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Amadan Nov 30, 2019 @ 5:49pm
The future
What I don't understand is the people behind Wild Terra Online are now making Wild Terra 2. Is that a separate MMO from Wild TErra Online? It's hard for me to understand how someone can play Wild Terra Online when they know Wild Terra 2 is in the pipeline. It looks like the devs have given up on Wild Terra ONline and are jumpong to a new MMO. It doesn't matter if they say they haven't given up, what matters is that's how it looks. For a potential player that matters a lot. For example, I got several MMO's i can try. Why would I pick one that looks like it's on the way out?

Sometimes the sequel in a series doesn't do as well as the first. Everquest 2 is an example. Everquest 1 stayed strong, and is still here. In fact, Everquest 1 has more servers than EQ2. I can't say for sure why, but when I play EQ2 is feels like a game. When I play EQ1, it feels more like a world.

World of Warcraft didn't do a sequel. Neither did Eve Online. I'm just wonder what the thinking is how players feel about it here.
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Vanyel Dec 6, 2019 @ 9:37pm 
From what I understand and what I am seeing...WT2 is or will be everything Wild Terra 1 Should / could have been...if not for the limiting factor of the game engine (ie maps, dungeons, better graphics, etc.) So by upgrading to a new engine, they can make what we already have...better. Going full 3D will be a nice boon, as well as dungeons and other buildings for enter...as per the official page.

And according to their posting...they are not giving up on Wild Terra Online...that will continue...though to be honest I won't be surprised if after WT2 finally goes live...they put an expiration date on WT1 with a special offer for old WT1 players to jump to WT2 - but that is my opinion or forecast.

Personally...I'm looking forward to the finished product...even if it is a year away.
Amadan Mar 9 @ 4:38pm 
And this is why I dismiss Wilrd Terra Online. I feel like it has no conviction. It's just some people who jump from one thing to the next like grasshoppers. I've seen people like that in MMORPGs--the guildhoppers. No deep ties.

Seems to me you're being very naive.
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SLAIN Mar 10 @ 6:23am 
Originally posted by Amadan:
And this is why I dismiss Wilrd Terra Online. I feel like it has no conviction. It's just some people who jump from one thing to the next like grasshoppers. I've seen people like that in MMORPGs--the guildhoppers. No deep ties.

Seems to me you're being very naive.

Welcome to 90% of early access games on steam.
Amadan Mar 10 @ 10:39pm 
Maybe I'm being unfair. If I take a step back and go back 20 years, this game would have been a dream. Ultima Online was a very good MMORPG in its time. In fact, no other MMORPG had the same set of features for a long time.

I mean these sorts of thigns, all together:
1) Dynamic quests
2) Treasure hunting
3) Ship travel (and ability to live on your ship and fish for deep sea fish!)
4) Build your house anywhere in a open world with other players
5) Mounts
6) Skill-based, not class-based; meaning you're not forced into a role
7) Recall/Mark travel; ability to instantly travle ANYWHERE if you have a rune; and also the ability to have many runes (can buy books from vendors)
8) Player-owned (offline!) vendors in player-owned houses
9) Hirelings; Pets; Taming
10) Dungeons; hey, you could build your house next to it!
11) Cartography and a mini-map
12) Guilds and ability to place a guild deed in any house/keep/castle

And more. It's HOW it was done that was interesting. Early on, the animals in the world actually belonged to ecosystems. They had desires and needs. They ate each other. They toned this down dramatically very early on, so it was almost nonexistent later. You could talk to NPCs in ultima online with random questions. They could direct you to places. They evne tried to have NPCs have a memory of players. A lot of these things stemmed from what MUDs were doing. Later, MMORPGs abandoned these things. They streamlined and NPCs became like vending machines. I don't understand how this is acceptable.

Here we're in 2020. There're so many games and MMO's to choose from. There's never been a time with more choice. Therer'e many sandbox MMORPGs. Some you have to pay for, some are free and some are emulated. Whne someone comes out and makes a sandbox MMORPG, they have to do it right and make serious lifelong sacrifices. It's HARD to get noticed and for players to STAY. VERY disgustingly hard. You have to greatly impress your players and you have to dot all your eyes and cross all your X's. It's very competitive now. This is why I say, when Wild Terra 2 is coming out so soon, it gives bad impression, and in such a comeptitive market, that's not what you want if you want to be a succesful MMORPG.
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I agree with Amadan. I will play WT2 but only when it ends up free to play also. Not gonna bet money on it again, especially with those high price azz support packages. Just to get a bunch of useless items again that just taking up space in a small backpack.
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I tired Wild Terra Online recently. Still in process of trying to figure out how I feel about it. It reminded me of a shallower Wurm Online but faster paced and in 2d. It's a good looking 2d. I think how hte tutorial leads you through the process of building things in the actual world (like weapon, house and food) is a good idea Wurm Online never picked up on until much later. The UI design isn't the best. Font was too big in chat. I did shrink the UI and that worked for me but it's not ideal. I had a bug with a UI element that went away when I relogged. Discovered a wagon. Died a couple times. One time I died I had to walk quite a distance to get back. I enjoyed the tension trying to avoid the wolves and bears trying to get back to my corpse before it poofed. But there's so much I can't say about it, so I'll leae that for another post.
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