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Derb Sep 21, 2012 @ 4:05pm
TIME OUT FIX on how to play with Friends in Borderlands 2
I've found a solution for this guys.

And the solution is: HAMACHI
Sad but true, but being on same server over Hamachi instantly fixed it for me and my friends.

I bought this game via STEAM because I wanted to have a proper working online function to be able to easy play with my friends, but due this failure I could rather have downloaded a pirate version and play it via Hamachi directly, but I like to support the gamemakers so I didn't.

We tried most of the things, port forwarding, disabled firewalls etc etc but Hamachi instantly solved the problem.

Kinda shame tho that you need to have another program running in order to play an online game online ;P
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Yurhomi Sep 21, 2012 @ 4:07pm 
sounds terrible
Jᴧgᴧ Sep 21, 2012 @ 4:08pm 
Apparently they didn't do as much testing as we'd all like to think.

Steam Cloud is overwriting local savegames with online copies hours old. Bonus skills acquired via tokens are getting completely cleared. Playing the game with Steam offline and then going back online can completely clear the game's config. The list goes on..
Derb Sep 21, 2012 @ 4:32pm 
And now we both got logged out from Steam, and cant play even over Hamachi and LAN options ingame cause it says that "you need to be connected to steam in order to play with friends".
Haha jesus christ.
This was for sure the last game I bought via steam.
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