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How fast can Onos die?
I hatched into an Onos, then waited for a lone single mini Exo to turn a corner. I meleed him once at point blank range then died. His gatling gun barely spun up. The guy on the other team had 60 kills, but no matter how good someone is there's got to be a minimum amount of firepower needed to take down a full Onos. We lost shortly after, I checked which Exo the guy had in the ready room (fist+gat), then I left the server. What happened? because nobody else noticed anything odd, it was a rookie server, my ping was <100, the others guys ping was all over the place between 5 and 600 variously. Anyway rage aside, how much firepower does it usually take for an Onos to legitimately die, assuming the other player is good and all shots hit?
Legutóbb szerkesztette: John Shepherd; 2013. nov. 10., 23:43
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How many players did the server have? Some servers don't have a good of a system enough to run well and that can happen.

No other reason I can think of other than ^ or a cheater.

From a single gatling gun exo with W3 against a full HP onos non-carapaced it would take about 4-7 seconds which is enough to score like 4 hits and kill an A3 exo.
(not verified)
Legutóbb szerkesztette: Vitdom; 2013. nov. 11., 3:29
22 players. 4-7 seconds, could that be done in 1 burst without overheating? If it can be done in 1 burst then thats different (including fist punches). Thanks for answering, maybe it was legit and he was just better in Exo then.
Legutóbb szerkesztette: John Shepherd; 2013. nov. 11., 1:24
Just checked and it takes 3 full bursts + simul punching to kill an onos with W3. So more like 15-20 seconds. I don't know if it was with carapace or not.
Legutóbb szerkesztette: Vitdom; 2013. nov. 11., 1:32
A cheat that modify damage in a multiplayer game, never heard of. Any decent coder make sure server handle such things.

If he had 600ping, it's probably a latency issue. Happens all the time that you go from full to dead within a second when gettting shot by such ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥s, that really shouldn't be on that server Also likely the cause he was getting a lot of kills since he saw everyone about half a second before anyone else could see him. Also, if he was the ONLY guy fluctuate from 5 to 600 ping I'd suspect some foul play, but if more ppl did it was probably a ♥♥♥♥♥♥ server and that further enforce the theory I made.
tips : keep shooting the tank

me and my partner single handedly kill an onos while we were in reactor core (summit)
2~3 rounds of shotguns and 5 clips of pistols

Chris (Kitiltva) 2013. nov. 11., 8:43 
Seems like you're trying to outline the problem with the ping. So yes I agree. He shot you up before you had a chance to notice. Was there nerve gas...biomass 1? I don't like playing with questionable pings myself. If he cheated beyond that, it could have been the server?
The difference between single mini and dual mini in a situation like that is the burst dps, the overall DPS before overheating is generally the same because dual minis overheat really fast while single mini take awhile to overheat, nevertheless, they still do a lot of DPS.

Also, Onos with carapace will kill an exo if he lands all hits without nano shield and starts the first attack but will usually be left with only a few hundred hit points remaining which is why you need to know precisely when to engage an exo and always have support if the exo has support.

If you meleed him first before he shot you then you died because of some external criteria, not because of the exo. Maybe there were other marines shooting you from afar, nerve gas, lag, mines, nades, sentries. You don't die before he even spins his gun, exos aren't that powerful.

- Onos > Exo at close range
- Exo > Onos at longer range

Onos are probably a little underpowered at the moment but are really good in the hands of a great player and a liability in the hands of an inexperienced player. An Onos who is smart, knows where to position himself, knows when to fight and when to run, knows where the enemy is at or where they are going and has gorge support will be almost impossible to kill. I've lasted entire matches with a single Onos while I watched my entire team lose their Onos in a matter of minutes after evolving simply because they don't understand how fragile the Onos can be and they underestimate marine firepower. 3 marines can kill an Onos in seconds if they are good.
Legutóbb szerkesztette: ultramassive shitlord; 2013. nov. 12., 14:03
Also: All exos look like Single Minigun on the Lobby, no matter what they where during the match, so it is possible that he was a dual minigun in the match
Chris (Kitiltva) 2013. nov. 13., 23:41 
There is the possibility that a high ping exo could start shooting before you hear or see him start. In the same fashion that a highping highspeed skulk can get on you before you hear him comming. I doubt it's just rumor and misperception, but /shrug I guess I could be wrong.
Dual Mini Gun Exo does ~1450 heavy damage in 5 seconds (before overheat). Onos has minimum 1350 (1800) health (900h + 450arm).
Legutóbb szerkesztette: Axi; 2013. nov. 14., 4:59
Also don't forget that exos do heavy damage, where 1 armor point counts as +2 effective health vs weapons such as rifles and shotguns, exos ignore this. Every armor point counts as +1 effective health vs Exo miniguns.
Don Jon (Kitiltva) 2013. nov. 14., 16:28 
How fast does an Onos sink in lavapits?
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