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Auto-miners changing yield percentages by themselves.
I've been noticing that if you place an auto-miner over an ore vein that has a 50/50 yield, that yield does not hold over time. I'll come back to the mine, typically after a save has been reloaded to find that the yields have substantially changed. The yield change ranges from dropping all the way down to 1% (with most going to waste) to sometimes 25% from what was a 50/50 yield.

This problem is not new and seems to have began several updates ago. I have also seen it across different seeds that I play. Here are some screen captures of one of my remote mines to show this problem.

In the first capture below (before I added a container), you will see a solid 50/50 yield of Uranium/Titanium.
In the next capture (below) it is that same auto-miner with a large container on top to capture all the production. You will see that the original 50/50 yield has dropped down to 28/28 on the Uranium/Titanium with a 44% waste. Also, placing the large container on the auto-miner is not triggering the problem because the 50/50 yield remains the same after I place it. I have (2) additional mines at this very same remote location and they also have the changing yield problem.
I've tested to see if the change happens if I just leave the drawing range of the mines (~600M) and return. That had no affect on the situation and the auto-miners remained at the original 50/50/yields. I believe it may be triggered by exiting the game and reloading the save.

The problem is also not just this mining location. I have (2) other remote mining locations (~800M away from each other) and have the same problems with the auto-miners in those locations. Even if I relocate the auto-miners to totally new spot and again secure a 50/50 ratio, the changing yield problem always returns.
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The next cycle they call it Quality of Life update. They mentioned it once.
I wonder if this means they want to fix all bugs in the game :)
Unless they change plans and add even more features.

Given the peculiar behavior you describe here OG, I believe the mining machine would not work at all if I would lower it with a crane onto the surface.

I checked the in-game journal and it gives no hint regarding the required range to the vein.
Seems that the rage must be 0m :)
If you hit that 50% spot walk softly there. :D
Before this bug emerged, I would have several auto-miners running a 50/50 yield and they would never change after many harvesting trips and reloads of the game. For awhile now, I can't keep any of my (6) remote auto-miners production yield at 50/50. When the bug hits, the yields will often change from (2) particular ores at 50/50 to multiple random ores at 1-2% each. The majority of the yield becomes waste. It renders those remote mines useless (after the bug hits) because you can run them for many (real-world) hours and they won't even start to overflow into a mounted container.

As we all know, it is rare to have all your ores within a few meters of the base and remote mines are necessary to producing parts. I hope they can find and fix this problem soon because in its current state it is affecting game-play satisfaction for me. :steamsad:
OG: I've run into this a few times, myself. What's odd is, sometimes it's telling the truth and sometimes it's not. In the case of a 100% Xaenite mine I had, after it filled a dozen small containers and I emptied them (before I realized you can only use 48 pieces), it dropped down (while I was gone, like you) to a low percentage with every ore possible listed. When I came back, it was full of all kinds of stuff. Looked like a box of skittles spilled. ;)
The other thing I've seen is when it drops to some absurdly low percentage with a high percentage of dirt, but then when I watched the ores coming in, they were still coming in a 4-6 each per pass, which means it was still operating at (or at least close to) 50/50. So check the rate the minerals are coming in before dismantling.

I wonder if it is a bug involving being remote, having the mine unloaded/not rendered or something. I can leave for a long time and come back expecting my boxes to be filled, and it seems like it only did a little more after I left it the last time. This seems to only be true of the self-feeding mines (mining machine connected to a refinery connected to a uranium generator with a bunch of boxes in between). I can sleep in the stasis chamber for just a few cycles and end up with much more ore and uranium rods than if I were gone for numerous game days.

It seems the mines like us to hang out near them. :)

Something else I just noticed tonight... I've never seen this in the game, so maybe it's something new. I have a 50/50 iron/carbon mine attached to my base. This was planted into a surface vein that was very bright and colorful. After a vehicle trip to a few beacons, I came back to find most of the red-orange had turned black! The mine was still at 50/50, but I turned it off as I had built another under my base and was thinking about dismantling the above-ground one. Later on in the game, I swear it looked like some of the red-orange had grown back! Of all the mines I've had, and more than a couple dropped to low numbers as described above, I've never had one lose its color before. Note that it was only part of it that changed color too, so it wasn't like it was a corrupted texture or anything like that.

Menza: The crane thing does work as long as the vein is exposed where you lower it. I saw a pic of one someone made, and decided to make one myself. I didn't get 50/50, but I got a pretty good percentage (~38/38/plus others, IIRC). In the end, it wasn't really worth it though. It made the vehicle a bit more awkward and I'm impatient so stopping for ores and waiting for enough to make it worth the trip was irritating. I ended up building a remote mining base instead (like I normally would anyways).
You're right though, the deeper you can plant it, the more efficient it seems to be. Resting on the surface works, but is not ideal.
Glab, I have watched the rate of production on mines that become defunct and change yields all by themselves. In my cases, watching the rate of production is next to nothing and is not normal. You can go away for many hours of game-play, return to the auto-miner and it has not even filled itself yet. It has the appearance of a mine that was exhausted, but was brand new to the location. I could understand it if mines did eventually exhaust, but this looks to be a bug in the auto-miner or the world is shifting the vein qty. :steammocking:

I've also tried using Stasis to see if production would be better with these bugged auto-miners. In my case, it is the same problem and nothing changed. Like you, I've tried to find something that is connected or affects the problem, but have not located it yet. Rather than continue to endure the problem, I decided to take some time and report it. I know that it is not a particular broken seed as I have seen this issue across several different seeds now. It could be connected to the rendering issues that have manifested themselves in a number of ways.

