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xXdAbl0rdz420Xx 2. jul 2014 kl. 11:53
This "Surrender" feature is dumb
Whats the fun in playing a game thats supposed to be "competetive" - (another thing i have discussed about no immersion into the game, the entire thing feeling "arcade") - when everyone are just SURRENDERING everytime they have like 1 less base than the enemy. Say for example 10 minutes have past in the game, noone has any upgrades yet the humans have control of 60% the map, SURRENDER! You didnt eaven touch their base. Just surrender -_-

Please remove this feature from the game as it just makes it stupid. People say they are waiting for "Balanced teams" by doing this but honestly that wont happen if everyone just gives up for the slightest reason. And eaven IF balanced teams happen they will anyways surrender before the opposing team gets the satisfaction of burning/eating the enemy base. When game released i remembered those epic last-stand moments as marines where we fend off the aliens as we tried to survive in our last base pinned down with aliens caming from every corner. And we actually did survive for around 10 mins sometimes, sometimes we eaven survived long enough to gather resources with our last nozzle and changed the game around and WON! THATS something awesome and defenetively one of the best moments i remember from this game.

Make surrender something way more rare as if example, the enemy team has 5 less players or something that should really make then surrender. That would be something to force people into teamworking, the whole point of the game because currently when an enemy team seems to be "loosing" i notice they give up on working as a team. People start going yolo 1vs7 dying with no teamwork at all, thus the reason they fail and surrender

Also the way this game works feels a bit like mercs eating noobs...personally i aim like ♥♥♥♥ in this game as marine and worse as a alien. End up dying a lot but i have fun...the 10 mins the round lasts before a team surrenders

Things people have posted that can help improve the system:

1. Also another idea that might help, if both teams are getting tired of that "TURTLE" thing or teams truly are unbalanced then both teams will have to vote to succesfully restart the game because otherwise the team that are loosing will allways just keep on conceding simply because they want to loose faster -_-

2. Surrender should only exist in ranked games wich they should add
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seabeastX 2. jul 2014 kl. 18:45 
yeah team surrender probably kills many possible comeback matches... All it takes is another commander to step in and start barking good orders. I think this feature should be saved for competative matches only. Who cares if it takes an extra 3 mins to destroy a loosing teams comm... The best matches are those that the winning team comes from behind.
Gotta Ramble 2. jul 2014 kl. 22:03 
What it really needs is an "unstack" voting option.
Game need rank and Match making like CSGO >> THats simple
xXdAbl0rdz420Xx 3. jul 2014 kl. 1:06 
Eaven worse is when people dont play skulks the way they are supposed to be played. They go bunny all over the floor and die then give up, thats like 90% of all the surrenders i see.
Parity 3. jul 2014 kl. 6:40 
Concede function is there to end games that are already over. Yes it can prevent a team from making a comeback, but if there was no concede function, the other team would do what the losing teams did in NS1, and that's F4 back to ready room, concede is quicker and an actual vote instead of people outright ragequitting.
xXdAbl0rdz420Xx 3. jul 2014 kl. 6:59 
1. People ragequitting would solve the problem so the server could be filled with people who arent idiots.

2. F4 back to ready room?
How about a vote-scrable ready room feature that is already in the game, use that? Or simply dont allow people to F4 back to ready room.

And as i said, concede is mis-used, and ending a game thats already "over"?, in that case why not end every game as soon as it starts? Since you know, its going to end anyways.
The problem is the game ends WAY to quickly and i want a team to get the satisfaction of ending the game! You dont play chess and as soon as one knight goes out you say "GG better luck next time" and neither do you go to war only to fall back to your country after 10 men get shot out of 10 000..its dumb.

People dont (AND SHOULDNT) concede a game until its really over and the enemy team dosnt end like they keep farming and spawnkilling the enemys at spawn or something but people are using it the totally wrong way currently.

Like sereously whats the point in playing a game, if you cant play the complete thing?
Thats a bit of the problem too, i want people to actually FIGHT to win (especially in a "competetive" game) and not just give up instantly. Its like a never-ending cycle of just Concede, Concede, Concede and more concede. If thats what the developers want then simply just remove being able to do any damage to bases what so ever...Like wtf...

