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Suggestions v1.0
First, I refuse to install Discord...last thing I need is another 3rd party piece of software that I shouldn't need in the first place. If the game is sold and maintained via Steam...then this is where suggestions, complaints, etcetera should be posted...not a third party program.
<rant: minor: off>

Now that I got that out of the way...

Back a few patches, it was possible to do nice things for other players. Specifically putting a chest, cupboard, or whatnot outside your walls, but within your dominium area for giving away items you don't want and or were putting out there to help new players. So aside from have more dominium and guild Security controls which people have asked for on occasion:

1) Add new containers and or 'switches' to existing containers that allows additional access options. Some ideas would be a basic container (like the Chest...looks nice), but is accessible by anyone.

My preference would be a switch option: 1) Private ; 2) Dominium Access Granted ; 3) Guild
; and 4) Public

2) In conjunction with the above, do the same for crafting structures (ie. Forge, Kiln, Bloomery, etc.).

3) Expanding on the idea presented in #1...first, enhance the guild structure giving 1 or 2 more ranks. Can't help but notice that once someone is given the rank of Duke, they can't be demoted or kicked from the guild - not even by the founder who should be the Guild Master.

Now with that in mind...when one of the above is set to allow 'Guild' Access, it then triggers a secondary option where access can further be restricted by guild rank. It might also be nice if it was possible for member to see into and or deposit items, but not withdraw.

What triggered this post is how I tried to help out the community with my Dominium at the North West entrance to the Corrupted Zone on the Tepium Server. Granted, I already knew the containers wouldn't be accessible. Besides making it look nice and inviting, I had hoped to have a Timbered Inn there with a bed people could use; as well as trees and walls for interrupting mob aggression. The latter is working as intended, but sadly no one can use the bed, and can't even place a campfire for people to use.

It is a situation like this were the above suggestions would come in very handy.

I have more, but this will do for now...new daily missions are about to arrive; and crops need reaping.
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Vanyel Oct 5 @ 10:29pm 

Can't remember exactly when it was done, this summer for sure though I don't remember it being in the patch notes...

That being the change to Bandages (I do remember patch notes indicating bandages are no longer 'instant' - you now have to be standing still and it takes 1-2 seconds to apply)

They used to be made from hides (Can't remember if it was raw or dried), but definately from small animals, and were located under Crafting - > Survival

Now they are buried under the Crafting -> Materials -> Leatherworking sub-list. Though still "Survival" skill set, they now require Linen...

Survival Skill...odd considering Linen is a high level material. First there is Flax at Farming 31 if I remember correctly. Then after going thru the process of drying it, you need a Flax Break (Carpentry 14) to get Flax Fibers. Then those are processed at the Spinning Wheel (Carpentry 25), which makes your Linen Threads. These are then processed at the Loom (Carpentry 36) to make the Linen cloth required for the new Bandages.

Kind of defeats the idea of the basic bandage being a 'survival' type skill/item.

What I'd like to see...level of bandages:
1) Triage: Still made from raw/dried hides - stops bleeding as before, maybe go back to instant
2) Bandage: made from leather pieces and strips - not instant (2-3s), but stops bleeding and heals say, 5hp
3) Fine Bandage: Made from Wool Cloth, 1-2 seconds, stops bleeding and +10hp
4) Chirurgeon Cloth: Made from Linen, honey (antiseptic), and glue (adhesive), 1 second, stops bleeding, heals 15-20hp...and if the other injuries are ever included...could help with Lacerations.

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