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Natural Selection 2

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kreight Dec 28, 2013 @ 4:57am
So I bought a new pc...
As soon as I played the free weekend, I wanted to buy this game but I needed a pc first because I tried the game on my laptop and it ran like crap.
So finally I bought a new pc and as I expected, the game is freaking awesome! I'm really glad I got this from humble bundle.

This is how the game runs:

I'd appreciate if you liked the video, thanks :D
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kreight Dec 28, 2013 @ 5:34am 
Originally posted by OuchOfDeath:
Yeah this game's a ton of fun and looks great if you have a good computer.

Hint for fade: You're using way too much energy on your blink ability. You don't have to hold it down. You just have to jump and then clikc it once, and then repeat. This lets you move around the map really fast and barely using any energy at all. In fact you'll move faster if you keep blinking and jumping.

If you keep jumping around and blinking every 2 jumps or so you'll be able to move around really fast indefinitely. I'd recommend you watch the entire vid, and all his other recent ones too (older ones are outdated with patch changes). They're really helpful and to the point.

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