Natural Selection 2

Natural Selection 2

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SwiftXShadow 31. okt., 2013 @ 5:17
My god this game is hard.
I wont even bother with marines becasue my aim is 0.

But aliens take so much for skill.
I cant even beat BOTS. I go into a game where there are 3 alien bots 3 marine bots, and even the bots there whipe the floor with me.
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JCD2150 31. okt., 2013 @ 5:28 
Those bots will go for world domination if they get their hands on shotguns.
They aim like aimbots so don't worry if you get killed by them :B1:
SwiftXShadow 31. okt., 2013 @ 5:32 
i get killed by normal players just as bad
SwiftXShadow 31. okt., 2013 @ 5:32 
vs bots or normal palyers, i can manauge to sneak behind my enemys to point blank, make 1 bite of damamge, and it is all downhill after that
FeX 31. okt., 2013 @ 6:01 
True, skulk players are difficult to kill. I think i will need train with bot like you .... :P
Bots are a WIP, they only recently got added to the game so they aren't working very well yet or fairly but yeah this is a game where if you can't aim and don't use your brain then you will get brutally kicked in the ♥♥♥♥♥♥ repeatedly.

There's a certain sense of satisfaction when you get good at a game like this though because the disparity between casual player to good pubber to division 3 pro to premier division pro is enormous at each stage. This game is up there with Quake and CS as a highly skillful FPS.

FPS in general has been so skillless for the past few years that newcomers to the genre or inexperienced players just get destroyed in games like this.
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FeX 31. okt., 2013 @ 6:37 
I think there have to much veteran on rookie server.
slow 31. okt., 2013 @ 6:56 
Yes, this game is extremely hard to play as Aliens. You think the bots are bad? Wait until you play against Marines online with jetpacks that can fly around your head and kill you with one shot from a shotgun, lol. Or wait until you try the higher life forms like the Fade and Lerk and see how crazy the skill required to play them is compared to the Marine upgrades.

The Aliens have it rough in this game and are absurdly hard to play, especially against good Marines. If you're just trying to get some enjoyment out of the game casually, I recommend you stick to the Marines. They are much easier to play, have strong weapons that are extremely easy to use, and can get personal support from the commander.

The skill gaps between Marines and Aliens just isn't where it should be. Everything is much harder to do as an Alien in this game. Get use to it.
Gimcrack 31. okt., 2013 @ 10:45 
Generally, 30 hours required before you get the basics.

100 hours to be productive.

300+ hours to be proficient.

700+ to be considered a "good" player.

'Course, may be relative depending on learning ability or hardware. I've seen some 50hr players play better than 200hr players.
Opprinnelig skrevet av SwiftXShadoow:
I wont even bother with marines becasue my aim is 0.

But aliens take so much for skill.
I cant even beat BOTS. I go into a game where there are 3 alien bots 3 marine bots, and even the bots there whipe the floor with me.

What's your frame rate? Low frame rates can make aiming very difficult.

Type "FPS" into console (accessed by ~).
Chris (Utestengt) 31. okt., 2013 @ 12:43 
It's not YOLO. Deaths can indicate skill, heart, foolishness. You're in the right mind to go aliens. I think new players benefit more from learning how other marines can handle 1v1 combat, but more importantly so that they can understand the movement of the aliens.

Evasion is key, Creating less predictable patterns. Something AI won't be able to train for. The reason why this bot stuff is dum dum. Hope to see you in the fray.
Renifizzle 1. nov., 2013 @ 11:17 
I know this sounds really really really really really cheesy but spam jump (as both marines and alien). It will easily double your life span.

Also DONT predictably run straight towards marines. Jump strafe off side walls, etc. It may feel weird to be in an FPS and look away from your opponent (looking at wall to jump at it), but as alien you have to do this to avoid getting shot.

Run straight down a hallway and you die in literally 1 second.
EDIT3: Or dont run down the hallway at all, retreat and find another way around. If anything you'll stall the marines because they're expecting you any time and may get spooked.

Also as marine lots of aliens ankle bite. Jumping throws off their aim and causes a fair amount of misses.

EDIT: A correct mindset to have as marines is imagine you are bullfighting. As the alien comes at you, try to sidestep his approach, know which side he will be on and instinctively let your weapon go that way and try to track him. Tracking is KING in this game since there is no recoil.

EDIT2: As skulk literally jump spam when trying to eat marines. Also use alt vision, it helps to have them glow orange! I have jump spammed into a cluster of 4+ marines a few times and killed all of them (it's SUPER rare and VERY situational and location specific, I'm not trying to toot my horn but show skulk potential). Use surprise and chaos to your advantage. Dont sit on the ground and bite - youll die instantly.

Also Squishpoke's hour investment is a little steep. I wouldn't say it's nearly that high. But a lot of advanced concepts and correct mindsets for the game come with time (like anything else).
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Chris (Utestengt) 1. nov., 2013 @ 11:33 
"Spam Jumping" LoLz, yes it is very much like that and will improve your game fast on the sole factor that it's harder to hit a moving target. The jumps aren't like most games and noticing what works eventually makes that spam a skillful tatic to take on lerks and fades.

Which reminds me, Marines are meat shields and barricades. Use em for cover and use yourself as a tool to block a lifeform from escape.
FuriousTalon 2. nov., 2013 @ 1:37 
Felt the same when I started playing, but once you master the particular skillset required to play each class and race effectively, then the game gets much easier, except when you go up against pros :P
If you're not a good player, ie: not good at killing stuff - Go kill harvesters/extractors, try to sneak around and drop a phase gate/gorge tunnel, go gorge and heal people, go lerk and spike marines while staying at a safe distance, be a dedicated welder as marines, go GL or Flame and stay near a group of marines all the time or go exosuit and stay in the back providing support fire.

Play support if you aren't good, you will have a better time. Once you have a grasp of mechanics and how more experienced players play by observation then you can start to focus entirely on improving aim, engagement commitment and movement as both marines and aliens.
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