Ruby Nov 21, 2021 @ 5:58am
B130 - Discussion - HOTFIX 2 [23.11.2021]
Hello Skippers,

B130 - Public stable branch is READY!
Good hunting!

- English localization update by Steve.
- Turkish localization update by tokyo.
- Chinese localization update by SparrowSHEN (Q:173678441).
- Spanish localization update by Tordo.
- Russian localization update by Hard.
- Italian localization update by BeeTLe BeTHLeHeM.
- French localization update by FvJ and Placebo.
- German localization update by Ruby.

Major changes:
- Added content for the end of war: messages from BdU, cease of hostilities, territory changes and possibility to either scuttle or surrender the ship after which a summary of an entire career is presented.
- Mission reports now loose value over time to incentivize sending them on the sea, when they are still relevant for the command. All reports are now turned in automatically after docking in any port.
- New campaign setting: Automatic mission completion. It's a new mechanic that speeds up the gameplay by allowing for a quick return back to the port after completing the main objectives of an assignment. It's enabled by default in pre-existing game states, it's also possible to adjust it during playthrough in the old game states without starting a new game.
- Rework of the damage model used for NPC ship hulls to on average make torpedoes with magnetic setting (MZ) more powerful than with the impact setting (AZ). Motivation: our testing on medium GRT merchant ships indicated that MZ torpedo had a 65% chance to completely disable a ship, while AZ torpedoes had a 85% chance to achieve that. Counter-intuitively they had the highest chance to achieve this when hitting the waterline as that increased a chance for fire on the target ship's deck. After this rework MZ torpedoes have a 95% chance to completely disable a medium GRT merchant ship, while AZ torpedoes have 70% chance, which should be much closer to reality.
- The course tool in the periscope now supports two modes: relative course and angle on bow (AOB). It's possible to switch between them at any time and angles will be converted accordingly! They are also updated in realtime to reflect bearing changes of a current target.
- Observation data (distance, speed, course) is now preserved, if player manages to observe the ship again in 5 minutes after loosing the contact.
- New campaign difficulty setting: Morale management difficulty. The easiest setting is how it worked in B129. Higher levels are harder and may require roster adjustments like in the previous versions of the game to compose a crew of veterans.
- New campaign difficulty setting: Damage difficulty. The hard setting corresponds to the difficulty from B129 and earlier versions. This setting determines how hard to manage are potential leaks on your ship. The lower this difficulty level is set, the smaller the simulated hull breaches will be on average after receiving damage.
- Added an intro movie that is played when a new campaign is started.

- Each character's hair now appears under a cap in a fitting way instead of disappearing. There is a model adjustment prepared for each cap-hair pair.
- Upgrades to Type VIIC 3D models: new elements in the bow torpedo room, while diesel engines and 88mm gun models are more high poly than they used to be.
- The bearing display in the periscope is now smoothed out and looks better.
- Improvements to borders of Poland, Soviet Union, Romania, Yugoslavia and Germany at the late stages of the war. Added more detailed information about major late-war battles and campaigns on the map.
- Fix: If enough time has passed in-game, diesel engine's animation was becoming increasingly jittery and eventually it was stopping altogether. This problem was affecting the starboard engine more quickly than the port engine.
- Fix: Improved transitions between view modes, for example from the map to the interior section view. There were redundant brightness changes or slight directional blurring for one frame during some of them.
- Fix: Purple barrel in one of the wreck scenes.
- Fix: NPC Type VIIC u-boats had missing torpedo doors.
- Fix: Some map labels were pulsating, if they were intersecting with a coast near a port.
- Fix: Smoke from a cigarette after loading a saved game state, could appear purple for about 2 seconds.
- Fix: A green outline around a patrol area was incorrect in case of some patrol areas, for example AB8 - AF2.
- Fix: Officer's car and various other objects weren't casting shadows near port lights used at night.
- Fix: Improved a look of the last displayed frame before exiting to menu or quitting the game.
- Fix: Map elements are now included in the vignette effect, they were too bright at the screen edges.
- Regression fix: Beards were sometimes having a motion blur-like effect on them.
- Regression fix: Squares and rectangles on the terrain in the weather station scenes.
- Regression fix: Breda guns on Turm I weren't being hidden into the containers after use until a game state was reloaded.
- Regression fix: Beards weren't correctly animated during speaking.

