Natural Selection 2

Natural Selection 2

Rectal Spray 2014年1月18日下午4:26
Server mods are out of control, dont waste your money on this game.

I wated a few years to re-install this shell of a game.

They finally get the graphics fixed, then they went and let people MOD the servers to DEATH.

This game is as bad as the HL1 version now. Try to play the core game is near impossible,

I even hear Quake 3 headshot... Right on guys! Unreal Tournament sounds too!!

What a waste of time and money. I payed almost $30 for the Alpha version.
Game is not even worth $1 now.

Try to get on ANY server is a fricking 5 minute wait MINIMUM! Oh boy, I get to download all the unreal and Qake sounds again! YAY! and every server can put them exact same files in different foolders if they want to so You get to re-download them over and over and over.

I hope the game developers get sued by ID and Epic games. This game is just absolute trash now.

I will never give anyone a cent for an alpha game again.

I payed for a Multiplayer FPS game. Not some new way for my hard disk to fill up with un wanted crap.

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Ghoul  [开发者] 2014年1月18日下午4:40 
Ahm ok i don't get it.

Most servers only have a admin mod (to allow ppl to mapvote etc.) and maybe some extras like the badge mod or ns2stats. So 5MB total once.

Then there are some custom maps (around 5-20 MB) which are only loading up if the map actually get voted at good setup servers.
But comeon having more maps is never a bad thing.

Just stay away from all those weird setup and configurated servers.

You can look up the modlist of a server before joining them, so use that if you want to avoid "bad" mods.

Here a list of mod i use on my own servers:

Admin Mods
Shine (0.8 MB)
Dak (0.5 MB)

Stats Mods:
[Shine] Ns2Stats (0.8 MB) - visit


Badges+ (0.9 MB)
Player Badge Mod (0.4MB)

Maps, which only load up if they got voted (3-20MB)


So you have to dl about 4 MB if no custom map is loaded up at my servers. And as many servers use those mods in most cases you only have to download the custom map if it gets voted.

And mds are only loading up and downloading if you see Downloading ar your loading screen. The loading time is also at vanilla long for some ppl (1-3 mins), but uwe is working on that.
最后由 Ghoul 编辑于; 2014年1月18日下午4:45
ShadowSoul 2014年1月18日下午5:10 
The 5 minute loading time comes from the game itself, not the mods. I'd say precaching is what takes the most time, the rest is quite fast for me. And to be honest, the loading time is long, but it's not like you have to stay at the pc and look at the loading screen. You could also browse the internet with the steam overlay.

That aside, I really don't know what your problem is...Join the official UWE servers if you don't want any other mods, although I haven't seen that many annoying mods on other servers, most of the time only ns2stats or badges.
It's me 2014年1月18日下午5:11 
♥♥♥♥ talking fat trucker. Stay away from ns2 and keep driving trucks mate because thats all you'll be good for, oh and maybe ♥♥♥♥ talking games that are amazing that you are not good at.
ShadowSoul 2014年1月18日下午5:15 
引用自 - uN ReaL
♥♥♥♥ talking fat trucker. Stay away from ns2 and keep driving trucks mate because thats all you'll be good for, oh and maybe ♥♥♥♥ talking games that are amazing that you are not good at.
And here we have a perfect example of a blind, furious fanboy. /offtopic

Re-read the OP text, oh boy, what a child. Sue UWE? No more pre alpha games because of this? ^^' The game is awesome as it is, and the server mods are a nice addition. I mean, they're all visual or audio mods, so who cares? It's not like they give rines infinite ammo and break the game...
Hobocop 2014年1月18日下午5:29 
It's really not difficult at all to find vanilla games in US West. At most, the servers I usually play on have Shine Administration, like 1 custom map (jambi), and maybe custom badges and that's it. This doesn't even add up to 5MB of data, since jambi doesn't use any custom art assests to my knowledge.
最后由 Hobocop 编辑于; 2014年1月18日下午5:38
Apocalypse 2014年1月18日下午9:08 
People enjoy these mods apparently. If you do not and lack the ability to find one of the many unmodded servers, feel free to host your own server. It is all up to you. I know, it is a strange concept to suit yourself.
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