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Unerde  [developer] Mar 18 @ 9:47am
[Community] Guides, Tips, Tricks and more - For starters and advanced Tycoons
Tycoons! :trainiac:

This thread is dedicated to all those who are looking for tips and tricks, guides either written, or videos.
Also it is for those, happily sharing their experiences and helping other players.

Therefore, please feel free to post your guides, tips and tricks, screenshots and YouTube-videos here!

  • Please do not promote your channels as such and/or twitch-streams. Just dedicated videos for specific topics.
  • Please no offtopic or requests.
  • Keep this thread purely about those, who want to share and help other players with their experiences made.
  • No double-posting or bumping
  • No direct downloads (urls)
If any of the rules above have been broken, I reserve myself the right to either delete content or even close this thread, if it will be abused.
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ameinild Mar 18 @ 10:33am 
Great initiative! Of course I wouldn't hesitate to post a link to my semi-advanced guide to Switches and Signalling: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1679833398
chaney Mar 18 @ 4:52pm 
"How do I do this?" "Why doesn't it work?"
Understanding how the game mechanics work will give you the answer to most of those questions.

chaney Mar 20 @ 4:41pm 
This list is very incomplete without the work of Adekyn.

There is a growing list of YouTube videos by Adekyn that are highly regarded. Rather than take the time to post them individually and miss anything new, here is a search for them:


I hope this post isn't against the policy or intent of the thread. If it is, I'll delete it (or a moderator with the ability should feel free to do so.) I suspect it is not within formal rules, but should be very useful to many players so perhaps an exception should be made.
Totemych Mar 22 @ 4:31am 
issue bonds
You can get more cash at start if you carefully select among issued bonds.
Start from 4 times with 1-year bonds and for the last slot choose 2-year bonds.
Very useful when cash balance is low.
Totemych Mar 24 @ 12:01am 
the distance / the length
if you use autopopulation for signals you should know the distance between. it is equal to 20 km!
to build 2 parallel track that can accomadate 2 trains (1 in each direction) you need minimum 30 km of tracks including switches, for 4 trains - 50 km ( supply tower takes 3km so add only 1 km to overall length or 3 is up to you)

Have fun
rff1 Mar 26 @ 3:04am 
A bit more about what Totemych said: be sure to have set directional signals before autopopulating, then drop a supply tower over one pair of signals.
Jenska Apr 5 @ 2:00pm 
DON'T use stations for rural businesses: Use warehouses. Stations provide no advantage over warehouses (except the small station if your short of cash) and warehouses let you stockpile other goods which stations do not.
For the same price you get:
The same loading speeds
The same number of tracks
A higher storage capacity (99 vs ??)
A buffer for goods to be shipped elsewhere (Station can only hold local sources)
This station only has the cattle and logs that are connected from rural businesses, and with a low storage limit (33 and 26)

The warehouse can hold more of those,99, as well as the meat from B\uffalo, to go to Pittsburgh
chaney Apr 7 @ 2:35pm 
You can often avoid complex and expensive structure by using the terrain where you want to cross.

If your N-S tracks are run over a hill or along a narrow ridge, you can put your E-W track under them for a lower cost. Run N-S along a narrow valley and you can bridge over them for a low grade low cost solution. A little Earthworks cost beats a long, steep bridge or tunnel.
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