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Game Requires Restart, no it doesn't?
Been having issues lately, everytime I start NS it says the game requires a restart in the option menu. Even though I haven't changed anything. I've restarted it a few times, even making sure the process ends. I've also restarted steam and it still states the it needs to restart. I've even uninstalled and reinstalled the game thinking something went bad. Yet it still states it requires restart. What's baffling is that it worked just fine prior to the latest update, furthermore it's completely fine on my laptop. Aside from having horrible FPS on low settings, but it doesn't require a restart.

I don't understand what the issue is and I highly doubt it's something on my desktop considering it was working fine and I haven't changed or done anything. Any ideas or help would be most appreciated. It doesn't seem to be affecting anythig but it still irks me.
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Delete System_options.xml
File is located in %appdata%\Roaming\Natural Selection 2

Then verify game cache, maybe this helps
Tried that and it still persists. Thanks for the idea though, never would have thought to do that.
I use to get high FPS untill the recent patch now im getting low FPS even on lowest settings as well as the requires restart you are plagued with.
Well at least I'm not the only one. I haven't suffered an FPS drop on my desktop running on high everything. Though I play on a lower resolution than my native, since I'd only get 55-65 FPS. However my laptop, which is decent, used to run at 60-80 FPS with low settings prior to latest patch. Now however it only gets 30-40 if that. Oddly, it doesn't suffer from "game requires restart". Seems a little weird, perhaps they still need to work out the kinks.
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Build 238 seems to have broken a lot of customers' games. I've been unable to play since Build 238 because I've been crashing every time I select a team in the ready room.
Hopefully the hotfix will have cured some of these issues, but "game requires restart" isn't something I've seen since I've been playing it as an alpha / beta tester since 2009 :-}
So after most recent update, I still have "Game Requires Restart" in red text in the options menu. Again I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling the game as well as verifying game cache and it still persists. I've play a couple of games and aside from some lag here and there I don't see any other problems. Really curious as to why it thinks it needs to restart.
Do you have any mods installed, just wondering whether there might be something there causing a problem ?!? - you could also try deleting your cache folder and workshop folder in;

%appdata%\natural selection 2

When it restarts, there may be a delay getting as far as the main menu as there are a couple of shaders built first, the mods are then checked, and when you connect to a server, go and make a cuppa while it recreates the rest of the shaders from scratch :-}

If you do have mods installed, you could try unsubscribing from them in the steam workshop to see if that resolves the issue too.
No I don't have any mods installed. I'll try deleting my cache and workshop folder though, thanks for the suggestion.

Edit: Just tried it and nope. There was the delay you mentioned, I started my own passworded server first to build the shaders, I then joined another server with a couple of players waiting for more ppl. I then left, closed NS2 and opened it again and checked the options menu...and I still have "Game Requires Restart" in red text.
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Do you use any programs that have an in-game overlay, such as mumble or similar ? - these are known to cause problems... there's even a CPU overclocking util (by the mobo manufacturer!) that uses in-game overlays, and that's been known to cause a problem too
You could also try the techsupport.exe in the NS2 install folder - it takes a while, but it compiles a lot of data, zips it up, and gives you the email address of one of the devs so they can try to figure it out...
AFAIK I don't have/use any in game overlay software, aside from Steam. I guess I might as well try the techsupport.exe and see if I can get any success with that.
Just wanted to say, with the past update it is now fixed for me! As of my last post I had used the techsupporrt.exe and emailed support explaining my problem and the solutions I've tried. I didn't get a response, I figured I'd give them at least a week to reply, but nothing. Dishearted I just stopped playing NS2 for awhile.

When I saw it update I just had to check. Now it appears to be working as it should be. T'was a minor thing, but it still bugged me but it does so no longer. Thanks NS2 team!
I think I saw this on their forums, but can't remember what the cause was found to be :-}
Yeah, same here actually since I browsed their forums to see if I was the only one. I'd really like to know what it was that was causing it. Was it something I did/had or if it was just their program being wierd, Y'know?
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