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StevenEven Jun 20, 2018 @ 10:23am
S.E.T. (Steven's Even Tournament) Season 1 - Betrayal, Sunday, 15th of July, 17:00 UTC
Hello everyone! I am hosting my first ever tournament as part of the Master Challanges supported by BetaDwarf.

Edelweiss will be assisting in the tournament.

Please read all the details carefully.

Format and brackets

Custom format named "Betrayal" divided in 3 stages that all are single elimination
  • Stage one: 2v2, BO3
    Get a teammate and fight against another team. The winning team advances to the next stage.
  • Stage two(Betrayal): 1v1, BO3
    Advancing teams are dissambled and players are forced to play against their teammate from the previous stage.
  • Stage three: 1v1, BO3, BO5 in finals.
    Goes on as a normal bracket with single elimination format.

    Because of the way Challonge works, people will sign up for a 2v2 bracket then everyone will be custominly added to a 1v1 tournament where they will first face off their friends then fight to win the ultimate prize.

    Time and date

  • The tournament is set on 15th of July. The matches will be played starting 17:00 UTC

    Rules and decks

  • You can change your decks at anytime, as long as they follow the other rules.

  • During the 2v2 stage, players are NOT allowed to have the same master as their teammate during a match.

  • In all stages, wild cards are NOT allowed. You may NOT have a second or third copy of any card in your deck.

  • In all stages, most seasonal cards are BANNED - the single exception is Brutish Betrayer, I made this exception because the card fits the theme of the tournament and because it was gennerally considered mediocre anyway.


    Prizes are based on stages:
  • Losing in first stage - 2v2 stage - Dwarf pack
  • Losing in second stage - betrayal stage - Big Dwarf pack
  • Losing in third stage - final stage - Big dwarf pack + sunken temple arena (in case you already own the arena, you will get a random legendary card instead)
  • Winning - Mega Dwarf Pack + Miloween Dinasty Skin

    Singing-up and checking-in

  • Sign-up on challonge here: in the 2v2 bracket

  • After doing so, please send me (Steven) a private message on Discord in order to confirm.

  • It's important you own discord and have both me and Edelweiss added on Discord so we can handle the replays in case you are not being streamed/ the tourney is not being streamed.

  • Be sure you have added the following accounts to your steam friends list:

    (I will also add here any potential casters, please stay tuned for edits)

  • At least 30 minutes before the tournament starts, enter the Tournament channel in-game and give a sign of life, then check-in on Challonge.
    Be sure you use both "/join tournament" and "/leave global"

  • The minimum amount of teams for the tournament is 4 (8 players) and the maximum amount is 8 (16 players)
    Due to the custom format, having and odd number of teams might mess up things so I am sorry if I will have to either remove some players or advance them a stage from the start.
    It would be ideal for me to get 8 teams.

  • Deadline for signing-up is Saturday, 14th of July, 9:00 PM UTC

    Submitting replays
  • After finishing a match, the winner must sumbit the replays to Edelweiss or me in a private message on Discord.

  • Please do not update the challonge brackets by yourself!


    I am not sure if I'll be able to stream the tournament but I will be trying my best. I will edit this part out when I can say for certain.

    Currently I am LOOKING FOR CASTERS.

    If everything works out, I will be streaming the tournament live on my twitch channel:
    I will not be streaming the tournament, but any participant is free to do so.

    This tournament is sponsored and supported by Betadwarf.

    If you have any other questions or you didn't understand something, feel free to ask me.

    Thanks to BetaDwarf for supporting this tournament!

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StevenEven Jul 6, 2018 @ 8:29am 
The tourney is delayed because there weren;t enough particiapnts signed up until the deadline, I changed the time and date.
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