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RaveyLarge  [developer] Aug 4 @ 7:12am
Latest Patch: Build 1074 - Mage
Mage Pyromancer

The first of the mages has arrived for testing, the pyromancer. The pyromancer is a dynamic, high damage mage that is able to translocate out of danger and freeze (AoE) all enemies within a close range around him.

As well as the fireball (which is great as an opener) the pyromancer can also cast arcane and frost damage. Arcane is medium damage (but quicker to cast than the fireball) where frost is lower damage but applies a frost slowing effect to enemies hit by it.



Update --> 1074b patch is live, which fixes casting on steep slopes against enemies, handles very short enemies (it doesn't assume height, it checks it) and if no enemy is targetted, shoots angled to the floor, allowing the destruction of small objects.

Update--> 1074c patch is live, which fixes an issue where some targets on flat ground were no longer targetted unless really close (cause by the fix to enemies on slopes) - Both should work fine now.
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Coo ! Looks great :)
TKzip Aug 4 @ 9:06am 
I like the look...and the skills. One small correction in the skills list, however (as a person who has this annoying tendency to see typos jump out at me), Frost Wall should "Encase", not "Incase". Just a very minor detail to be cleaned up eventually. :-)
RaveyLarge  [developer] Aug 4 @ 10:58am 
Well spotted thank you!
Doran Aug 4 @ 10:58am 
The mage is awesome....just gave it a quick spin, in an existing world.....have some suggestions already ( aiming/ targeting, casting interruption, inclines).....but gonna set up a test world to check out a few other things...will report shortly.

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RaveyLarge  [developer] Aug 4 @ 11:01am 
Great stuff thanks Doran
Baron Aug 4 @ 11:02am 
Absolutely love this! Excellent implementation, can't wait to see what the talents and other subclasses look like. This is the best update we've had all year for me. So much potential.

The way there's abilities but also different castable schools of magic is perfect. The teleport instead of dodge is awesome, and the CD on fireball to show cast time is a nice touch. Just all around fantastic design.
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RaveyLarge  [developer] Aug 4 @ 11:45am 
Glad you like it Baron!
Doran Aug 4 @ 11:59am 
So initially I'm having a hard time accomplishing anything. The damage amounts seem about comparable to melee strikes...but I'm not really a good judge of that.

Right now, we cant fight on an incline...everything has to happen on perfectly level ground...so the missile attacks need to be able to travel AT the enemy regardless of their vertical position compared to the caster. Short creatures get missed.

which brings about the need of some sort of targeting. You can carefully line up and hit the with first attack but when he starts moving, you will never hit him again until he is in your face hitting you, at which point you can't complete another cast anyway because of melee casting interruption.

Sometimes I was able to, by freezing them or sometimes the Ultimate" speed up would help me...but overall a cumbersome fight. I can't run away fast enough. also the Out Of Danger ability doesn't seem to be working correctly for me at the moment.

I realize traditionally mages have a bit of wind up in casting....but the trade off his much higher damage.....but then targeting makes it a mucky picture cuz...I'm not sure you necessarily want 100% accuracy on hitting....but having to manually aim right now give us about 5% chance to hit ( or it seems like that lol)

I'm ok with considerably speeding up the casting time and removing the interruption for now...then walking back the difficulty as we test.

I'm wondering if rather than skills and abilities to change casting speed...they change trajectory speed...thoughts anyone?

I don't know what the answer is ....maybe the Arcane Missile has a honing attribute (targets nearest monster) but far less base damage...maybe the fireball does incredible damage but moves in a straight line toward a floating target symbol ( thus maybe having to anticipate movement) People will just have to give input.

gonna go see if I can level up and get some advanced skills to see what happens
Draketh Aug 4 @ 3:50pm 
Looks good. I hate to knit pick but Pyromancer means he only specializes in fire attacks. Cryomancer/Pyromancer etc.. I would name him Magus/Elmentalist or something like that. Just my 2 cents.