User interface:
- Added a notification about running low on spare parts.
- New loading hints and backgrounds.
- Game is now asking, if player is sure about disabling tutorial on the campaign setup screen.
- Added a button for completing the mission back in the port.
- Increased a size of a new campaign setup window as long as the current screen resolution allows for it.
- Campaign objectives list now mentions ports that need to be visited to start the unavailable campaign objectives.
- Improved readability of many journal subjects by adjusting used icons and titles for them.
- Added a red version of the notification that informs about low compressed air reserves that appears when compressed air is below 5%.
- Added a sound effect for swapping identification book pages.
- A new typewriter font.
- Fix: Parts of the hydrophone manual mode UI were remaining on the screen after moving to HQ screen.
- Fix: If player entered HQ screen through a dialogue with the leading officer, returning back from that screen goes back to the dialogue instead of leaving it.
- Fix: "Buy" button is now greyed out, if player selects a ship upgrade that costs more than the actual budget.
- Fix: "+0 XP" notifications now don't appear in any case above the officers after completing a mission.
- Fix: Notifications about mission progress at the top part of the screen were missing, after a game state was loaded in which the mission was already in progress.
- Fix: If player quickly clicked through all cutscenes that present new campaign objectives, camera was initially centered at wrong spot when a mission selection was opened.
- Fix: If player recruited one of the sailors in the recruitment UI, the next sailor on the list was automatically highlighted, but no details about him were appearing.
- Fix: After completing a free roam assignment, notifications about a new mission were appearing under the panels present in HQ user interface.
- Fix: Tutorial popup could appear behind other UI elements on some screen resolutions during tutorial #7.
- Fix: If a popup for selection of number of items to transfer was opened in the storage UI, escape was pressed and the storage UI was opened back again, the popup was remaining on the screen.
- Fix: There was always a price of buying displayed in the popup used to determine a number of items to transfer in the warehouse, even if player was trying to sell.
- Fix: In the mission summary, a total distance passed by the u-boat in its service was displayed instead of the distance passed during the latest assignment.
- Fix: Shot down aircraft were described as being sunk in the journal.
- Fix: Suggested names for new game states weren't localized in many cases and were appearing in English.
- Fix: Order icon above the character's head was missing right after loading a saved game state until that character has started performing another order than the initial one.
- Fix: Keyboard shortcuts were still working during the mission summary animation and it was possible to slightly break it, by changing the view mode or enabling a time compression, while it was running.
- Fix: Sight range displayed in the tooltip of UZO and periscopes didn't had weather factors accounted in and was usually larger than the actual values.
- Fix: Tutorial popup was appearing below the HQ task description on some screen resolutions in tutorial #7.
- Fix: Interaction for sunk merchant ship wrecks was duplicated (there were two entries for them in the dropdown).
- Fix: Radio messages in the radioman UI weren't appearing on the list, if they entered the range when this UI was already open.
- Fix: Crew portraits could be empty, if any kind of crew list was opened when periscope or UZO manual mode was active.
- Fix: A count of captives on board wasn't being updated in realtime, when player was selecting survivors from a shot down aircraft.
- Fix: Pressing escape during time skipping procedure was causing some issues with the UI.
- Fix: If escape was pressed, while player initiated a keyboard shortcut configuration in-game, it would close the whole UI instead of cancelling the setup as pointed by the tip.
- Fix: It was possible to select wounded characters for participation in the external interactions (for example: inspections).
- Fix: A tooltip of notification about a resupply ship being sunk now includes coordinates of the event.
- Fix: Pulsating glow around a dot that indicates a mission objective was sometimes appearing somewhere near instead of directly on it.
- Regression fix: Notification about resupply ship being sunk by the enemy was appearing each time after another game state was loaded from an ongoing game, where player had at least one active resupply ship.

- It's no longer possible to click on activators other than the highlighted one during tutorials.
- Tutorial introduction now asks the player to start the first tutorial mission (with a button to opt-out from this).
- Added a summary message to the journal for each completed tutorial mission to avoid gaps in mission numbers.
- Added an intro message to the journal for each campaign mission (for the same reason as above).
- The tutorial dialogue option when talking with the leading officer now disappears after completing all tutorials.
- Officers now receive additional XP as well as Iron Cross points, if they played a vital part in some of the campaign missions.
- Report about reaching a patrol area is now worth 350 instead of 500, while a report about completing a patrol is now worth 250 instead of 0.
- Fix: In tutorial #4, in very rare cases, it was possible for the cook to burn the eggs and later be selected as the panicking sailor for crisis management practice. The punishment for burning the eggs was having a priority and it wasn't possible to perform steps asked by the tutorial.
- Fix: If player saved a game state after docking in La Spezia during Gibraltar crossing assignment and reloaded the game state, it wasn't possible to complete the mission by talking with the officer until player undocked and docked back again.
- Fix: It wasn't possible to order an officer to attack an empty u-boat with the deck gun in the side-mission.
- Fix: Officer that welcomes a spy or war correspondent was sometimes missing. He was also appearing a bit too close to the spy.
- Fix: It was possible to pass through the destination in tutorial #3.
- Fix: A wrong warehouse tab was highlighted during tutorial #1, if food management was disabled in the campaign settings.
- Fix: Skipper was often not receiving decorations, which he should receive, during the decoration cutscene.
- Fix: In tutorial #2, when camera was tracking movements of a sailor that was going to turn on the ventilation, camera movements were slightly jittery and were reacting to user inputs.
- Fix: It's no longer possible to leave storage UI during tutorial #1 until all objectives are completed.
- Fix: It wasn't possible to complete tutorial #4, if player interrupted treatment of the leader by a medic. The tutorial was later asking the player to order him to calm down a panicking sailor, but he was lying wounded in a bed.
- Fix: Some of the tanks in Aruba were indestructible.
- Fix: Camera could switch to another view mode after answering a war correspondent's question.
- Fix: It's no longer possible to leave dialogues that are part of the tutorial by pressing an escape.
- Fix: It wasn't possible to complete tutorial #4, if player didn't had any replacement parts before starting the mission.
- Fix: In the weather station placement assignments, a dot on the map that points where a team may be sent to land, no longer disappears after the initial stage in case if player would have to recall the team and send it again later.
- Fix: Campaign objective that asks to perform merchant ship inspections was counting inspections towards the progress even if they were cancelled in progress.
- Regression fix: It was possible to run out of fuel during tutorial in B129.

