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Noel  [developer] Feb 11, 2018 @ 4:01pm
Fan Translations
Note that though we don't officially support / update these translations and cannot verify they are correct, we're happy to list them for users to add to the games themselves.

Fan Translations:

Local Files:
All the language files exist in the root Celeste folder and the game will automatically add new ones if it finds them in the "Content/Dialog" subfolder. Note that on macOS this is inside the "Celeste" application itself.

An example translation should look something like this once placed into the Content/Dialog folder:
  • english.txt
  • Fonts/english.fnt
  • Fonts/english_0.png
  • Icons/english.png

New fan translations:
Feel free to make a topic in the forums, or email us (contact.celestegame@gmail.com) and I can update this list if the files are ordered correctly.
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Celeste > General > Topic Details