A Pyromancer is like Ignus in Planescape Torment or the Bright Wizards in Warhammer. They couldn't care less about the other elements. They want to watch the world burn in a glorious blaze!
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Draketh Aug 4 @ 4:00pm 
Okay, so I checked out this pyromancer mage and it's a breath of fresh air to the swiping melee classes. I think it needs the following though:

Name Change: Magus/Wizard/Sorcerer (Uses fire, frost, arcane, etc.. ) It just fits better.

Fireball needs to have an AoE blast. I noticed once you get a bunch of enemies on you you're pretty much screwed if your freeze wall is down and you're stuck with single target nukes.

Arcane bolt needs to cast way faster so you have a better chance in melee combat or you're pretty much a sitting duck.

Frost bolt should freeze the enemy for a second or two and needs to do a bit more damage.
I also think putting frostbolt on an instant cast with a 6 seconds cd wouldn't be a bad idea either so the mage has some kind of a chance in melee.

Translocate should teleport you out further and snare enemies so you can get away from them.

Ultimate seems okay. I think a meteor shower or something totally crazy to get you out of a jam would be way more fun though.

Range of attack: Seems a little short. I understand you need enemies to attack you though.

Projectiles: It seems these are only good on the same level as the enemy or when you're below them. This is a little troublesome but not totally game breaking. A better targeting system would work well if possible.

If you need help with class design and what to name stuff Ravey, I am your man. Just message me on here and I'll overload you with great ideas. With that said, you should make an insane twisted puppet master class with killer dolls bro. I rarely see this theme in any mmorpg or video game and it's such a cool concept.
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Dotkiwi Aug 4 @ 11:36pm 
Is it currently supposed to copy the level of the previous selected class?
I loaded as my level 22 bucket head, changed to mage. Was a level 22 mage. Changed to unleveled char, was 1 again, changed to mage, level 1 mage.
Baron Aug 5 @ 1:07am 
Agreeing above with Draketh on a few things. Its a minor nitpick, but the Mage base class doesn't need an additional name like pyromancer, just like the Knight base class is just Knight. Mage for those powers fits better anyway.

Still would realllly like to see the talents developed a bit better, and I think that most of the changes necessary to fine tune the class could be solved with some talent adjustments.

Rank 5 Hold On's 10% chance to stun on a 30 second CD should be 100%, but only apply to Frostbolt. (Your first frostbolt every 30 seconds stuns)

Rank 5 Triage Harder's protective shield should should be 100% after teleporting, but only last like 3 seconds instead of 10. All movement speed talents / stats should instead extend the distance of teleport.

The Flash Rank 5 should be turned into a ramp up casting buff for arcane. Cast once, your next one casts in half the time. Third one and on, practically instant. Effect ends when you cast a spell that isn't the arcane missile. This way it can sort of be cast while moving / give you a way to get off shots in melee.

Fireball should explode for AOE damage. All of the spells could probably use about a 25% damage increase, but we'll see how it all pans out after equipment. Too early to be sure. The slow from Frostbolt should probably also last about 50% longer, perhaps a talent. This way it encourages you to cycle through all your spells, I am a big fan of how getting hit doesn't quite interrupt your cast, but getting staggered does. Definitely makes it feel mage-y. Perhaps a mana shield on an arcanist might be a neat ability though.

I'd like to see the projectile have smarter homing. Not heat seeking or anything, but if you're locked onto a target and they're a bit above or below you, it should fire in a direction that is more likely to hit them. One thing worth mentioning is that destructible pathing blockers below waist height can't really be destroyed by the mage right now if there are no enemies around. Sad to have a crate block your path that your projectiles simply go over.
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Dotkiwi Aug 5 @ 4:10am 
I just noticed the puppetmaster class comment, as a fan of Band movies I second the idea.
RaveyLarge  [developer] Aug 5 @ 8:54am 
1074b patch is live, which fixes casting on steep slopes against enemies, handles very short enemies (it doesn't assume height, it checks it) and if no enemy is targetted, shoots angled to the floor, allowing the destruction of small objects.