Every round of this i play is just 10 minutes of running around before a team concedes because "oh the enemy team has 10 more kills than us and we cant get our ♥♥♥♥ together and ♥♥♥♥ing teamwork"
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Azure Zero 3. jul 2014 kl. 7:26 
It does not happen every game
I played one (and only one game) last night where both sides were making multiple comebacks and ending with the marines being devoured, and both teams lost their original base.
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evulfuson 3. jul 2014 kl. 9:35 
Azure, you were on the IBIS server for that game right? That was one of the best games I've had.
Royal Rampage 3. jul 2014 kl. 9:46 
Let's say, you're playing a game. And you TEAM is getting STOMPED. Like, losing all engagements, can't leave spawn. What are you going to do? Turtle? NO COS YOUR DEAD.. You can either wait for game to END which it won't, cause they're just farming kills. You can leave, and go to another "LESS STACKED" server.. But you don't want to. So CONCEDE seems like a suitable option.

Also, this game has "A STEEP LEARNING CURVE"... So if you're ♥♥♥♥ at this, don't worry.
xXdAbl0rdz420Xx 3. jul 2014 kl. 10:35 
1. Our team isnt getting "STOMPED" most of the concedes. We still have a chanse to win but the team still decides to concede to get more "balanced" teams. Again something i explained in the thread how people used to turn around games so many times before making for awesome action at the enemy base instead of just "conceding" as fast as we loose a few fights

2. If we truly loose all fights its because people are so dumb they cant do something as basic teamwork

3. We can leave spawn and still fight yet people decide not to.

4. Last stand or farming kills, what i was talking about. The moments the enemy was winning when we were pinned down in our base with aliens caming from everywhere were ♥♥♥♥ing awesome, some action and we actually managed with simple teamwork to win (Our strategy, build stuff to make their onos stuck at entrance, kill them and push while we had the chanse)

Thats what im saying dude, the enemy should have a chanse to win! This game just like dota is supposed to be a strategy game where matches can take up to 40 mins with tons of action filled turns and epic moments with your team. It sucks how everyone simply just concedes because they lost a few firefights instead of actually see what the problem is and fix that! Noone is willing to teamwork, eaven now that its mostly just mercs and veterans who play this game. Eaven the noobs back at release day knew how to work together.
Concede should only be if the enemy team is being ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥s and just farming kills from you without ending the game. Like camping your spawn without destroying anything wich is somehting i dont understand...this game is not about K/D so why do they do it.

As worf said, concede should only be for ranked/competetive games where people know what they are doing.

Basicly what im saying is that people think that its all over just because they lost a few bases or got killed a few times. Sereously whats the point in having this game, if you cant end it or play it until its over? Its like having a car but not being able to drive it. Like wtf.

Another main problem here: People dont seem to give a f*ck about playing this the way its supposed to be and then they get suprised they loose. Yeah im looking at you
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Azure Zero 3. jul 2014 kl. 11:17 
Oprindeligt skrevet af evulfuson:
Azure, you were on the IBIS server for that game right? That was one of the best games I've had.

Yes for combat, but I was referring to another game in a Regular NS2 game in the previous post
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xXdAbl0rdz420Xx 3. jul 2014 kl. 11:21 
recently just played another round of this. We were aliens, we did a comeback showing we could still WIN! But oh no. One onos dies everyone gives up. -_-
Are players who want to give up likely to contribute to a comeback?

It seem to me that the game is over as soon as the concession votes start coming in, regardless of whether or not the vote passes.

So what if the vote was invisible? I know that I get demoralized when I see the votes stack up, even if there is a chance that the game could turn around.
xXdAbl0rdz420Xx 4. jul 2014 kl. 0:37 
But my problem isnt just the comebacks, like why shouldnt the game end the way its supposed to end? With either team demolishing the other teams base. Why should every game end with a concede from people who think its "over"? Like i said before in my examples to..damn this is hard to explain.. Its like buying a cake and then eating 1/4th of it. Like every game i play never gets to those awesome Late-game experiences with jetpacks and onos all over the place. EVERY single game ends at the early game states just because some team thinks they have "lost" only because we have pushes the map a little bit more. We havent eaven touched the enemy base.

Thats what im trying to say, concede is such a dumb way to end a game on instead of the other team destroying the base and ending the game the way its supposed to end. And worse when people allways keep conceding the early stages of the game. The game never goes 40 mins of awesome like it used to do those early days. 90% of all my matches ive played theese 4 hours now are just like 10 mins long. Rarely any longer and never go past 25 mins.

Like what are people sereously waiting for by conceding?!
Hobocop 4. jul 2014 kl. 0:57 
Because it isn't fun to get roflstomped by the enemy team who controls the whole map and vastly outtechs you. If it's 10-15 minutes in and you haven't managed to hold a single RT outside of your starting base, the game is pretty much over at that point, and you're just waiting to die.

The concede function is probably used too liberally, but it has a purpose.
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