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I'm sure it's been asked before but..
Is this worth getting and playing? I enjoy L4D2 and was curious.
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Some people have a horrible ping in Left 4 Dead 2, and they have a good in Left 4 Dead. I am among them, so aye it worths.
If you own L4D2 then no, not really. L4D2 now has all the same maps with the execption of one survival map, so L4D2 has the same content as this plus more.

If you have neither I'm sure you can pick them up in the xmas sales.
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To bad you just missed the Halloween sale, you could have gotten the game for $5. If you're a diehard fan of the second game, I'm sure you'll like the first as well because even though part 2 has all of the first games camapigns, the first game is of higher quality. And both games have custom maps that are exclusive to each one.

I have both games and I prefer the first.
"...so L4D2 has the same content as this plus more." Quantity is not Quality.
"I have both games and i prefer the first." Of course, this is a masterpiece.

--::New L4D1 Player fast guide::--

Left Mouse: shoot a gun , throw a grenade, heal yourself or take pills
Right Mouse: block attacking Zombies, give pills to a mate or heal someone
Try all missions at first, learn about the weapons, kits, pills, pipe bombs & molotov cocktail, teamshooting (not nice) and finish all missions on easy, then normal, then pro and at least expert. If you've done all this - best with the same good 3 friends (expert is hard ♥♥♥♥), you should be able to play versus mode as well traineed Survivors.

Are you fit enough to dead stop hunters? shoot or block (it works if you're close enough) smoker before he bonds you? If you hear a boomer, run away and try to shoot him from the far with no mates standing near.

Versus Mode: If a survivor dies, he will not come back until the stage ends. You will lose a lots of points. ALWAYS TRY TO STICK TOGETHER AND STAY IN MOVEMENT.

Now you just have to learn the 3 special infected:
(for all) Left Mouse - main attack // right mouse - scratch opponent (or doors etc)

Now the main attacks:
Hunter has to duck before he may attack, watch the round crosshair filling
(the higher and longer the jump before you hit a survivor, it cost more life for survivors)
Smoker needs a red crosshair before he can pull a person (try an isolated guy)
Boomer - spawn late, boom and hit fast. Try to walk into the middle of the group after this.
No booming possible when boomer is in movement or the counter is not back in full!

Tank: Left Mouse: Hit, Right Mouse: Throwing stones
If you are far and safe, but can hit them, throw stones.
If they have t1 guns, no molovs and maybe got some hits from before, follow the weakest
If they use t2, packs full of molov, it's the best to hide the tank and let the bot tank do it.
Throwning stones gives the survivers the time to throw a molotov at you, so be careful.

Teambased attacking is the best. Normal rule is: Boomer first, if he hits or not, Hunters and Smoker go in instandly. Sometimes one has to sacrifice, mosty the smoker pulling one back where the boomer waits. All Survivors come to help and the boomer is able to hit more people.

You can have lots of fun with this game, you just need 4 players, three should also work fine if you have a good public player. Prepare to kick bad people trying to ruin your game.

And here is the last advise: watch the intro. It really helps.
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