- Regular sailors no longer can send radio messages. Radioman officer is required for such a task.
- Balance pass of experience points gained for various tasks. Leaders now progress slightly slower than they used to, while radiomans and engineers received a slight boost to make their pace closer to the leaders.
- Fix: Ordering switching light colour in TAB menu now cancels all previous orders of this type.
- Fix: It wasn't possible to simultaneously order blocking and repairing a leak from the hatch in the stern torpedo room and from one of the pipes in the control room, despite that there was enough space to do that in both cases. This fix requires starting a new game to function.
- Fix: Wounded characters on some beds were lying with legs on the pillow.
- Fix: Improved animation of standing up from the bed of treated characters.
- Fix: It's no longer possible to dive to wrecks that are deeper than 150 meters. Previously, it was unintentionally set to 700 meters.
- Fix: If a wounded character was being carried to safety and then player docked in a port and the whole crew was automatically treated, the carried character would become bugged in many ways.
- Fix: It was possible to send the same characters onto two inspections (and other types of interactions).
- Fix: Officers now never go to work on their own to the periscope, if there is another officer at the UZO.
- Fix: Sometimes there was no effect (like panic etc.), once a stress among the crew peaked.
- Fix: Button on the portrait that is used to enter a manual mode was appearing before the officer arrived to the gun.
- Fix: It's now possible to send crew onto enemy merchant ships, if they were abandoned by the crew. Previously that was allowed only for neutral ships.
- Fix: Officers that had ammunition resupply task highly in their schedule were sometimes stopping to perform player's orders to instead resupply ammunition.

- Added an integration with Discord.
- Optimisations, fixes to a few small memory leaks and technical changes that decrease the save file size for long campaigns.
- Added a pool of historically correct ship names for Illustrious-class and Bogue-class aircraft carriers and for County-class cruisers.
- Captains and first engineers now spawn on tankers, just like on the regular merchant ships.
- Off duty time skipping in a port is now stopped right away, if player receives a letter.
- Fix: Once the contact is lost, it stops to be marked as a target for the officers on the map with a crosshair.
- Fix: Music played through the radio wasn't detectable to the enemy hydrophones.
- Fix: It was possible to detonate torpedoes with magnetic detonator by moving camera near them, if it was in a certain mode.
- Fix: After loading a game state, in which a music was played on a radio, the background music and the radio music would play simultaneously.
- Fix: Torpedoes with a magnetic detonator could be detonated by a nearby lifeboat.
- Fix: LST ships didn't had specified GRT ("0 GRT" was displayed after selecting them).
- Fix: Sailors rescued from NPC ships were speaking German while eating.
- Fix: Time compression was sometimes stopping without apparent reason.
- Fix: Errors in the log after toggling the binoculars view.
- Fix: If an auto-save was made, while saving or loading UI was open and then that auto-save was loaded, the game would run in slow motion.
- Fix: Music played through radio is now stopped when u-boat submerges at a depth that makes it impossible to receive it anymore.
- Regression fix: Music defined by mods for specific ports was no longer being played since a few versions back.

- Regression fix: After using the hydrophone in manual mode at least once, cursor was permanently staying on the screen, making FPP mode unusable.


- Russian localization update by Hard.
- Chinese localization update by SparrowSHEN (Q:173678441).
- German localization update by Ruby.

- Fix: Diving steers station was becoming unmanned after a shift change (the game was still considering it to be manned though - this problem didn't had gameplay implications).

