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That Sprite  [developer] Apr 27, 2018 @ 9:53am
Wednesday Sprite Fights #1 [9th May] - Conquest Tournament with Wild Cards
Hello! Taking a departure from my role as purely a Caster, here's my first tournament, part of the Minion Challenge segment. The key point of this tournament is that Wild Cards are fair game for everyone.

EVERYONE that participates will get an in-game reward, as to be determined by BetaDwarf!

Conquest Best of 3, Best of 5 in Semi-Finals and above
16 Player Double Elimination Bracket, seeded
If there are more than 16 participants, a group stage single elimination bracket will be announced.

For Best of 3s, players ban 2 of their opponent’s decks each round. At the Semi-Final stage and beyond, only 1 master is banned and the set is a Best of 5.
If a player wins with a deck, they can not use that deck again in the same round.

Ban order is as follows:
  • High Seed bans 1.
  • Low Seed bans 2.
  • High Seed bans 1.

And the for the final stage:
  • High Seed bans 1.
  • Low Seed bans 1.

There will be a spreadsheet with all players full decks posted publicly prior to the start of the tournament.

Deck Submission Sign-up:
4 Master/Deck combinations must be submitted to me at or to That Sprite on discord when you sign-up. Your steam profile MUST be set to Public.


You can only have one copy of each master in your lineup. You can not alter your decks after the submission deadline, and any alterations must be sent to the above email address.

The deadline for signups is 17:00 UTC on the 8th of May.

Next, sign up to the Challonge bracket after you submit your masters and decks and are approved to participate. Please ensure your Challonge and Steam accounts use the same name. Failure to do so may lead to disqualification from the tournament. You can assign a nickname to yourself when signing up in challonge if your default name is different from steam.

Next, add the following accounts to your friends list.
More staff to be announced soon…

Finally, enter the ‘tournament’ room in the Minion Masters in-game chat at least 30 minutes before the tournament starts. To find the ‘tournament’ chatroom, open Minion Masters and type in chat:

/join tournament

It is also recommended to type ‘/leave global’ so you can focus on the tournament chat.

Knowledge Check (For players who have not participated in a tournament before)
We suggest new players enter the chat room at least 30 minutes before the tournament starts so that Mods can check whether you are familiar with the rules. The check includes sending the Mods a legal deck of the tournament, and answering 4 questions. Please inform the Moderator you require a check, to ensure you are done with it well before the tournament starts.

The Matches:
The tournament will begin on Wednesday, May 9th at 17:00 UTC. The tournament will last until every match has been played.

You can find what time the tournament starts here:

Match results should be reported to an admin by the winner in the following format:

*Billy 2 -1 Johnny

If there are any disputes on the outcome of a match, you will be required to submit your replays to for review.

To find replays: Go ingame -> click on your Profile Picture -> Match Replays-> Local folder

Finding an opponent
See from the Tournament Brackets who you are fighting.

If you are NOT being streamed, you have 5 minutes to start a Friendly Match with your opponent. If your opponent does not respond, contact a Moderator who then also tries to contact the other player. If unsuccessful, it is considered a forfeit and you will move on to the next round. If your opponent shows up before you start your next game, he is given one last chance if he instantly starts the match with you.

Not every match will be casted, in the interests of saving time. Until the Semi-Finals, only one match will be casted per round, and you will be contacted by an admin and told when they are ready for you to start.

Delay of Game/AFK Rule
Once a player’s match starts, they have 3 minutes between games to start their next game. Any extra delay may be subjected to penalties including: forfeit of a game, a set forfeit, or disqualification from the tournament. This will be up to the discretion of the highest ranking staff member present.


First Place: Milloween Dynasty Skin
Second Place: 25 tokens, 500 rubies, 5000 Gold
Third Place: 15 Tokens, 300 rubies

Everyone that participates:
3 Power Tokens, 1500 Gold

CHAT FAVOURITE: Chat votes for their favourite player during the Semi-Final stage, and the winner gets a random legendary

The matches will be broadcasted LIVE on Wednesday, 9th May at 17:00 UTC on

To find your local time, check this link:

FAQs and other rules:
Disconnects: The first disconnect will be replayed unless the result of the game is extremely apparent. After a second disconnect without proof of the opponent disconnecting as well, the disconnected player forfeits the current game.

Replays: Find your replays -> Go in game -> click on your Profile Picture -> Match Replays -> Local folder

The only cards banned from the tournament will be ones that have been added to the game in under 7 days from the date of the tournament. For instance, if new cards are added on an update on the same day as the tournament, they are not allowed.


An automatic loss is awarded to anyone who uses an altered or otherwise illegal deck, regardless of the outcome of the game. This only applies to the game where the illegal deck was used.

If you have been banned from the King Puff Cup, you may not participate in this tournament.

We take all kind of cheating very seriously. If you get caught cheating, you automatically lose and we reserve the right to ban you indefinitely from all future tournaments conducted by That Sprite. So please play fair and read the rules carefully. Entering a tournament under two separate accounts (Person A joining as Person A and Person B ) is considered cheating and may result in a permanent ban from all tournaments. The following is also considered cheating: streaming and/or sharing tournament replays, games in progress, recordings, or opponents’ decks publicly or with other participants before the tournament is completely over and a winner has been decided, changing deck/card/Master in a retry (after a disconnect, for example), etc. are all considered forms of cheating.

Try to use Private Messages as much as possible, for example when organizing a Friendly Match with your opponent.

That Sprite on Steam:
Minion Masters Discord:
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Tenby Apr 28, 2018 @ 1:51am 
I'm excited to see some Wild card plays again in a tournament and I also like how every participant gets rewarded. Thumbs up!
That Sprite  [developer] May 7, 2018 @ 2:45am 
Just over 24 hours left, get your decks in!
That Sprite  [developer] May 7, 2018 @ 2:44pm 
I'll have to see. No plans at the moment, but maybe some others who are trying to arrange tourneys might?
Tenby May 8, 2018 @ 1:16pm 
Originally posted by Pwn 🏆:
Originally posted by That Sprite:
I'll have to see. No plans at the moment, but maybe some others who are trying to arrange tourneys might?

For me would be better if tournaments were made on weekends because on weekdays I have real life duties and I can't attend on that time.

The King Puff Cup is regularly every 2 weeks on Saturdays:
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