PS: I set my auto-miners deep as well. I also check if the ore area is a good one by breaking the crust of the ground in several places to make sure it is a nice large vein.
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Postat inițial de glabifrons:
...The other thing I've seen is when it drops to some absurdly low percentage with a high percentage of dirt, but then when I watched the ores coming in, they were still coming in a 4-6 each per pass, which means it was still operating at (or at least close to) 50/50. So check the rate the minerals are coming in before dismantling....
Good observation! The good part is that minerals we have in abundance. If they change that, we will give up the nomadic life to live like dwarfs.

I was looking yesterday to some mineral veins and I had the feeling these veins are vertical pillars. What shapes you encountered so far?
Did a search over at the Planet Nomads forums and people have been recently reporting this same issue.
With the color change I saw, I assumed it was intentional, that the veins were finite resources that we drain :)

Menza, they seem to be mostly vertical. In some cases, it might be that I find multiple veins that are very close or running into each-other. I'm not sure if it's luck, differences in the seed, location, or clusters created by the PRNG, but usually I find lots of ore veins close to each-other, sometimes looking like one giant one. The more I think about it though, the more I think you're right... in the cases where I don't think they're merged, they've all been fairly vertical.
Veins used to be infinite sources once you set the auto-miner in a desired yield location. The question is whether the game has a new bug or did the Devs decide to implement a change that is now affecting yields? I don't have a problem with veins being finite which would be in alignment with what we see in the real world.

But, the way things are working now it seems to be a bugged implementation if a change was made to make veins finite. If they are to be designed to be finite, then we need better (more accurate) information (a scan tool, a setting on the auto-miner, etc.) that tells us whether a given vein is worth the time and materials to setup. Even in the real world (of today's technology) we have tools and measurements to predict output before investing in a mining operation.

In the game today, we are being told that a vein has a perfect ratio, but in some cases it doesn't even fill the auto-miner with the desired ores. For example, I setup (2) auto-miners in a Lava-field that were saying I was over (2) 100% Xaenite veins. I left them running and went back to base to work on other things for a couple of hours. When I returned to the Xaenite auto-miners, the yields had dropped to negligible levels and both auto-miners barely had any ore in them. Something is wrong and I hope the Devs can shed some light for us.
Liras 7 nov., 2017 @ 7:29 
I really like the idea of mineral veins being depleted over time, but as OG has observed, it seems to be way too fast - assuming it's actually the intended behavioural in the first place.

If veins are meant to be depleted, I think in addition to the percentage of mineral(s) to dirt, we need the auto-miners to tell us the quantity of mineral available too.

I've also noticed that veins are vertical columns, so I'm curious if the auto-miner collects all of the ore from the surface, would digging a bit expose more minerals or do auto-miners collect all the way to the planet core?
Tryst49 10 ian., 2018 @ 18:47 
Postat inițial de glabifrons:
With the color change I saw, I assumed it was intentional, that the veins were finite resources that we drain :)
Finite resources would really put a dampener on many players enjoyment. Having to move around to find new veins is not exactly my idea of fun. It took me hours to find a single Titanium vein but only minutes to find several Xaenite veins.

We would need some sort of method that allows us to find ores by prospecting to give us a rough idea of distance and direction to the nearest vein and what it contains. Without that to help and depleting veins into the bargain, this game could get very boring very fast.

It only needs to be quite simple, you plant the tool just like the beacon and it highlights all the deposits in a given radius, showing you what each deposit contains. This tool could also be in tiers that increase the radius as you go to higher tier detectors.

You only need to zap the ground with the multitool briefly to reveal an ore deposit if it's there but do you really want to turn this entire planet into a wasteland of potholes in your effort to find the ores? You're supposed to be a scientist, I think that would lend you a bit more respect for your environment. You would use another way to find the ores using your brain and not as a grunt would do by hit and miss.
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This problem has not been addressed or acknowledged by the Devs to my knowledge. It is yet another example of why I'm not going to waste time reporting things (in the "Bugs" forum) if we don't get any responses.

Unfortunately, the Devs appear to have become incapable of responding to what we share with an acknowledgement (let alone address or fix a reported issue). If they just don't have the time to read their own Bugs forum, then at least say so. But, to become non-responsive on multiples of bug reports across different players affects the very motivation to report things to them (for me). If I take the time to capture a problem and report it, an acknowledgement is not to much to expect from the very people that should find benefit from it.
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