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soon after i buy it go's free and there wild terra 2 ?? wtf
those that paid should have free access to t2 at beta
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Chocbomb Jun 11 @ 3:53am 
Weird hey, dunno when you purchased the game but its been free for a little while.

Left the game back at it's early access launch back when it costed money, iv got the founder titles, did a review back then was a negative one.
Hoped to come back and play the game and update my review, but sadly in its current state is still a negative review.

People have said wild terra online hasn't received any development ever since the 2nd game became public.
No Quality of Life changes or anything which means the quality of the games life is doomed like any game that developers neglect, there has been a complete stop in all improvements, so its still missing big chunks of game, and skill progress jumps a massive amount of grinding to get to.
This game still seems like it has alot more going for it, it sure had potential being the only decent looking 2d game out there after Ultima Online and the cheap ripoff Legends of Aria but they just left the good things missing and empty and never seemed to want to add them instead make a new game.

Now Wild Terra Online is just pvp at x'oclock timed events per week over a castle and a mine.. that's it. the mechanics in between are either not there and missing or kinda not even half done or just half done, it all seems incomplete still, i don't see much improvement from way back then to now, other than i got a free boar pet and cloak ingame.

Have you looked up how to progress your low level combat skills?
You have to hunt foxes below level 10 for any kind of skill gain, everything over or under 10 levels of your skill wont give you skill.. not even a little bit.. just cuts it off.
So many weird mechanics that make you think the devs abandoned wild terra 1 long ago and were just copy pasting things from #2 until they got bored.
Some of he mechanics of hunting are so weak, like you feel cheesy playing the game.

What sux is there is still a handful of players ingame that are hopeful they come back and fix this game to be something other than a wasteful time sink.
Most of them are russian and heavily drunk or stoned.. everyone i have met has been smoking marijuana so far, it seems to be a common thing here.

I mean they say the game runs smooth, but thats only the walking and riding around exploring, all the combat is clunky, the mouse clicking movement is clunky, the combat is clunky, sitting and standing is clunky, i mean.. you have to double press everything to do things and items dont auto fill/stack when moving them into containers, you can't split stuff to the amount you ant, you gota 50/50 everytyime.
Most modern games now have way more options going for them, except Kaion Tale.. thats got some devs who ported their phone game to steam and just left it broken, wild terra online feels like that.
When i stopped playing this waiting for a bunch of patches to fix things, back when there were people all over doing stuff before they made it grind heavy with a cash shop for "pay2progress", you could raid a base back hten, now there is like a 300 absorb on all walls and gates meaning you gota do 300 damage before you take off 1 hitpoint.. like wtf, that's literally days and days of chopping a wall to break through..
But anyway when i came back to have a look nothing had changed.. except the world looks a little empty n ow, alot less players and what seems like a tiny reduction in grinding early game stuff but still that's like alot of hours of gameplay, like days of gameplay to do something small, seems the idea of no lifer gameplay is what this was intended for.
If your land claim dominium deays or is moved the stuff you had blows up and everything is dropped, you cant go put your dominium in a blacked out building spot and claim it and its yours, it will stay black..
And fishing.. they have water everywhere and big chunks of missing content in cooking and there is NO fishing.. missing mechanics like everywere.
Still no hotkey to show items on ground or nearby names of trees/plants/anaimsl/players, you gota mouse over them and then wait for the stoned tooltip to show.
Tried to get my brother to come join me but he lasted a day playing because he has a busted hand from motorbike racing, the amount of clicking and double clicking is insane it hurts him to even try the game in its current released development.
Starving is still a big deal, the food from cooking isnt great, it doesnt last longer, nothing like that, you still need to eat like you are aiming for diabetes by Friday.
There are lots of missing animals in the world, just rabbits and birds running away from you.
There are still dumb things in the game that never got changed into something, like the hotkey for mounting is not the same as dismounting so you gota have 2 hotkeys that would do the same thing..
Getting on your mount feels excessively delayed.
There is channel bars for everything and they suck everytime you see one for whatever you are doing.
You cant move structures you have built, you have to Demolish.. its so fkn lame, but oh wait there is a scroll you can buy in the cash shop that lets you move your home, like the devs didnt get that far in the building your house process, they literally never played their own game to the point of owning a home other than the 2minutes of testing.

If you wanted to immerse yourself int he game/character you will find road blocks everywhere you go that snap you back out of it, like the exp gains that cut off when you have done the artificial number of that thing you were doing, so they add trivial factors to everything to make you need to move on or suck, or the exp gains that are measured by the focus bars at the bottom of your screen like some facebook flash game with energy that you need to regenerate to play each day, and it seems purposefully designed or neglected, there is no way a player playing the game won't notice the subtle lack of things that keep you interested, the big gaps of nothing but doing the same thing over and over to grind the skill to do the next thing, like something should be in that spot but nope.

Fighting Foxes level 10 or below to skill up your low level armor skills because there is nothing else to fight at low level to gain armor skills..

No sprint toggle options.. am not joking.. you have to hold alt everytime.

There is a severe lack of options to make the game feel comfortable to you, its this or nothing, and for people like me who paid to hope the devs made something good with the game, paying to support them at the start, then seeing it abandoned with huge gaping holes and a cash shop later on aswell as seeing them launch the 2nd version of the game that probably will have the same thing happen to it when they go for #3

Woulda been cool to come back to the game and the devs were still active on it and there were boats and piracy and shark fishing and stuff, now i have to go to Ultima Online OUTLANDS to get that kind of 2d game
Chocbomb Jun 11 @ 4:03am 
Oh and the wiki has some stuff but is mostly empty, and some of it is written by a child i think, or some dyslexic guy, it goes over board trying to explain things when it could have been said simpler and some stuff is backwards.
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