- Fix: After opening a customisation screen of any sailor during tutorial #5, the tutorial popup would remain on the screen.

User interface:
- Fix: It's no longer possible to open other views by clicking on the notifications during the team selection in an external interaction. The selection needs to be completed or cancelled first.
- Regression fix: Changes to some of the gameplay settings in the main menu (like the autosave) weren't applied since the B130 release.

- Improved journal entries about performed inspections to include the target ship's name and coordinates. Also removed the assumption that the ship is neutral from the message.
- Fix: Value of some types of messages wasn't decreasing with the passage of time.
- Fix: Allied ships no longer accept player's ship surrender, if they are intentionally attacked after 8th May 1945.
- Fix: Radio transmissions were active for too short time, if dynamic travel system was enabled in the campaign settings.
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garrettj Nov 21, 2021 @ 6:35am 
And here comes UBoat out of left field with a HUGE PATCH OF COOL STUFF
BearJew Nov 21, 2021 @ 6:46am 
You sly dogs, just in time for thanksgiving break too!
Lipi Nov 21, 2021 @ 6:51am 
- Fix: Music played through the radio wasn't detectable to the enemy hydrophones.

Good job at last lol.

- Regular sailors no longer can send radio messages. Radioman officer is required for such a task.

I think regular sailors could never send the message before? Only the UI mistakenly showed the option.

- Fix: It's now possible to send crew onto enemy merchant ships, if they were abandoned by the crew. Previously that was allowed only for neutral ships.

Good. I want more loot to carry for my hard work. :steamthumbsup: #piratesofthealtantic

Anyway lotsa cool stuff. Thanks a lot. I'm still hopeful for a few extra type of enemy ships though. Especially battleships and friendly warships.
Last edited by Lipi; Nov 21, 2021 @ 6:54am
Jaceric Nov 21, 2021 @ 6:51am 
Awesome! Interesting new things to enjoy!
bill the kid Nov 21, 2021 @ 7:00am 
I spent nearly 300 hours with the game and my time worth it.
But after all this game still missing the uboat from the USA , to make this become a perfect game about submarines, the pacific warfare is necessary.
But after all, the developers did an excellent job on this game !!!
Last edited by bill the kid; Nov 21, 2021 @ 7:11am
Alligator Nov 21, 2021 @ 7:35am 
Very good WORK :steamthumbsup:
T H X!

foumarc Nov 21, 2021 @ 7:43am 
Originally posted by bill the kid:
I spent nearly 300 hours with the game and my time worth it.
But after all this game still missing the uboat from the USA , to make this become a perfect game about submarines, the pacific warfare is necessary.
But after all, the developers did an excellent job on this game !!!
No way dude! This is UBOAT! German Kriegsmarin! PUNKT!
AdmiralNelson Nov 21, 2021 @ 7:48am 
Nice, I like seeing this game coming together.
garytwinem Nov 21, 2021 @ 7:51am 
Good work, devs 👍
Lionel Richie Nov 21, 2021 @ 7:53am 
Can't wait to try it out! Thanks devs. The AOB changes are particularly exciting. Does that correct the issue that kinda forced the use of the targeting computer mod?
Fragtzack Nov 21, 2021 @ 7:58am 
Woot, so much work was done in b130. Wow, thank you! Wunderbar

I stopped playing uBoat because of the easy AI destroyers. Will there be any work done
on destroyer(anti-sub ships) AI in the future?

Didn't see in the notes any mentions of AI work, but maybe I missed reading.
Alligator Nov 21, 2021 @ 7:59am 
If you leave the hydrophone in FPP mode, FPP mode will hang. You can see the yellow mouse and can no longer control the character.
Reported with F11 ;)

bill the kid Nov 21, 2021 @ 8:00am 
Originally posted by foumarc:
Originally posted by bill the kid:
I spent nearly 300 hours with the game and my time worth it.
But after all this game still missing the uboat from the USA , to make this become a perfect game about submarines, the pacific warfare is necessary.
But after all, the developers did an excellent job on this game !!!
No way dude! This is UBOAT! German Kriegsmarin! PUNKT!

Uboat just a submarine type, the name of the game is uboat does not mean that it can not have pacific warfare, and to be honest pacific warfare is great too.
The cursed Jäger Nov 21, 2021 @ 8:05am 
Originally posted by bill the kid:
Originally posted by foumarc:
No way dude! This is UBOAT! German Kriegsmarin! PUNKT!

Uboat just a submarine type, the name of the game is uboat does not mean that it can not have pacific warfare, and to be honest pacific warfare is great too.
UBOAT is focusing on the German submarine warfare, so US boats will not happen.
bartz Nov 21, 2021 @ 8:50am 
Cool! Could you add a button to stop time-skipping when docked on demand?
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