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peon (Porttikiellossa) 10.12.2012 kello 14.46
100 left 4 dead 2 servers bombed in 25 minutes.

I would post this in the l4d2 forum but for some reason chet is banning me from forums, not sure what "innaprpriate behavior" means.
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then dont post it
peon (Porttikiellossa) 10.12.2012 kello 14.48 
Maybe valve should give me a gifty copy of l4d2, and then i would shut up. I would be able to play l4d2 withought watching every server get bombed.
Valve may not care, but pinion does.
peon (Porttikiellossa) 10.12.2012 kello 15.47 
I know pinion is investigating.
Hi Skye,

I have been looking into this, it looks like the attackers are querying the Valve master for a player list and tracking the players by SteamID not IP address. It's definitely possible on paper,

I can't give you any promises or timeline, however we will do our best to block the DoS attacks our end.

If you ever get anymore information please feel free to forward it, I'll keep you updated on progress our end.



Arthur Stelmach

- Community Support Team
I will stop posting when chet either bans me from all forums or disables my account.
Or the people actualy commiting a felony stop bombing every server i join.
m30w 10.12.2012 kello 20.26 
Hate to break it to you... but..."people actualy commiting a felony" lol....laws dont mean anything unless you enforce them. Chances are the person/people/bot ... im guessing bot.. knows what theyre doing and this will continue for quite a while.
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Left 4 Dead > Yleiset keskustelut > Aiheen tiedot
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