Keep the feedback coming - all great so far! This release of the mage is for testing, so feedback is very much appreciated.
Baron Aug 5 @ 12:16pm 
Just brainstorming as well here, since it doesn't hurt, now that I'm looking at how the class was implemented I can hone my ideas a bit. What I'm looking forward to most:

Illusionist - Think The Illusionist with Edward Norton, or Mesmer from GW2 for outfit, with powers more like Jean Grey, Professor X, Jedi Consular in SWTOR, DCUO's Mental line. Telekinesis, pyrokinesis, psychic stuns + phantasmal illusions, etc. Would fit into the control/support theme similar to Shaman described below.

Make LMB uses telekinsis to throw debris at a targeted enemy. (Make the projectile either a bunch of small loose rocks like SWTOR, or look like random objects have been clumped together) Make RMB use pyrokinesis to set a targeted enemy on fire, damaging them over time. Could have a knockback similar to what was mentioned below for priest/shaman, but with a psychic throw concept. Deals damage in addition to the effect, with a cast time, perhaps on button 2. PBAOE stun as a flash of light, similar to what was mentioned below for the elven sorcerer. Button 1 could teleport, but leave a mirror image of the player behind that taunts enemies. 4 could conjure a terrifying phantasm above you that makes enemies run away from you while its active (so only ranged could attack you for a short duration, say 10 seconds on a 60 second CD) Personally this is one of my favourite classes in games so I'd really love to see it implemented here. That, or make it swap the allegiance of a targeted non boss/elite from enemy to player side, (completing any quest requirements as though you've defeated the enemy)

I enjoy the concept of a pet controller class, but personally I wonder if the puppetmaster concept has more depth as a fully fledged caster like skeletons under a necromancer, or treants under a druid. What other spells for example would a doll maker have, and what abilities would they have on LMB/RMB?

As far as actual subclasses, I do wonder what four we'll get. I've been anticipating mage for so long, I have so many ideas about possibilities haha.

For the Holy Protector equivalent,
A priest, with a holy fire spell that deals damage and perhaps reduces the enemy's damage dealt, kind of like the taunt debuff. The yellow bubble shield from knight but holding the key activates it until you stop holding the key, and it drains mana quickly while active. (So thats your only action, kind of like blocking) And a casted aoe heal (that can affect friendly npcs), kind of like what holy protector has but with that long fireball cast time. Support focused design via shields/heals/holy fire. A knockback would be neat, called Banish, instead of teleport.

For the Veteran Guard equivalent,
A shaman that uses primal runic magic, maybe even make his character a dwarf or orc. More support focused, but with the idea of crowd control whereas the priest is healing/holy shields. Would like to see a long cast (fireball) lightning bolt with stun, a PBAOE stun that encases enemies in rock (perhaps a simple recolor and sound change, from the similar frost spell on mage?) Perhaps a wind based knockback similar to what was mentioned on Priest. The last ability would be neat if it were to place down a totem or rune that gave a buff to yourself and nearby allies, as long as they stay near that location. It might be neat to have this as a low magic option. Their LMB projectile for example could literally just be to throw axes or knives. Make all of their ability icons look like runes. For example, a lightning bolt spell might have a stone looking square, with a little heiroglyphic of a lightning bolt on it in blue (dwarf) or red (orc/goblin)

For the Slayer
I'm hoping the necromancer ends up damage over time based, with a skeleton ally and, perhaps a life drain. Maybe make RMB apply a curse that slows like frostbolt, but deals damage over its duration. Let button 4 be a way to convert health to mana. Give them that classic hooded dark robes appearance.

For the Glass Cannon equivalent, a powerful elven sorcerer. Could even call them a pyromancer. Slow casts, location based effects.

Keep the Arcane bolt on LMB, keep the teleport, make RMB use the fireball animation. For button 2 (long cast), make a lightning bolt strike the area the enemy is in from the sky, damaging them and setting the location on fire. Make button 3 a flash of light that stuns enemies PBAOE. And 4, as mentioned above, could be the comet storm. No CD, but make casting it set your mana to 0, so you're more inclined to not lead with it. Lasts about 10 seconds, deals damage around you, fireballs fall from the sky. Wouldn't have to worry about unreliable collision, just play a rain of fire animation and damage enemies in the area every 3 seconds for 9 seconds.
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