Natural Selection 2

Natural Selection 2

Dat Owl 2013年11月2日上午6:07
Predictibly the Linux version doesnt work for me
Black screen with cursor. Tried reading up on fixes but they dont seem relevant or are extremely confusing

amd gpu.
最后由 Dat Owl 编辑于; 4月23日上午9:15
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Fenrir 2013年11月2日上午6:09 
AMD and linux are a bad mix.
Dat Owl 2013年11月2日上午6:10 
well there going to have to get better if they dont want to lose the whole PC gaming market over the next few years
Fenrir 2013年11月2日上午6:12 
Yes amd should get better.
SuicideCommando 2013年11月2日上午9:00 
dunno if already tried, but try start NS2.exe as ADMIN and/or verify your NS2 data folder via steam(again).
also verify your fglrx installation. be using dkms, and be sure glxinfo returns "Direct rendering: yes"

when and if that's not confusing, and you're sure it's all squared away, NS2 should be working.

最后由 Amateur Linux Gamer 编辑于; 2013年11月2日下午12:05
Dat Owl 2013年11月4日下午1:59 
ok it works but the performance is unplayable on an AMD
Perhaps Nvidia is good?

最后由 Dat Owl 编辑于; 4月23日上午9:16
Fenrir 2013年11月4日下午4:13 
this game is too demanding for laptops
Attila 2013年11月4日下午10:47 
引用自 ChrisPlaysLinux
this game is too demanding for laptops

Incorrect, I can play it fine.

However, lesser laptops probably can't run it.
Fenrir 2013年11月5日上午5:10 
yeah if you pay thousand+ for a laptop you can play it fine for about 15mins
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