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Skady Jun 18 @ 9:01am
Major Update: blessings and broken carriages
The objets that we find inside have very big efect in the game.

Before I liked more and now I think they dont´t favor the playability and go against the concept of survival that is the essence of the game. Previously the playability was improved finding arrows frequently, now many times the content don´t compensate the time spent in opening. And it takes more time now, too much.

Items that I think should be removed from these objects.

- Bandage: you must make them at home and take care of having skin for it. Why are you going to hunt small animals if you find bandages everywhere? I prefer to find arrows or a bretzel that you sell.

- Cooked mushrooms: it haven´t sense, part of the survival of the game is to collect to eat and build a woodfire if you left home without sufficient supply and cooking at home. What is Wild Terra if sometimes you don´t find a traveler's woodfire?.

- Bricks and clay: better done at home that filling your inventory of this. Survival is having to go out to search clay with a good shovel.

- Apple juice, water jug and carrot juice: a blessing is finding apple cider or red wine, not these products whose regeneration of stamina is much less, it doesn´t compensate the time to dismount, to open and mount again.

- Damaged iron sickles: they give few iron by melting and the new players have to accumulate iron to repair them instead of improving the smithy to make a good sickle or buy it. I think it haven´t sense and that before the playability was improved when you sometimes found copper scissors or bucket, very useful because they are very comsumed.

- Rods, bronze nails, procesed stone: basic resources to make at home, not "blessings". The survival is crafting too. To save time instead of putting this kind of items in broken carriages the automatic placement of items in the inventory could be improved. So that a category, for example, arrows, is added automatically in the same square where the same object is already. Currently when you automatically pick up objects, they move to other square.

Opinion about other items:

- The new old iron armor (I think there is also steel, I'm not sure) to disassemble facilitate finding iron, and the iron sword. This function was previously covered with the iron sickles that sometimes we found. Since the update I have not found sword, ax or bronze shield, I miss them. We will see the effect of this change. I would prefer a medium way betwen this and the prevously.

- Special food: interesting the yelow raisin bun.

- Another kind of items, no basic: I prefer don´t say all for the peopel go discovering them, I liked when I found it.
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Vanyel Jun 22 @ 9:02pm 
Well there is a lot not to like in this update, my issues are several:

Speed...not sure why this one was put in in the first place. Totally changes the feel of the game and not in a good way. Now my toon in Light Armor feels like he is moving around in heavy armor.


Intelligence requirements - this is a big one and I'm so glad I never increased my other steel tools...wouldn't be able to repair any of them. Wow...no intelligence requirement for making anything but the Nobel Stela (10), Royal Stela (12), and some of the pre-fab structures; and with weapons, tools, and armor I can make something 145-150 quality but forget ever repairing it.

This is all the more difficult when you're limited to an avg of 7 in each (7 in 4, 6 in the other as only 34 levels are allowed) - and on top of that the XP cap combined with a 50k XP requirement on levels 10+. You are already gimped by the level/xp caps, now those 2 extra levels of intelligence (for 12) causes you to lose 4 levels elsewhere.

The text says see 'Master' or use the repair scroll...is there a new NPC in the game or are you referring to another player? Like I would do that without a secure means of transferring an item in need of repair with no guarantee of getting it back.

To me this looks like a blatant attempt at forcing purchases from the store for the repair scroll - never mind the supposed scrolls that can only 'partially' repair a single item.


Time added to bandages. While it makes sense, with a total lack of other abilities to heal...this is a big one especially when I've seen wolves hit you with bleed 6 times in a row. On top of that I've never seen any of the special abilities associated with certain weapons EVER affect an animal/monster.


Reduced damage on arrows...really? Not a big deal when you're dealing with birds, foxes, or even boars...but even steel arrows barely scratch a wolf/bear and now they are going to do less?


I never understood the Pretzel bonus in the first place: "Effect: Increases research chance by 10%" Now supposedly increased to 20%, what the heck does that even mean? The Raisin Bun "Effect: Increases Craft Chance by 10%" That makes sense, but where is this research function the pretzel is talking about?


Not that I used a shield with Light Armor as it totally negates the dodge ability; but why would wearing light armor reduce your chances at blocking an attack? realistically speaking, you're in something that is lighter and more maneuverable...shouldn't it improve your chances of blocking an attack?


Talk about a bunch of junk in the godsends now!!!! :( I've only been on long enough to check about 15 or so godsends, but 90% of the stuff was junk and I never saw more than 1 crafting/building fragment in any of them and ZERO map fragments.

Did see a Water Bag (or something like that) which gives 30 Stamina...too bad it's not something we can make. See there is a water flask, but you not only have to make a pottery jug for it, but it's only 10 stamina.


I'm sure there will be more issues I'll come across when I have more time to play (it is summer after all and I'd rather be outside), but for now that's what I've seen and have issues/concerns with. It's not enough to make me quit, but it's certainly making me reticent to play now.
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