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FaTe Nov 21, 2012 @ 9:34am
Pyro Pete The Invincible - Strategy (We beat him)
Side note: It appears you cannot farm Piston, just FYI.

This is just to hlpe those who might need it for this fight. This is for the second fight with Pyro Pete not the first. This fight can be accessed after you beat the DLC (Kill Piston). Ok so when we first got to this guy I thought it was going to be I was wrong. This one is time consuming like Gee though.

So here is what we did. We had 4 players. Two sirens, one Zerker and a Mechro. All four of us had Inflamable Bees equiped (Pyros main attack is fire and the Bee prevents damage from it). The weapon choices we all infinity pistols.

So there is a switch to spawn him and there are also two red handles to release water. Once he has spawned the red handles become active. The main use for the handles is turning them relewase water. Pete has two main attacks. fFire and Corrosive. The Bee protects you from the fire. The water washes off the corrosvie. If you get hit with the green goo just run over and turn the red handle. The water pours out and you stand under it for a second. This washes off the green goo and stops the damage from it. Now the crappy thing here is that by turning the handle you also release a small swarm of rats and or spiders. They can get annoying.

So now you have the method. Here is what we did. The mechro spawns Pete and then used Deathtrap with Elec damage to occupy him. All four of us used Elec weapons at first as his shield needs to come down before you can hurt him. This took some time. Once his shield is down you switch to non elemetal infinity (other weapons might be fine?) and just lay into him and try to stay alive. He takes damage very slowly. As an example I used a 600K+ Explosive Rocket launcher on him and did little damage. It seems like he has more HP the Hyperious.

There is a scaffolding in the arena that you can get behind. This seemed to work well for my char as I sat behind it the whole time with the Infinity and Bee and wailed on him non-stop. I never took any damage ( he may have bee focused on others).

So it took about 7-10 mins with 4 of us, but we beat him. I thought this might help those that are having trouble. No he did not drop any legendaries, but he did drop Serraphs.
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Martin Cruise Nov 21, 2012 @ 9:51am 
I died after I ran out of ammo, had him down to about 60% health at that stage. Alternating between slag and electric seems to work well. After death I quickly save quit in anger, when I reloaded I realised the rats had mugged me for 45 million =)
Nayroy Nov 21, 2012 @ 9:53am 
"when I reloaded I realised the rats had mugged me for 45 million =)"

so much for saving your cash, huh?
FaTe Nov 21, 2012 @ 9:55am 
I found it too be difficult to keep track of the rats and him solo. I am sure it's possible to solo him but it was rough.
Nayroy Nov 21, 2012 @ 9:58am 
It's easy to solo him, his loot also seems to be better than the other lock out bosses.
Martin Cruise Nov 21, 2012 @ 9:58am 
Solo is do-able, just might take me a few tries. The tap spawn means its fairly easy to get a second wind, Hyperius's biggest problem is that one mistake means certain death.
Psygo Nov 21, 2012 @ 10:02am 
I solo'd him with a mechro in like 10 minutes. Just bring a shock weapon and some slag.
FaTe Nov 21, 2012 @ 10:07am 
I never tried him solo, but I suspect it is substantially harder with four lvl 50 chars in the ring as he scales accordingly. I guess I will try him solo then since it will be easy.
2nd8Kit Nov 21, 2012 @ 10:10am 
Well you can do that with an Akaline Bee too... and use the water to get rid of the fire ;D
Also solo'd him.
FaTe Nov 21, 2012 @ 10:12am 
Well the strategy holds true so I hope it helps someone.
korinohime Nov 21, 2012 @ 11:37am 
solo pete? i dont believein that
FaTe Nov 21, 2012 @ 1:28pm 
You can solo Pyro V 1.0 easily. It is when you get to Pyro The Invincible (which is the subject of this post) that it gets tough. IMHO
Also very effective:
Someone (or better 2) equip Nukem launcher.
Than when turning the handle, just throw 2 nukes (therefore its better if 2 had) and theyre all dead within 2 seconds.
Turrent and Nuke may also do it, because turrent takes attention of surviving ones and are easy to focus with nade or MORE NUKEM (thats what mr. tourgue said)
And Pete himself is bigges joke ever :D
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Martin Cruise Nov 21, 2012 @ 1:50pm 
Originally posted by FaTe:
You can solo Pyro V 1.0 easily. It is when you get to Pyro The Invincible (which is the subject of this post) that it gets tough. IMHO

I think I found the right tactics to kill Pete in story mode. They go:

1.You walking in.
2.You shot Pete.
3. You walk out.
Mozike Nov 21, 2012 @ 5:31pm 
Haven't found tactics on this before, thanks for sharing. On the subject of inflammable Bee, is there any chance you could dupe that for me sometime? Please add me if you're willing to help. I might have some other stuff I can dupe in return, such as Hide or Terra, various CC's etc.
EugenePip Nov 21, 2012 @ 7:04pm 
In this fight for me the biggest problem is the spiderants, because they somehow get a new level, in my case they have reached 70 lvl and killed me.

P.S. I was solo.
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