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Feedback After 150 Hours
  1. Inventory management/interaction needs to be streamlined (easier to use). Currently, it is too unnecessarily repetitive to move an exact amount from an item stack. We are only able to take half the amount at a time. Inventory handling should be copied from games such as Minecraft or Stardew Valley, or instead, let us choose the amount of items to take out of a stack.

  2. There is a memory allocation issue, where the more the world is explored or the longer the game is played, the slower the game is. Also after playing for 4+ hours, new parts of the world no longer loads. As in, the black fog does not disappear.

  3. Food icons on the HUD needs to more easily display the number value for each type of satiety. Currently, there is a one pixel length of space where I can hover over to see satiety details. This can possibly be fixed by expanding the hover space or putting the numbers on the icons.

  4. Some recipes for critical, early game items are imbalancely locked. For example, I have been playing for months, at 150+ hours playtime, and I have yet to unlock the hunting bow. The hunting bow is the second tier bow of the game, and is really beneficial to use against high-level animals such as bulls and wolves. Currently, I am using the first tier bow, which is good up to boars. I understand that locking extra items is a way to monetize this game, but locking too many critical items only hinders playability.

    There are also some high tier items that over 95% of players will not use until they play for over 200+ hours, but yet are given as unlocked recipes from the very beginning.

    I am not saying to unlock most items. I am suggesting to lock roughly 5% of the higher tier items and to unlock roughly 5% of the lower tier items.

  5. Some preliminary recipes/ingredients for an item requires a higher skill level to craft than the item itself. This might make sense to encourage players to trade crafting ingredients, but looking at the auction house, prices for items are absurd and not practically obtainable. Half of the items in the auction house cost spices and iron/steel, which are rare or late-game items, while some of the items I need are not even listed.

    Other than that, having preliminary items requiring a higher skill level does not make sense, since I will not effectively be able to produce the main items anyway.

  6. From a recent patch, walking speed was reduced by 10%. It is now ridiculously slow and annoying to move around. I even have to mount my horse to get from one side of my medium dominium to the other side, and that is when I'm wearing light armor. Walking speed should have been kept the same, or at most, reduced by 5%.

  7. There is a bug where attacking animals that are near walls targets the walls instead. My current workaround for this is to not target the animal, but to target an empty space between me and it.