Natural Selection 2

Natural Selection 2

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I'm really happy about this game, yet I'm also really sad... (played ns1)
I've played the original NS back in the days when it was a mod for Half-Life.
I was there from the begining almost.
It was an awesome game! I was really happy about playing it, and when the combat mode came it was awesome with variation.
It was good times.
Now it's NS2, and independent from half-life.
The game looks very pretty, and the devs really did a darn fine job making the engine.
NS 2 looks gorgeous.
However, somehow... I don't feel the same enjoyment as I did years ago... It makes me sad because I know how great a game it is.. I only played NS2 for 7 hours in total..
I really hope people get the same precious moments and enjoyment from NS2 as I did back in the days with NS1.

I think the reason is probably because I've grown away from it, and not because the game is worse. Because I think the game has become better.

I was wondering what other people think about this game who also played NS1 ?
En son Serath / zIRaX ~愛 tarafından düzenlendi; 26 Eki 2013 @ 2:47
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Chris (Yasaklı) 26 Eki 2013 @ 20:30 
I get the same way over CS...

Other than the forementioned possibilities, NS1 was seige based, NS2 is combat based. At least that's the way I'd put it. (from what I can remember)
En son Chris tarafından düzenlendi; 26 Eki 2013 @ 20:31
About CS I get what you coming from... but as for me I took CS:S as an other game, while it still carried over most of the mechanics.
As for NS1 and siege.. hmm yeah I guess you are right.. but there was also come balancing issues, I believe if the game was prolonged the marines would win regardless. Something like that. I think there is also some siege in NS2, well I know there is. But you are right there is a lot more rambo combat diving into hives now. However I am a bit uncertain since I don't feel I've played enough NS2 to form a valid opinion to judge on this matter.
It's partly nostalgia, but the truth is NS2 is too clean.

NS1 had tons of fun bugs and creative methods to winning games, I remember people spawning command chairs in vents and dropping phase gates through walls and other interesting locations...NS2 is just so polished it's impossible to deviate outside of ninja PGs/gorge bomb rushes.

Heck, turrets in NS2 are absolutely useless but you could turret farm in the first game.

There is an extremely sour lack of creativity in NS2 games you can play because the game is meant to be competitive first, casual second.

To add, even the siege maps in NS1 were relatively balanced, NS2's siegemaps are unplayable because the game is designed so solid that any level design deviation means the game gets broken. That's not to mention how NS1 maps had amazing vertical levels which are utterly unsupported in NS2. Even something as simple as welding doors/vents closed doesn't fit NS2...the amount of variety is incredibly dry. Every single map in NS2 is essentially a circle with a hub in the middle. Veil is the only one that manages to be different because of the double nozzle/4 chair positions and ironically that one is an NS1 map.

Whoops, seems like I started to rant...
En son R1B$ tarafından düzenlendi; 27 Eki 2013 @ 9:30
Turrets are actually very potent in the early game before aliens get access to bilebomb, but they're a little too expensive to be as reliable as going for PGs/upgrades instead.

It was a similar deal in NS1. You COULD turret farm, but once higher lifeforms/abilities started hitting the field, their usefulness dropped considerably, and money was more often better spent on just getting mines for base defense and upgrades.
Chris (Yasaklı) 28 Eki 2013 @ 1:04 
Vent welding and no alien comande, No gorge res split, No cyst either if I remember correctly. Not 100% on the last one. I don't remember the mines in ns1. uh, just had a flashback. I do miss some of the old maps. At least my memory of them.

I miss the old docking for ns2 as well. not to compare the two; just that I liked them both.
En son Chris tarafından düzenlendi; 28 Eki 2013 @ 1:06
Aint there still vent welding? I think I've seen it.. But i'm sure Marines had mines back in NS1. I recall how they saved me so many times, and killed me :3
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