I guess I could give it a try.

I'm gonna need a native version though if I'm to keep playing.
Niiru > /dev/null Sep 15, 2016 @ 1:01pm 
A native version is heavily preferred and most likely not too hard to achieve since they are already using all kinds of cross-platform frameworks in UNITY. However, I can understand that right now there are more pressuring issues. By the way, SLS, if you need testers. You know how to find us :)
Phase Sep 16, 2016 @ 8:46pm 
PlayOnLinux and wine1.9.18-staging with the -force-d3-d9 launch option works pretty amazingly here on my end. (Radeon HD 7850, open source radeon driver)

Thanks Niiru.
aRosa10 Sep 17, 2016 @ 11:06am 
Installed wine staging, couldn't find where to find a wine prefix. The instructions on the wine site and different from yours...I'm so confused...
Niiru > /dev/null Sep 18, 2016 @ 4:25am 
Originally posted by aRosa10:
Installed wine staging, couldn't find where to find a wine prefix. The instructions on the wine site and different from yours...I'm so confused...
You might want to read a bit about WINE beforehand if you have never used it before. To create a prefix I've wrote
Create a wine prefix with
WINEPREFIX=/path/to/your/folder/ WINEARCH=win32 winecfg
where /path/to/your/folder/ is the path where you would like to install the bottle (aka prefix).

For this situations there is a tool called PlayOnLinux where you can just choose to install Steam, change the WINE version to staging and only have to enter the launch command for the game. Just like the poster above you, Phase, did.
cyril hanouna Sep 18, 2016 @ 5:15am 
once i got steam installed, how do i re-open it without having to install it again ?
Niiru > /dev/null Sep 18, 2016 @ 7:34am 
Updated OP with a step by step guide on how to play BR for people who have no experience whatsoever. It is still recommended to read that stuff up, though.
cyril hanouna Sep 18, 2016 @ 11:26am 
i'm having troubles making it executable, i do the chmod command but when i double click the .♥♥♥♥♥'s still opening textedit
Niiru > /dev/null Sep 18, 2016 @ 1:06pm 
Check if you can execute it via
. If it says something like "Permission denied" you did the chmod wrong. What distribution do you use?
cyril hanouna Sep 18, 2016 @ 1:47pm 
El Capitan, it says this when do this command and this is how my textedit is, it works perfectly if i copy paste the textedit command in wine directly, so no problem :), but yea the .sh doesn't work
Niiru > /dev/null Sep 18, 2016 @ 2:09pm 
I see! The text editor saves files in a strange format with additional information like MS Word would do. You can do it with nano though.

First you open a terminal. Then type
. Now you are in the terminal text editor. Paste the code with the mouse (cmd click - paste or something) from step 6 into the editor. If pasting doesn't work, you have to type it out.. After that you press either ctrl+o or cmd+o (forgot which one) and write ~/
press Enter. press ctrl+x or cmd+x to exit the editor and try to continue from step 6a.

Oh and send a prayer for SLS to release a native OSX and Linux build so we don't need to fiddle around that much to play a game :)
cyril hanouna Sep 19, 2016 @ 11:51am 
Oh perfect it works now :) the last problem now i think is that the normal terminal doesn't understand the command wine, i normally have to do it in " Wine Staging "
Raindrops Sep 20, 2016 @ 11:01am 
Well, I broke my resolution that I wouldn't buy games without Linux support. Anyways, if any devs are reading this, I know Linux support is not currently on the radar, but please at least don't break the great WINE compatibility we are currently enjoying.
[-Vyre-] Sep 21, 2016 @ 4:43am 
Wait....has this worked for anyone now that it is in EA?
Niiru > /dev/null Sep 21, 2016 @ 4:54am 
Yes. You don't even need to put the launch argument in it again, since they offer you to start with dx9 now.
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