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Is there a mod that makes most items property of someone?
Wheat from farms for example or random items, barrels, food et cetera in towns that aren't considered theft and are more or less just lying around for the player to pick up.

I am looking for a mod that deals with those free-to-pick-up items in or around settlements.
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That always bugged me too, at least with farms. That I can just go onto a farm, while the farmer is there, take what I want, have a pleasant conversation with the farmer and wander off.
GIJoe597 Sep 22 @ 5:01pm 
Among my mod list, I have the following two mods. I also do not pick up random items or food for free;

Makes Farmers and Miners sell items. Farmers sell crops/milk/butter and miners sell ore as well as a random assortment of spare tools such as pickaxes, torches, lanterns, axes, firewood, charcoal, leather strips and linen.

I also have a mod which locks freely taking crops from fields. I cannot remember which one it is currently. It makes it a crime if you pick them. You do have the option to purchase them.

Combined with this;

I am not familiar with one that does exactly what you are asking for. But with a little restraint, these two are awfully close.

I also use this one, it is only for brave souls who are patient and do not need everything now;
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