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Natural Selection 2

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Marine rifle / Skulks
The way the marine rifle works is completely weird. If you want to play this game well whoa you are going to need one hellofa skill curve. I think there should be some sort of spread on the rifle, or a aim-assist to make it easier to hit targets because currently its very unfair. Pros can easily land every bullet on their targets (wich make skulks a hell for noobs) and noobs cant hit ♥♥♥♥ with the rifle because you need to be very quick-, (Its almost like running around with a ♥♥♥♥ing sniper in cqc) -with where the skulks are going wich lead me to my next point


Sereously jumping with skulks should drain a good amount of energy because its going ♥♥♥♥ing Jumping Simulator 2 out there. Sereously it sucks to have your experience ruined by a skulk instead of using the walls or something just jumps around the floor and sometimes on the wall then get up cloose to you and kill you in an instant. (because as i said...marine rifles need a stupidly good precision)

There should be an option "much like the one in crysis 2 with laser sights) wich allows you to have one accurate mode for longer ranges and one more spread out for clooser ranges. Not trying to make the rifle into a shotgun but neither should it act like it does now, its just way to hard for some people to play with it. And before anyone tells me to buy a weapon from the costs 20 res you know? Thats not something small considering the rate you get resourses in this game
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The learning curve is steep, you need to train more.
I can't train because the game lags randomly on low details. The marine guns are not that well made I have to agree, but keep in mind this game has been made with competitive games in perspective.
Jumping with sculk And(!) hiting jumping marine is hellofajob too (not really but same as aiming at sculk). When skill is kinda close it plays fine for both sides. This asks for beter matchmaking and bigger playerbase, not mechanic tweaks. If you lag randomly, try several other servers. Some servers just do that no mater what ping they show.
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If you play as skulk you'll have the same problem. Landing hits on marines is really hard without practice. This game is simply harder than the noob-friendly FPS shooters out there today that accomodate bad players. This is an oldschool twitch shooter that plays like Quake 3 and Unreal Tournament. This game takes practice to be good at.
Couldn't have said it better :drifter:
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The learning curve is steep, you need to train more.

yes, the learning curve is steep, but he has a point. a lot of the weapons are too strong on marine side. like the shotgun + jetpack combo is f'in ridiculous and it can all be acquired with just 1 tech point!

then the strafe jumping is also ridiculous. it should have a cool down at the very least. they put features like slow back pedal speed to make it fair for an alien that has closed the distance successfully, but then people can just strafe jump to bypass this mechanic. it's an exploit to evade the slow back pedal speed that is just widely accepted and now part of marine play, who knows why? was this jumping in ns1?

if you allow me as an alien to close the distance and get into melee range, i should have the advantage instead it remains an even playing field. now you're prob saying, that's how it should be, even playing field everywhere. how about when YOU HAVE A F'IN hitscan weapon that can kill me from across the room? how about my character revolves are MELEE attacks? but nope, if i sneak up on you using good tactics or dodge all your bullets charging coming in for a kill, you can do a little strafe jump and end up behind me with my back turned to you and pump bullets into me with ease. the mechanics of this game almost always give the advantage to the marine.

so to recap, at long range the marine has the advantage. at medium range, the marine has the advantage. at melee range, it's a toss up, their is no advantage for the skulk at any range! the skulk only has an advantage when traveling in a pack.

you can try and defend the game all you want, but if you watched the NS2 world championship competitive games, it showed how unbalanced the game really is. everyone was winning as marines every round, even after swapping sides! i think the marines side 7-1, where 1 win went to the aliens? guess how the aliens won? they did the cheap tactic of early rush on the base and afterwards the team said it was their only way to win as the marine play was too strong.
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Im just saying that its weird that if this game has such a steep learning curve, then why are there so many noobish skulks out there? sereously it looks so dumb when you see a skulk instead of using the walls etc to attack they just jump around. Eaven worse is that marines can do the same, jump around at cqc
Don't play on rookie or generic pub servers? Join more hardcore servers like HBZ or KKG or LFckers. Despite this game having a low playercount, there are still server communities that match a variety of skill levels.
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Im just saying that its weird that if this game has such a steep learning curve, then why are there so many noobish skulks out there? sereously it looks so dumb when you see a skulk instead of using the walls etc to attack they just jump around. Eaven worse is that marines can do the same, jump around at cqc
Cause learning curve is steep i'd say. Wall jumping is kinda disorienting. Wall jumping in hectic fascion to mislead fire is even more of those. Landing bites while doing so... yeah, its painfull. For 'not that ultimate' skulk Its actually easier to bait all clip just jumping around without trying to hit oponent, then try dig him while he's reloading or switched to pistol. Skulk jumping is one of most demanding tricks. Harder's only fades shadowstep-portal-stab juggling.
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You cannot spam jump.. It already has a cool down. Just try it yourself.
When a marine out jumps you, they skilfully timed it. This does not guarantee success either as a decent skulk can track and kill any jumping marine. (it's actually easier to track since the jumping arc is a predictable one, unlike a floor strafing marine)
Pro tip: jump cool down doesn't apply when you jump on anything of higher elevation.

Bottom line : your observations are a product of inexperience, no offense meant.
Any high level player will attest that level 0 lmg marine vs base skulk is the single most balanced interaction in the game.
Just keep practicing predicting the marine, and don't hold mouse 1, click it only when you know you will hit, and if you are on the floor, strafe your butt off and never leave melee range.
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Uuse combo to dogde skull on keyboard


Repeat that

DO NOT press S key , its slow you alot
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